Network and community

When you are accepted to Sting, you will have access to a very large network of business contacts, both Swedish and international, which Sting has built since 2002. We also arrange a number of networking and pitch events, both in Sweden and around the world, with the purpose to build and strengthen the Sting companies’ own networks of contacts. Sting also has partnership agreements with several of Stockholm’s most dynamic startup hubs like THINGS, Norrsken, Embassy House and H2.

  • Free office space: During your first four to six months, you get free office space at our offices at A house.
  • Customers and partners: Sting has a very large business network and valuable contacts that can create business for you.
  • Through Sting’s membership of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) you get access to a worldwide network of startups and corporates as well as 150+ perks targeted to tech startups.
  • Sting Day: Each year, Sting organizes Sweden’s most exclusive networking event for about 400 selected entrepreneurs and investors. Here you will have a unique opportunity to meet representatives from the majority of the major investors in Europe, both VCs and business angels.
  • Ignite Sweden: Network that connects startups with established companies, to help them find customers and partners or launch pilot projects.
  • International events: Sting also organizes networking events and investor meetings around the world. We have previously arranged trips to Berlin, London, Paris, Munich, Boston, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
  • Partners and exclusive offers: Sting has several large companies as partners that can provide you with technical and commercial verification skills. You also get benefits and exclusive offers worth over 1 million SEK and free advice from our corporate partners.
  • Other entrepreneurs: You work close to other startups that can inspire and share experiences.