Sting Incubate

When you are part of Sting Incubate, you get support from a personal coach whose background and experience as an entrepreneur are from the same field as you’re in. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and crash courses together with other Sting companies. 

Important dates for Spring 2019

Oct 29 Applications open
Nov 25 Application closes
w. 49 Applicants get notified to Pitch finals
Dec 10 & 14 Pitch final (in Stockholm)
w. 51 The selected companies get notified
Feb 11 The program starts

Applications to Spring to 2019 programs are now closed. Did you miss the application deadline (November 25th)? Get in touch with, and we’ll see what we can do.

One of the best decisions in our early stage was to join Sting. To be a part of this community has given so much. Coaching in sales, organization and strategy every week from our coach Peo, exchanges with other entrepreneurs, the coaches in the kitchen and hallways, and a “boost” of contacts and marketing by being part of this great network. 

– Caroline Walerud, co-founder and CEO, Volumental

Who can apply?

Sting Incubate is a program for startups with longer development cycles within for example AI/Deeptech, edtech medtech/healthtech, sustainability/cleantech and games. To be considered for Sting, your startup should match the following:

  • Launched prototype/alpha
  • Business idea based on an innovative technology
  • Solves a clear and big problem
  • Some early “proofs of concepts”
  • Scalable product or service that can become an international success story
  • Team of at least two founders who are strong in both tech and biz dev. We favour mixed teams with regards to gender and ethnicity.

What do we get if we’re accepted?

  • Possibility to get up to 500 000 SEK investment from Propel Capital
  • Free office space at A house during your first 5 months
  • Weekly coaching sessions, up to 4 hours/session, with your personal coach.
  • Training sessions and crash courses in:
    • Business model canvas and Product market fit
    • Shareholders’ agreement
    • Sales training
    • Budget and administration
    • Financing
    • Pitch training
    • IPR
    • Recruitment and talent management
    • Marketing and Communication
  • Breakfast seminars, lunch workshops, guest lectures and discussions on key activities that are relevant to your business.
  • Exclusive networking events and other meetings with investors, industry experts and senior entrepreneurs.
  • The program concludes with a Demo Day, where your startup together with other Sting companies will present your product and progress to an exclusively invited audience of investors, industry professionals and media.

Workshops and crash courses are offered on set dates two or three times per year. Some of them are mandatory while most can be chosen as needed when the timing is right for your company.

> Learn more about the coaching under Why Sting?

How much ownership do you take?

Sting has the right to sign a stock option corresponding to up to 5% of the shares in each participating startup. This 5% stock option will be diluted when the startup raises own capital. When sting companies become large and the entrepreneurs choose to make an exit, Sting also gets paid via the stocks if Sting decides to sell the stock option. If Sting does not subscribe for the shares from the option, a cash payment will be paid to Sting of least 50,000 SEK.

Sting is a non-profit organization. All proceeds go back to the accelerator to help new startups become successful. It is a way for each participating startup to “pay it forward”.

The funding of up to 500 000 SEK from Propel Capital is separate from this stock option. The investment from Propel is generally made through a convertible note, which you can read more about below.

How does the investment from Propel Capital work?

All companies accepted to Sting Incubate  have the possibilty to receive an investment of up to 500 000 SEK through a convertible from Propel Capital IV, which you can read more about here. The investment is made through a convertible note.

Want to know more?

> Learn more about what you get as a Sting company under Why Sting?
> Questions about Sting Incubate? Call or email a coach within your industry.

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