There is a huge need for innovative solutions in healthcare. In the Health, we include ideas covering areas such as medtech, diagnostics, biotech and e-health. STING companies develop smart and cost-effective products or services which improve and increase the quality of healthcare. In Biotech, the companies produce effective solutions within, for example, the research industry so we can bring about new and better products faster and with higher quality. More and more life science innovations contain an ICT element and most of the STING companies, but not all, have a B2B business model. 

Business coaches

Our Health coaches have worked in the life science and medtech industry for 20-25 years in both small startups and large multinational companies, and in various roles. Olof has built up new innovative companies from the bottom up and also worked with Laboriatories and Glaxo Wellcome (later GlaxoSmithKline). He has carried out a number of launches both nationally and internationally. Gisela has started and built up a laboratory company acquired by Capio. She has also worked with seed and venture capital investments at early-stages. Both coaches are active outside STING as board members at small and medium-sized companies. Please contact Olof or Gisela if you have an idea within the area of Health.


We work together with many external partners who can help the STING companies to progress in various business areas. Within Health we have valuable collaborations with, for example, Astra Tech, Elekta, Gambro and Karolinska Institutet. You can read about all of our partners here.

STING companies

Here are some of the many exciting startups which STING is coaching in Health: Antrad has produced a method for thawing blood plasma in five minutes, a procedure which otherwise takes 20-40 minutes. Bioservo develops muscle-strengthening devices and the first product is a glove which strengthens grip, Chundsell develops a diagnostic method meaning that up to 70% of prostate cancer patients will not need to undergo radical treatments, and Single Technologies has produced advanced methods for studying signalling networks in living cells opening up the possiblities to make completely new types of medicines and hopefully also to reduce the number of pointless clinical trials.

Programs and events

STING Test Drive Health

STING Test Drive Health (previously Startup) is a program for those thinking of starting a business or who are at a very early stage. It is a practical training program for people with innovative concepts in life science and who are considering developing the concept into their own business. The program consists of six workshops held one evening a week and is based on the Business Model Canvas, a strategic and visual template for developing business models. Theory is mixed with practice, and experienced entrepreneurs and experts inspire and help you go forward. Read more  »

Go Global Medtech

Go Global Medtech gives you a better prospect of succeeding internationally. Are you planning an international expansion? In order to succeed with your company’s internationalisation you need to have good knowledge of the different markets and their specific challenges. The objective is that you acquire so much knowledge that you know how and where you will start your globalisation. With a results-oriented course you will create a sustainable strategy and activity plan which provides the answers to where, why, how and with which resources you will start your internationalisation. Read more  »


STING Day is Sweden's leading networking event for the start-ups who qualify and investors. The event attracts 75 of the hottest start-up companies in ICT, Internet/media, Cleantech and Health and they are matched with more than 100 of Europe's leading investors. No other event attracts as large a pool of investment funds for early-stagers in one space. If you are seeking financing or just want to present yourself and your company in front of investors and industry profiles then STING Day is perfect for you. And if you are a part of STING's accelerator or incubator program then you are guaranteed a spot. Read more  »