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NEWS September 24, 2015

Entrepreneurs – take the chance meet big corporations one-to-one


Stockholm is at the forefront when it comes to innovation, but to reach the top position cooperation required – smart partnerships and closer relationships between startups and large corporations. STING and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce have jointly taken a grip on this issue and created a platform to reduce the gap between big corporations and startups. The platform enables partnerships where the innovative power is fully utilized.

The project “Team Up with Startups” was launched Sept. 16 when nearly 100 companies, divided evenly between big corporations and startups, met. That was the start. Here is the next step.

On the 4th of November, STING and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce organize the second event in the series, “Team Up with Startups: Next Level”, where startups and established companies will be linked together in short matchmaking meetings. Here certain companies’ needs will match other companies’ core competencies, so that innovative partnerships and new business relationships can begin to take shape.

How will the Matchmaking work?
You will get to choose five companies from the participant list that you would like to meet with the most. The big corporations will also request meetings with startups. We then put together a meeting schedule based on everyone’s requests. You will have 10 minutes for each meeting.

How do I apply?
Please register your interest to participate through this link by Tuesday, October 13. Seats are limited. On October 16, you will be notified if you have been selected to be part of this event.

Apply by October 13: click here >>> 

***If you represent a big corporation/established company, please email