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Sustaintech July 23, 2020

Enerpoly secures €1.63M “Green Deal” grant with Horizon 2020 for commercialization

Enerpoly, a battery technology company, has received a grant of €1.63M from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Pilot Green Deal.

Renewable power generation is expected to dominate the electricity grid by 2030. Stationary energy storage must increase at least 17 times to support the performance, stability, and reliability of a grid powered by renewables. The primary barrier to 100 percent sustainable energy is the high costs of energy storage.

Enerpoly has developed an affordable, safe and rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology made of existing and inexpensive materials with a well-established recycling infrastructure. Enerpoly’s cost-efficient energy storage solution can meet the 2030 global cost targets today by saving on cell component and manufacturing processes costs.

We are very happy and excited to have received this grant from the European Innovation Council. The focus on “Green Deal” suits Enerpoly perfectly as our goal is be part of the solution on societal and environmental challenges. We believe that Zinc-ion batteries have a bright future in stationary energy storage and will contribute to the European Green Deal strategy. We will now focus our efforts in building our industrial lab to commercialize our technology.

Dr. Samer Nameer, Co-founder and CINO at Enerpoly

The €1.63M received from the European Commission funds technology scaleup from the laboratory to commercial-sized battery cells and demonstration of a manufacturing process suitable for commercialization. Enerpoly plans to grow the team in the coming months to fulfill these objectives. Customer needs and international markets for zinc-ion battery technology are also explored in the scope of this project.

Enerpoly’s vision is to enable sustainable energy on a global scale by delivering safe, environmentally friendly, and affordable energy storage innovations.

See news story on EIC’s website

About Enerpoly
Founded in 2018, Enerpoly is a next-generation energy storage technology company pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. Enerpoly innovates in battery components, production methods and designs, and employs agile research and development techniques to rapidly deliver batteries that are suitable for grid, industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101009255.