STING companies in Sustainability develop new products and services which improve performance and effectiveness at the same time as they reduce costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste and environmental pollution. These companies have produced innovations in solar energy, solar cells, smart electricity metering and energy effectivisation. All of the business concepts which aim to, in an innovative, smart and sustainable fashion, decrease our environmental impact can be placed in this area. 

Business coaches

Magnus has been CEO for TagMaster AB, a global company working with RFID technology in connection with access and security systems and transport. He has worked in the USA and Germany and has experience of doing business in Europe, North America and Asia, specifically China, India and Japan. Pär is STING’s founder and CEO and has also started STING’s fund, STING Capital. Previously he was CEO for Trienta Holding AB which grew to 300 employees and a turnover of 260 million crowns. Both coaches are active outside STING as board members at small and medium-sized companies. Please contact Pär or Magnus if you have an idea within the area of Sustainability.

STING companies

Here are some of the many exciting companies STING coaches in Sustainability: Midsummer are developing a new method for producing thin-film solar cells at a considerably lower price. myFC has developed a portable charger which generates electricity when water is added, SEEC decreases the energy used by buildings for heating and/or cooling by up to 80% without an impact on the environment, and Solelia Greentech rents out and sells solar-powered charging stations so that organisationes can offer charging of electric cars and hybrids with completely clean and fossil-free solar electricity.


We work together with many external partners who can help the STING companies to progress in various business areas. In Sustainability we have valuable collaborations with, for example, Fortum, Lantmännen, NCC and Veolia. See all of our Partners here.

Programs och events

STIING Test Drive Cleantech

STING Test Drive Sustainability - for individuals thinking of starting a business or who are at a very early-stage. This STING program is a practical training program for those with an innovative business idea in cleantech and who are considering realising this concept by starting a company. The program consists of six workshops, one night a week, and is based on Business Model Canvas, a strategic and visual template for the development of business models. Theory is mixed with practice and experienced entrepreneurs and experts inspire and help you to a way forward. Read more  »


STING Day is Sweden's leading networking event for the start-ups who qualify and investors. The event attracts 75 of the hottest start-up companies in ICT, Internet/media, sustainability and life science and they are matched with more than 100 of Europe's leading investors. No other event attracts as large a pool of investment funds for early-stagers in one space. If you are seeking financing or just want to present yourself and your company in front of investors and industry profiles then STING Day is perfect for you. And if you are a part of STING's accelerator or incubator program then you are guaranteed a spot. Read more  »