Deeptech Advisors

The Sting Incubate Deeptech program is backed by highly knowledgeable people in deeptech who will act as specialist advisors. To date, the list includes the following people:

Patrik Möller is CEO of CorPower Ocean, a wave energy developer bringing a step-change improvement on the efficiency of harvesting wave energy. He has led CorPower since 2012, built a team of 30+ people, raised 24 MEUR and taken the technology through three stages of structured verification. He is a board member of Ocean Energy Europe and ETIP Ocean, setting the European roadmap for ocean energy. Patrik is a passionate entrepreneur with experience of building deep tech start-ups from first idea to multi-national operations. He has chemical engineering degree from Lund Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley.
Ulrika Nordén pioneered Swedish governmental research and production of infrared QWIP technology, selected and fielded into major military designs. In 2007, Ulrika was part of the founder team that led the IRnova spinoff from Acreo research institute. In 2010, Ulrika became CEO of IRnova and in a few years she created a world renowned and independent IR sensor and services company, attracting international researchers and experienced field experts. Under Ulrika’s direction, IRnova broadened its worldwide customer footprint, pioneered emerging applications like optical gas imaging, while leading the new material innovation forefront like T2SL.
Mårten Skogö is Chief Technologist and investor at Industrifonden, the Stockholm-based evergreen VC investor focusing on Life Science and Technology. He is a board member and one of the co-founders of Tobii AB, the world leader in eye tracking, and was most recently Chief Science Officer at the company. Prior to Tobii, Mårten co-founded Jenser Technology, a research spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology. Mårten was awarded the Polhem Prize in 2015 and is inventor of more than 100 patents and pending applications.
Jane Walerud is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. She joins companies early, often before incorporation, and invests time – about half time operative work until the company is stable – and up to 10MSEK. Jane’s been working like this since exiting her first co-founded deep tech startup, Bluetail, in 2002; her family joined her in 2016. Their portfolio includes Graphmatech, Racefox, Ekkono, Midsummer, Swedish Algae Factory, Volumental, Satcube and Klarna. Jane holds an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology, a gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, HM The King’s Medal and a BA from Stanford.
Björn Westerholm has a vast experience of entrepreneurial businesses and has been in CEO and board positions of high- and deep tech companies for more than 22 years. He also has extensive board experience of both startups and listed companies. Björn was co-founder of Mobilaris and later took the Sting company myFC from KTH lab-level to Nasdaq stock exchange. As an advisor, Björn can help in several areas, e.g. strategies for long-term financing, owner coordination, IP strategies and structured innovation.