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NEWS November 30, 2016

Event matches 30 investors with digital health companies


STING Night – Digital Health was held yesterday, an event for more than 30 exclusively invited investors in the digital health space, who met with 12 startup companies with health solutions with e.g. cancer diagnosis, eldercare and “best practices” in surgery. Participated in the program did also Henrik Torstensson, founder of Lifesum, and Dr. Vishal Gulati of venture capital firm Draper Esprit, and one of Europe’s leading investors in digital health.

In the summer of 2016, several major capital rounds were carried out in digital health companies in Sweden, suggesting investors’ growing interest in the field. In many cases, there were new investors who had not previously invested in the health sector, and many are now seeing signs that healthcare is ready to take on the revolutionary new digital technology that enhances and streamlines care.

– It is important that we quickly latches on to the trend and now use the opportunity to showcase many of the digital health companies that we have in our network that now seek capital to accelerate their expansions, says Olof Berglund, coach at STING in Health.

STING Night – Digital Healthcare, held at H2 Health Hub, offered investors an opportunity to individually meet digital health companies that are in a phase to bring in seed financing or A rounds. The participating companies were Aifloo, Belly Balance, CareLigo, Coala Life, Competencer, Egetto, Encare, Gnosco, Gynius, Medicare Checks Optolexia and VisueCare.

The entrepreneurs began by introducing themselves and their companies in 60-second pitches. Afterward, the investors meet them in short, individual and very energetic 15-minute meetings, so called speed meetings. Here it was important for the entrepreneurs to quickly convince investors why they should invest in their company in particular.

Later in the afternoon, founder of health app Lifesum, Henrik Torstensson, presented exciting statistics on the world population’s food and health habits and pointed out how new technology and a growing interest in healthy living drive change in the healthcare, fitness and food.

– To see changed results, we need to focus on creating a change in people’s behavior. We must get better at health while we are healthy, that is, before we get sick, said Henrik Torstensson.

Afterward, Torstensson was joined on stage by Dr. Vishal Gulati, Venture Partner at venture capital firm Draper Esprit and one of the leading investors in digital health. In a conversation with moderator Johanna Wollert Melin, co-founder of Trice Imaging Inc., they discussed among other things, what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Dr. Gulati gave the two following pieces of advice:

– You must solve a big enough problem that has a strong human dimension that concerns many. You also have to be the best in the world at what you do and each day strive to be better, don’t be happy with the way things are, said Dr. Vishal Gulati.

> Read more about the participating companies and investors here.


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