Perks for Startups

Once you have become part of Sting, you are one of the few companies that have been selected among 350 applicants per year. As a Sting company, you get a “stamp of quality” and the attention of our partners who provide you special offers. Our membership of the GAN provides you with access to 150+ perks around the world.

Below is a selection of all the deals you can avail when you are part of Sting.

GAN Perks

GANSting is a member of the GAN (Global Accelerator Network), a community of the world’s most respected accelerators that provide startups with the resource to create and grow businesses. As a Sting company, you also have access to a variety of exclusive GAN perks. Including 1M+ USD worth of free services, introductions to interested investors and soft landing spaces worldwide. GAN perks include significant reductions on e.g. IBM CloudSendgrid and HubSpot



Office Space
A house Free office space at A house for up to 6 months with access to wifi, printer/scanner, conference and meeting rooms, kitchen, etc.

When you have used your initial free months, Sting’s cooperation agreements with Stockholm’s leading co-working spaces SUP46, Norrsken, THINGS, H2 and Embassy House give you the opportunity to sit in dynamic environments at favorable prices.

30 000 SEK
Advokatbyrån Delphi 2 hours of free advice and access to Delphi’s heavily discounted contract bank containing basic types of contracts. Fixed price of most types of contracts and 20% discount on current fees. From 5 000 SEK
PwC (Kista) 2 hours of free advice and access to PWC’s worldwide network of experts. 6 600 SEK
Swedbank 2 hours of free advice and the package “Better Business” (Bättre Affärer) free of charge for one year, which includes Swedbank’s best and most useful services for you who runs a business. 3 000 SEK
AWA Two hours free advice. Discounted fixed price on services such as news review, patent application, trademark application and discounted fees for legal services such as contractual advice and dispute resolution, etc. 50% discount (495 kr / month) on the IP intelligence service PatAlert, which presents  technical trends, information about nearby companies and patents, patent citation etc. 5 000-35 000 SEK, depending on assignment
Brann 2 hours of free advice and discount on hourly fees and services such as patent search, filing of the patent application, filing of trademark applications, contract advice and dispute management, etc. 5 000-15 000 SEK, depending on assignment
Didigtal shares register
eAktiebok A digital register and custody account solution. You, as an entrepreneur, can easily and effectively manage all ownership transactions, for example, sales of stocks and emissions, at the same time as the relevant corporate documents, such as sales notes, can be created automatically in the system.
– First year free of charge
– Second year 50 % discount
– Third year 25 % discount
3 150 SEK
Nordiska Värdepapperregistret (NVR) NVR’s system service for share register administration in
– Eliminates the risk of fines, imprisonment and damages for management and Board.
– Ensures the value of the company at a future transaction.
– Keeps the company’s main policy document alive.
– Provides an accurate and presentable share register, which is always accessible for the Board and CEO.
– Easily generates reports, historical information and performs searches mm.
Free while you are at STING. Ord. price 49-299 SEK/month depending on the number of shareholders.
Hosting and cloud services
Google Cloud Platform $100,000 in Cloud Platform credit for 1 year, 24/7 support, 1:1 technical architecture reviews with our team.. 700 000 SEK ($100 000)
Amazon Web Services $10 000 in AWS hosting credit, one year of premium AWS Business Support, free training materials, technical office hours,
and more..
70 000 SEK ($10 000)
Business Sweden Get the project cost of your initial internationalization strategy subsidized through Business Sweden’s LEAP program, which is free of charge, and Catalyst, which offers services equivalent to a value of up to SEK 250,000 for a starting cost of SEK 60,000. Sting companies may use part of their Sting allocated financial support for these services. Business Sweden has offices in 50 of the world’s most interesting markets and helps companies create new revenue, reduce risks and shorten market time. Examples of projects can be agent / distributor searches, sales support, office space and virtual office. Contact Magnus Rehn to apply for the perk.
Sales Acceleration Tools
Tölve Use Tölves AI-prospecting tool and the interactive company database to find new customers. Quick and Easy.
The first month is a free trial period. After the trial period startups will receive a 50 % discount and only pay 1000 SEK/month for the first user and 500 SEK/month/user for user 2-5.
1000-3000 SEK/month
PR and communication
Mynewsdesk 30% discount during the first year if you sign a press room contract on an annual basis. 1 800-10 000 SEK
SendGrid SendGrid’s Pro 300k Plan allowing up to 300K emails/month valued at $2400 per year, as well as 50k profiles in marketing campaigns, and a starter package (6 months) with up to 26 700 SEK
SATS 14% discount.. Upp till 1 000 SEK/year
Scandic 10% discount on hotel rooms..