In the ICT area we work primarily, but not exclusively, with B2B companies in software, hardware, SaaS solutions, cloud computing, financial technology, education technology, enterprise software and the Internet of Things. ICT is one of our biggest areas and the one where STING has been active the longest. The borders between ICT and internet/media are not always crystal-clear so please look under Internet/media also to see what we can offer there.

Business coaches

Our coaches in ICT have a depth and breadth to their experiences and expertise from building export-based technology companies. All of them have worked internationally and are creative problem-solvers in both operative and strategic matters. Ivar was a co-founder of Tele1/Song Networks with billions in turnover and more than 1000 employees in four countries. Raoul started Proximion Fiber Optics and as CEO and later CTO built a venture-capital funded international export company which today has 90 employees. Pär is STING’s founder and CEO and has also started STING’s fund, STING Capital. Previously he was CEO for Trienta Holding AB which grew to 300 employees and a turnover of 260 million crowns. All three are active outside STING in boards for small and medium-sized companies. Make contact with Ivar, Raoul or Pär if you have an idea in the ICT area.


We work together with many external partners who can help STING companies to progress in different business areas. For example, in ICT we have valuable collaborations with Bouygues Telecom and EIT ICT Labs. See all of our Partners here.

STING companies

Here are some of the exciting startups we work with: Unomaly carry out real-time diagnoses and behaviour monitoring of critical IT systems. Videoplaza works in IP-delivered video advertising and is based in London today, Volumental offers a cloud-based 3D scanning service, and Yubico sells a technology to quickly, simply and safely log in to the Internet and has offices in Palo Alto, London and Stockholm.

Programs and events

STING Test Drive Digital

STING Test Drive Digital (previously Startup ICT) – for individuals thinking of starting a business or who are at a very early-stage. This STING programme is a practical training programme for those with an innovative business idea in ICT and who are considering realising this concept by starting a company. The programme consists of six workshops, one weekday a week, and is based on Business Model Canvas, a strategic and visual template for the development of business models. Theory is mixed with practice and experienced entrepreneurs and experts inspire and help you to a way forward. Read more  »

EIT ICT Labs - Idea challenge

Have you a vision how to revolutionise the information and communication technologies of tomorrow? We have what it takes to get your business up and running! We are now looking for revolutionary ideas within these four topics: Cyber Security & Privacy, Internet of Things, Urban Life & Mobility, and Smart Energy Systems. Submit your idea and become part of the unique European innovation ecosystem of EIT ICT Labs, and take the chance to win 40,000 €. Read more  »


STING Day is Sweden's leading networking event for the start-ups who qualify and investors. The event attracts 75 of the hottest start-up companies in ICT, Internet/media, cleantech and life science and they are matched with more than 100 of Europe's leading investors. No other event attracts as large a pool of investment funds for early-stagers in one space. If you are seeking financing or just want to present yourself and your company in front of investors and industry profiles then STING Day is perfect for you. And if you are a part of STING's accelerator or incubator program then you are guaranteed a spot. Read more  »