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The selection process

What happens after you hit submit?

The application

The first step is to fill out the application form. Based on this we will decide whether the Accelerate, Incubate or Incubate Deeptech program is best suited for your startup.

Sting Accelerate starts twice every year, in February and September. The application deadline for fall -22 is May 22, 2022.

For Sting Incubate and Incubate Deeptech we do evaluate applications continuously but most of our Incubate companies still start together with the Accelerate Program, in either February or September.

The review process

When your application is submitted, our coaches will review it and decide whether to move you to the next step. Expect to hear back from us a couple of weeks after the application deadline.

Startups moving to the next step will go through a review process consisting of several meetings, a pitch final where you get to pitch to a jury consisting of Sting coaches and Propel Capital investors, as well as a team evaluation. This process will also give you the opportunity to evaluate us and help you decide whether Sting can help you on your journey or not.

The program start

Selected companies will receive an offer to join one of our programs. After the paperwork is signed, it’s time for kick-off and then we’re off on our journey together. From this date, you are and will always be a Sting company.

A more detailed timeline can be found here.

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