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NEWS October 28, 2015

Entrepreneurs Call to Climate Action and COP21


Today is the day when leading Cleantech Entrepreneurs globally join together in a call to action from leaders at the climate meeting COP21 in Paris on Nov 28. It’s time to shift money from old fossil fuel to the new renewable energy solutions already out there. Join the call – let Paris know how many we are. Sign up below.

What:  Ahead of historic climate talks in Paris this December (COP21), entrepreneurs from innovative cleantech companies have, for the first time, issued a call for governments, investors and multinational corporations to set emissions reduction targets based on science and to direct investment to cleantech solutions that are ready and waiting to be scaled.

Why:  Despite the fact that climate scientists have warned that we need to sharply and urgently curb emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, a substantive amount of finance is still being allocated to the discovery and development of fossil fuel resources. Meanwhile, funding is the largest obstacle to many energy efficiency and renewable energy entrepreneurs around the world.

Who:  The Call to Climate Action is supported by WWF, Sustainia, Cleantech Group, World Future Council, Global 100% RE and Cleantech Scandinavia and signed by 28 CEOs, chairpersons and founders of companies based in South Africa, Sweden, France, China and India, many of which operate globally.

When:  The call was launched today Oct 28, and will be open for cleantech companies from around the world to sign up until start of COP21.

Where:  The call and sign up form are available online at:

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