Planning an international expansion?

Go GlobalTM Medtech gives you better odds of succeeding internationally

To succeed with your company’s internationalisation you need to have excellent knowledge of the various target markets and the specific conditions on each. A medical-technical product which works in Swedish healthcare may not work at all in the American healthcare system, due to differing regulations, medical guidelines, reimbursement or other reasons. Go Global Medtech gives you knowledge and deeper insights on the differences between the markets, and we create a better platform for your company to grow and expand internationally.

Go Global will be back in a new format during spring 2019. Please send an email to Olof Berglund, Project Ledad Go Global Medtech,, if you are interested in participate, and we’ll keep you updated on the developments of the program.

The goal is for you to acquire so much knowledge during the program that you know how and where you should start your globalisation. With a results-oriented course approach you produce a sustainable strategy and activity plan containing the answers to where you should start, how to do it and the resources needed. After the course is completed you have a well-thought through internationalisation strategy which you can present to your board to make a decision on, and your chances of succeeding with your internationalisation will have increased considerably.

Program approach – learn from those who have already made the journey

The Go Global Medtech program is built around five interactive and intensive two-day sessions which mix lectures from experienced international speakers speaking from their own practical experiences from the field. Nothing is as beneficial as listening to those who have already taken their globalisation journey. For this reason we hold the sessions at host companies – medtech companies around Sweden who are active internationally.

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Example of program structure:

  • Session 1: Prepare for export, 15-16 May, Stockholm
    Lean canvas presentation, export ambitions, goal and expectations with program, NABC pitch etc.
  • Session 2: Europe, 12-13 June, TBD
    Healthcare systems in Europe, Britain, Germany and France, reimbursement, regulatory, sales, distribution and establishing a business in Europe
  • Session 3: USA, 11-12 September, TBD
    The US healthcare system, insurance system, FDA, reimbursement, legal system, CMS, CPT coding
  • Session 4: Asian markets, 2-3 October, Madrid
    Healthcare systems in Japan and China, regulatory, reimbursement, distribution sales and establishing a business
  • Session 5: Financing for international growth and final presentation, 13-14 November, Stockholm
    How to finance and organize your company for internationalization and rapid growth. Each participating company makes a presentation of its internationalization strategy to a panel of experienced persons from medtech companies.

This is how a two-day session is structured

Day one commences with lectures on the theme of the session followed by a presentation by the host company on their international expansion. You get the opportunity to interview management at the host company on, for example, how they view sales, market, regulatory and patent issues. You also get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to each host company. Day two comprises more lectures and discussions on how this new knowledge will impact your company. You also get the time to work on your own commercialisation strategy during each session.

In this video, program leader Olof Berglund explains further:


There is no direct cost associate with participating in the program. Travel expenses may partly be reimbursed by EIT Health.

Who can apply?

The program is open for companies from across Europe. You should be at a stage where the product exists and sales have started. You should send two key people from your company to the course, of which one should be CEO. Your participation should be well-anchored in the board and a part of the strategic development of the company. We think it is positive if both sales and product development are represented. Approximately 10-15 companies may participate. The program is run in English.

How do I apply?

Please apply by 27 March 2019.

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For questions, please contact Olof Berglund, Program Lead for Go Global Medtech:, 070-635 98 15