Sting Business Angels

Sting Business Angels (SBA) is an exclusive business angel network connected to Sting. The members have experience from building successful technology companies and have an interest in investing in and helping to develop new innovation companies.

What do you get as a member?

  1. The opportunity to invest in and get to know Sting’s unique range of promising and carefully selected tech startups. Investment proposals presented to the members are startups who have been accepted to Sting’s programs. The companies are normally looking for capital not exceeding 5 MSEK.
  2. Participation in a network consisting of some of Sweden’s leading technology entrepreneurs.
    − Opportunity to find new investment partners
    − Opportunity to exchange contacts
    − Opportunity to recommend your own cases to join Sting and later become ”investable” for the members
  3. Invitations to exclusive social activities with the network (at least 4 times a year).

Membership in SBA is offered based on availability and with the idea that the network should have a good mix of industry experience and investment profiles. Today the network has about 35 members.

SBA’s members are expected to have:

  • Previous experience of building innovative technology companies
  • Interest and desire to contribute to the development of new high-growth companies
  • An investment capacity of 400 000-700 000 SEK per project and year
  • An intention to invest in one of the companies presented to SBA over a 1-2 year period. The number of projects presented may be up to 12 per year and you as an individual decide which companies you want to invest in. You do not make a formal commitment to make a certain number of investments.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the membership criteria for SBA, how the network is organised and investments carried out, please contact Pär Hedberg, CEO at Sting: