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The selection process

A description of what happens after you submit your application.

For the Incubate program, we are continuously evaluating applications and admitting new companies. 

After you have submitted your application, we will review it and get back to you within two weeks for additional information and questions. The evaluation may include several meetings with our coaches and also gives you an opportunity to evaluate us. If we decide to work together, you start the program on a date that you and your coach agree on, and you will then take part in one of our quarterly kick offs together with other startups.

For the Accelerate program there is an application deadline twice a year. 

After you have submitted your application and the application deadline has passed, we will review all applications. If your your team and startup have sparked our interest, we will invite you to our pitch finals where you will have the chance to pitch to a jury consisting of Sting coaches and Propel Capital investors. After that, selected companies are notified and start the program together with a joint onboarding and kick off. Please refer to the timeline for detailed information.