Propel Capital invests up to 500k SEK in Sting companies

All startups accepted to Sting Accelerate will automatically receive an investment of SEK 300,000 from Propel Capital. Startups accepted to Sting Incubate can also get an investment of up to SEK 500,000; an evaluation and a decision is taken within 6 months of participation in the program.

Sting established the investment company Propel Capital in the fall of 2014. Since then, Propel Capital I, II, III and IV have financed close to 100 Sting companies.

The capital comes from around 40 of Sweden’s foremost business angels who have joined together to invest in Sting companies. In addition to the investment, companies also have access to the knowledge and networks of business angels to get a good start on the growth journey. Propel acts as a matchmaking platform that gives investors a good opportunity to get to know many companies and entrepreneurs in Stockholm’s tech scene, for a limited investment and risk.

The investment is made through a convertible note of SEK 300,000 which can be exchanged for shares.

Are you interested in joining?

Contact Maria Ljungberg, responsible for investor networks at Sting, .

Here are some of the investors behind Propel Capital IV

 Lars Appelstål linkedin

  • Current: Neptune Software, Oneflow, Olivetree
  • Previous: ReadSoft
 Stefan Arenbalk linkedin

  • Current: Dynamic Ventures, Kelisec, Green Linc
  • Previous: McKinsey, DAB Dental, Swedish Trade Council, Toms Group
 Gerhard Dal linkedin 

  • Invests in Medtech, Pharma och Technology.
  • Background as a Civil Engineer with experience within Life Science.
  • Experience in corporate finance with focus on med fokus på IPOs
  • Investments made in Brandson, Dirac Reserarch, Integrum, UniBap, YalloTrade, Genagon therapeutics, Qulsar Inc.
 Pandelis Eliopoulos linkedin

  • Founded investment- and advisory companies 2008 with focus on the mobile ecosystem.
  • Previous career within Stenbeckgruppen, i.a. development of Comviq Kontant.
  • Part of the Investor Group team that launched and developed mobile network operator 3.
  • Has invested in a number of companies within te mobile area, among others Truecaller.
 Karl Erik von Bahr linkedin

  • Over 12 years experience of founding and running companies as CEO and board member.
  • Active intvestor in startups and small cap companies in Sweden and U.K.
 Mattias Falkendal linkedin

  • Current COO at Nordic Morning Plc, Nordic comapnie within data driven marketing and digital service development.
  • Entrepreneur and investor with a background within digital marketing and digital transformation.
  • Investor and board member in Coworks Inc. (software for freelance management and administration).
  • Previous founder of Klikki, digital marketing agency.
  • Investment focus on industry-changing technology companies.
 Magdalena Gerger linkedin

  • 20+ years background within industry (fmcg) and retail, launchching among others Häagen-Dazs in Europe and respons for Nescafe in retial, England and Ireland. CEO at Systembolaget.
  • Investments made in a couple of smaller startups. Investement focus: consumer products, food, service, retail, sustainability etc.
  • Founder of consultancy – currently not active.
  • Board member at Investor, Ahlsell and previously IKEA and Husqvarna.
 Anders Göransson linkedin

  • Background with 20+ years in banking. Active investor i nstartups and small cap companies.
  • Investments made in Modcam, Orbital Systems and Pacemaker among others.
 Helena Herlogsson linkedin

  • Board member in portfolio companies and also external board member in other companies.
  • 20+ years experience as authorised acountatnt and partner at Ernst & Young Sweden.
  • Board member and Vice Chairman in industry organization FAR.
 Göran Hesseborn linkedin

  • 20+ years as CFO and vVD in different FMCG comapnies, majority within risk capital.
  • Currently works as independent financial advisor, board proffesional and investor.
  • Current investments: Solera Beverage Group and FreshX. Previous: Apotek Hjärtat and Piab AB.
 Per Holmkvist linkedin

  • 15+ years backgound as digital entrepreneur, leader and board member.
  • Previous management consultant at Accenture in Sverige and Kina.
  • Founder of mobile services company BlueFactory (sold to Mobilaris 2004), mobile ad networ Adiento (sold to AdQuota 2012), and digital agency Mobiento (sold to Deloitte 2015).
  • Other investments/commitments include Meva Energi (renewable energi) and fintech comapny Zmarta Group.
 Anders Ingeström linkedin

  • Entrepreneurial experience – Founder/CEO of five IT/telecom companies (Across Wireless, Connectus) 1985-2005.
  • Active investor and board member/chairman of growth companies since 2005 (e.g. Aptilo Networks, Jeeves, Adssets, Idevio, Prover, Axiomatics, Palette Software, Solution eXperts, Encare, Imagimob, Spinbox.
  • Chairman and investor in Prover Technology, Imagimob and Adssets.
  • Board member and investor in Axiomatics, Aptilo Holding, Coach & Capital, Sting Capital, Solution eXperts, Encare and Palette Software.
 Simon Josefsson linkedin

  • Current: Possedo, Yubico
  • Previous: Yubico, PDC Center for High Performance Computing at KTH, RSA Laboratories.
 Mikael Lembke linkedin

  • Background as a tech entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder of IT consultancy company Reston AB.
  • Previous Sting investments: Scirocco, Acumem. STING Capital.
  • Previous investments in sports industry: Optimus, Billboo.
 Jörgen Lenz linkedin
 Oscar Lindbom linkedin

  • Serial entrepreneur with background in IT/Internet, specifically in the B2B-area.
  • Founder and CEO at Easyresearch Scandinavia AB. Company sold to Questback AS 2008.
  • Co-founder and investor in JobAssigner AB. Has also invested in Magiska Platser.
Lars Lindgren linkedin

  • Business angel based in France with many years of experience in building companies in early stages.
  • Angel investor full-time since 1984 and founder of Svenska Riskkapitalföreningen SVCA 1985.
  • Has invested in 60+ companies, including Evothings, NowInteract, Heartspace and Nordisk Väntrums TV.
  • Chairman of Byggvarulistan, DHS Venture Partners, Heartpace, NowInteract, Nurse & Doc, Nordisk Väntrums TV, Qasa and Intalma (UNJobfinder).
  • Board member of Karmalicious, Hysminaierna and WeHunt.
  • Has invested in Doctrin, Evothings, GP Bullhound Sidecar III and Streamlined Ventures.
 Per Lindhe linkedin

  • Entrepreneur and investor with a focus on IT and services.
  • Background as management consultant and founder of Abou and other types of companies in the past 12 years.
  • Specialized in helping start-up companies build a strong sales organization.
 Anna Ljungbergh linkedin

  • Background in senior positions in newly started companies, such as Bredbandsbolaget, Framfab and Netscape.
  • Has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs and teams for 10 years.
  • Is new as an investor in startup companies that support the teams with expertise in marketing, business development, leadership and organization.
 Ulf Loeper linkedin

  • Is active as private investor.
  • Has previously worked as CEO of Volvo Group Venture and Senior Portfolio Manager for Inter IKEA.
 Charlotte Mattfolk linkedin

  • Current role as CEO of Cartina, a newly established strategy and management consultancy firm focusing on digitization and sustainability.
  • Background as strategic adviser in future analysis, strategy and transformation and experience from supporting global brands as well as early startups.
  • Former Partner in Connecta and Acando, CEO of Docs and Management Consultant in Framtidsfabriken
  • Chairman of Coronation Holding.
  • Investor in Stilla.
 Bo Mattsson linkedin

  • Started as an intraprenor, as head of Swedbank Fondkommission 1990-1997.
  • Founder of three companies, two in fintech. One was sold to Nordnet, the other to employees, and the third was Cint, which was sold to Nordic Capital 2016.
  • Investor in Qasa and Match2One.
Fredrik Månsson linkedin

  • Has started several companies and investments in the Nordic banking and finance industry.
  • Active investor and board member of digital media companies, incl. E-commerce, media agencies and a school.
  • Chairman and principal owner of Hyper Island, Emric and Frescano.
  • Has invested in Nextory, UNJobfinder, Renthia, ZupportDesk, Match2one and FHI.
 Maths Ohlsson linkedin

  • Have invested in Billecta, Ekopost, Mini Rodini, Parajett, Diamorph, Hövding, Vikingaliv, LAB Games, Skånes Auktionsverk.
  • Founder of PIR, sold to Cision.
  • Previous: Hattrick (CEO), IP-only, Booli, Planeto.
 Daniel Pilotti 

  • Background in logistics and service. Founder of Ryska Posten, RP Rekrytering Bemanning,, Global Retail, etc. Currently, owner and board member in these companies engaged in the board of these companies and chairman of Ryska Posten.
  • Co-founder and chairman of the investment company NEA Invest.
  • Primarily invests at the very early stage. Mainly in logistics, service and e-commerce.
  • Private investments in Budbee, Sellpy, Airinum, Instabox, Asket, and Klarna. A total of about 15 startup investments.
  • Chairman of the Board Budbee, Board member Airinum, adviser in a number of companies, including Sellpy and Flowery.
  • Ambassador for Hand In Hand, engaged in a number of other charity projects.
 Eva Reman linkedin

  • CEO & Senior Analyst at Asia Growth Capital Management.
  • Works with investments in listed companies primarily in Internet/tech and financial companies in China, Korea and Taiwan, and follows the development of new investment areas in Asia’s future technologies.
  • Previous: Investment Manager Danske Venture Partners, Project Manager Corporate Finance and Analyst Carnegie Investment Bank.
 Hernan Ruiz linkedin

  • Current CEO and Investor in SchoolSoft. Board member and investor in Nordentic.
  • Previously founder and CEO, Smile
  • Background as CEO of a service company and management consultant.
 Boel Rydenå Swartling linkedin

  • Investor in Monetise/Froda, board member in Charge Amps and Ecolabel.
  • Investor, advisor and board member to startups , offering help within strategy, marketing and organization.
  • Previous: Microsoft, Viacom Networks, Procter&Gamble, Ture Invest, Ung Företagsamhet, Regeringens rådgrupp för den Digitala ekonomin.
 Krister Sundling linkedin

  • Active investor in small and medium-sized unlisted and listed companies.
  • Current and previous investments include RemoteX, Sportway, Antula Healthcare (sold to Meda), Zoomvision (sold to NASDAQ OMX), 42 Networks (sold to Packetfront).
  • Background as investment banker at Morgan Stanley (2005-1998) and Goldman Sachs in London (1998-1991).
 Mattias Weinhandl linkedin

  • Former professional hockey player, hockey career ended in 2012.
  • Founded the angel network LIAF based in Linköping in 2016.
  • The owner of the restaurant Stångs Magasin and the signage company Welink in Linköping, since 2011.
  • Has invested in startup companies; Betalo, Bluecall, Challengize, Comordo, Covr Security, Friendbase, Health Textiles, Inventech Europe, Linkura, SignalSignal and Stilla.
  • Active owner and member of the board of some of the companies, and with the help of LIAF, we offer the competencies needed.
 Otto Werneskog linkedin

  • Member of the Board and CEO of the investment company Förenad Kraft Stockholm AB (since 2009).
  • Professional investor, serial entrepreneur and founder of new companies. The successes include companies in green energy conversion and property concepts in niche housing adapted for an aging population.
  • Co-founder (2013-2014) of incubator business for newly founded IT companies in emerging markets.
  • Investment focus is on technological innovations in IT that  address mega trends such as improvements in trade, transport, healthcare, education, or demographic challenges that society faces.
  • Degree of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics (2002-2006).
 Mathias Wilkne linkedin

  • Active investors in unlisted and listed companies.
  • 20 years experience from senior positions in banking/IT.
  • Investments: Boxgard, Neqst, Innovation 360, Pensiono, Dynamic Code, bySTORED, Synthetic MR.