Sting Open Coaching


At least once a month, we offer Sting Open Coaching – short individual coaching sessions for entrepreneurs with exciting business ideas.

We regularly receive calls and emails from entrepreneurs who want to share their business ideas and to discuss a collaboration with Sting, which we think is terrific!

We also want to meet with you face-to-face. If you’re an entrepreneur and have an exciting business idea that you want to develop, you are welcome to book an individual 15-minute meeting with us to discuss your idea. We are interested in sharp and driven people with business ideas in all industries: Internet/media, Fintech, Health and Sustainability, and more.

Sting’s coaches, who are ex-founders, CEOs and venture capitalists, will give brief feedback and suggestions on steps forward in the development of your startup.

You can book one time slot. First come, first served…

Open Coaching Health, September 26:
Book 15 min

Open Coaching Internet/Media, October 17:
Book 15 min