Raoul Stubbe

Raoul coaches companies in ICT. He started Proximion Fiber Optics and has as CEO, and later as CTO, built up a venture capital-financed export company which has 90 employees today. Previously he worked at the research institute ACREO doing research on a contract basis for Swedish industry.  Rauol has researched and taken his Doctor’s degree in fiber optics, providing him with excellent insight into the everyday concerns of universities and researchers. 

Key skills

”I normally joke that my key competency is being broad – I’m not the best in the world at anything, but I’m good at most things. If I were to underline anything though, it would be my ability to evaluate the scalability of new technologies and their commercial potential.”

Driving force

”I have many driving forces that, when I have a good day, pass the baton between themselves. For example, I get excited by people who want to change the world in a positive way. I love learning new things and get extra-involved when I also get to take part in the creative, innovative process.”


Scint-X AB, Hök Instruments AB

10 quick ones

Hobby: anything which takes me out into nature
Listens to: my wife
Watches: no, would rather take part
Plays: synthesiser
Reads: mainly non-fiction
Travels to: exotic places
Other job you have had: salesman for brain surgery equipment
Inspired by: Leonardo da Vinci
Likes: exciting people who want to make the world a better, more beautiful and fun place
Don’t like: prejudice – nerds are often my heroes