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Do I pay for Sting’s services?

We have a “success fee” model in the form of stock warrants to Sting.

As a non-profit, we’re an independent, founder-centric organization who always wants what’s best for your startup. If you succeed, these stock warrants eventually convert into a small number of shares. Any money we make from these shares further down the line simply helps us continue to support new startups and keep the Nordic startup community thriving.

Providing a world-class startup ecosystem to support local entrepreneurs has always been our ultimate goal, and with this model, you’re also paying it forward. 

The warrant for the Incubate program corresponds to up to 5 % of the shares for 12 months of participation in the program; 3 % for the first 6 months and 2% for the next 6 months.

The warrant for the Incubate Deeptech program corresponds to 6% of the shares for 24 months of participation in the program; 2% for the first 6 months, 2% for the next 6 months, and thereafter 1% for each of the following 6 month-segments. You can choose how long you want to participate in the program.

The warrant for the Accelerate program corresponds to 2 % of the shares for participation in the program.

The warrant (and the corresponding shares if Sting has exercised the warrant) will be diluted when you, the company, raises capital. When the company grows and the founders potentially sell the company, Sting also gets paid if Sting decides to sell the shares. If Sting does not subscribe for the shares from the warrants, a cash payment will be paid to Sting at of minimum of 5 000 EUR.

It’s important to note that the warrant is separate to Propel Capital’s convertible terms.

Read more about Propel Capital.

More details about the Sting Agreements here.

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