We help you create the best conditions possible for raising capital. Several of Sting’s coaches have a background as venture capitalists and private investors, and have supported the vast majority of the 240+ Sting companies in their capital acquisitions. In total, Sting companies have raised more than 4 billion SEK in investments and another 1 billion SEK in soft financing (loans and grants).

  • Propel Capital: Sting companies can receive an investment of 300,000 SEK from Propel Capital (Accelerate companies are guaranteed investment) and get access to the 40 business angels’ skills and networks.
  • Sting Business Angels: Opportunity to present your company to Sting’s other business angel network, which also includes about 35 private tech investors.
  • Luminar Ventures: Sting has a strategic partnership with the 500 MSEK early stage VC fund Luminar Ventures. Luminar Ventures has been initiated and co-founded by Sting and the successful angel investors Magnus Bergman and Jacob Key, who are the fund’s General Partners. Sting is happy to introduce relevant Sting companies to the Luminar team, but it is however important to note that Sting does not have any exclusivity with the fund and that we always encourage the Sting companies to evaluate all relevant financing options.ALMI Innovation Loans: Sting manages ALMI Innovation Loans, which provides 300,000-600,000 SEK in mortgage loans or similar.
  • Knowledge of the investment market: How it works and what players are available.
  • Financing: We will help you become “investor ready” and develop a financing strategy and plan. You get support throughout the whole financing process; to find and attract the right type of financing for your company, at the right stage.
  • Pitch training: You get hands-on training from our pitch experts in how to present your company to investors in a winning and trustworthy way.
  • Investment Network: We help to introduce you to investors who match your startup profile. You can access Sting’s international investment network. Sting has strong relationships with over 50 VC companies in 11 countries.
  • Events: Sting organizes several events each year with the purpose of matching startups and investors. Even as an alumni company you can participate in networking meetings and get help with intros to investors in Sting’s network.
  • Credibility: Being a Sting company provides credibility and a quality stamp in discussions with investors.

Sting can help to significantly improve your preconditions to raise funds, but we can never give any guarantees. It is the team behind the startup company that must convince potential financiers that an investment will provide a good return.