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Sustaintech March 1, 2021

Enerpoly awarded 3.8 MSEK development grant by Swedish Energy Agency

Enerpoly, a battery technology company, together with Polarium, Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has received a grant of 3.8 million SEK from the Swedish Energy Agency for technical development. The end goal is to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness in battery technologies through expertise, innovation and systems thinking.

Renewable power generation is expected to dominate the electricity grid by 2030. Stationary energy storage must increase at least 17 times to support the performance, stability, and reliability of a grid powered by renewables. The primary barrier to 100 percent sustainable energy is the high costs of energy storage.

Enerpoly has developed an affordable, safe, rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology made of available and inexpensive materials with a well-established recycling infrastructure. Enerpoly’s cost-efficient energy storage solution can meet the 2030 global cost targets today by saving on cell component costs and manufacturing processes, while addressing critical aspects regarding safety, environmental footprint, and scalability.

We are thrilled to initiate this project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency together with Polarium, KTH and Uppsala University. The project group consists of experts from both academia and the industry to stimulate continuous development of rechargeable zinc-ion batteries. This cooperation will pave the way for new innovations and add great value to demonstrate cost-efficient, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions.

Mylad Chamoun, Co-founder and CTO at Enerpoly

This project will take advantage of accumulated expertise on producing and scaling up zinc-ion battery technology within the project group and make this technology ready for commercialization. The project aims to stimulate research and development of rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology, and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness in battery technologies through expertise, innovation and systems thinking.

About Enerpoly

Founded in 2018, Enerpoly is a next generation energy storage technology company pioneering the rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. Enerpoly innovates in battery components, production methods and designs, and employs agile research and development techniques to rapidly deliver batteries that are suitable for grid, industrial, commercial, and residential uses.  Enerpoly envisions enabling sustainable energy on a global scale by delivering safe, environmentally friendly, and affordable energy storage innovations.