The Internet/media companies in STING develop products and services which have the opportunity to be tested and built rapidly with the internet as a platform. This includes business ideas in such areas as consumer services, payment solutions, gaming (not betting), consumer apps and web analytics. Many of the companies have a B2C focus, but not all of them. STING offers two different programs in internet/media: STING Incubate which is 6-18 months long, and STING Accelerate which is 4 months long. You can read more about each program to see which one suits you best.  

Business coaches

Ivar was a co-founder of Tele1/Song Networks with billions in turnover and more than 1000 employees in four countries. Peo was last at and has long experience of sourcing funding and the venture capital industry. He has also worked with media companies such as Bonnier and Aller. Ludvig has a background as co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) which was sold in 2010 to Research in Motion who make Blackberry mobiles. Ludvig is also an active business angel. All three coaches are active outside STING as board members at small and medium-sized companies. Please contact Peo, Ivar or Ludvig if you have an idea within the area of internet/media.

STING companies

These are just some of the exciting companies STING coaches in internet/media: Barnebys is the leading search service for quality auctions and the first to gather quality sellers and online auctions on one and the same website. Relation Desk is a customer and relationship management system and analytics tool for social media, Poppermost Productions has developed SNOW, the world’s first ski and snowboard game in an open world, and Waitress offers a mobile service allowing restaurant patrons to order and pay directly with a mobile app.


We work together with many external partners who can help the STING companies to progress in various business areas. In internet/media we have valuable collaborations with, for example, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Bizspark and SoftLayer. See all of our Partners here.



Programs and events

STING Accelerate

STING Accelerate - a unique accelerator program for internet startups.STING Accelerate gathers Stockholm's most promising internet startups in 4-month batches. The selected companies become part of a unique ecosystem of other entrepreneurs, business coaches, investors and experts, and are given the tools and methods to be able to develop their products and reach their markets more rapidly. The program is run in STING's premises at SUP46 in central Stockholm, where the companies are offered free office space during the entire program. Read more  »

STING Demo Day

STING Demo Day is the final day of the accelerator program for internet startups. We invite investors and people in our networks and the companies present their products and services. Read more  »


STING Day is Sweden's leading networking event for the start-ups who qualify and investors. The event attracts 75 of the hottest start-up companies in ICT, Internet/media, cleantech and life science and they are matched with more than 100 of Europe's leading investors. No other event attracts as large a pool of investment funds for early-stagers in one space. If you are seeking financing or just want to present yourself and your company in front of investors and industry profiles then STING Day is perfect for you. And if you are a part of STING's accelerator or incubator program then you are guaranteed a spot. Read more  »