A startup’s success often depends on the strength of the team. But it is a challenge to engage talented people and attract them to a startup when you cannot offer as high salaries as in established companies. Sting’s creative talent management coach specializes in startups, and supports and is involved in over 100 recruitments to Sting companies each year. This support includes:

  • Job description and right profile: What kind of teammate you are looking for? Which skills should be prioritized right now?
  • Write the job pitch (job ad in startup style) and publish in relevant channels: What creative methods can I use to attract people with the right skills to my startup?
  • Find and attract the right candidates: Here you will have access to Sting’s candidate database (2000+ people) and other relevant recruitment networks.
  • Screen applications, make selections and hold interviews
  • Make decisions and write employment agreements
  • Join a Startup: Sting organizes the match-making event series “Join a Startup” where we each year with bring together 60 selected startups with more than 300 hand-picked candidates.