Raman Ramalingam

Raman works with tech recruitments for STING startups. He helps startups to effectively develop their employer branding to make them attractive workplaces. Through activities, workshops and other collaborative events, Raman also works to connect universities, schools and talent pools with, and have them join, STING’s startup world.

Raman has a core tech (Software Engineering) academic and experiential background, which has given him a well-founded understanding of startup tech requirements. His other interests span across content marketing and white board animation video making for startups. As a person, he is fun, curious, a good listener and creative. Besides STING, Raman works as a recruiter at a firm called Diversity Group AB.

10 quick questions

Hobbies: pencil sketching, trekking and travelling
Loves: ideas (especially those that are stupid and ridiculous), surprises and diverse cultures
Attempted: standup comedy, skiing, mountain climbing, book writing, starting several companies, hiking the Alps in the middle of winter, and understanding Swedish humor
Countries traveled: India, United States, Singapore, France, Germany, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Sweden.
Weirdest moment: being forced to take a French language exam to prove I don’t know French
Worst failure: not trying
Watch: House of Cards
Appreciate: good food, music, humor and life
Dream: to revolutionize startup recruitment
Happy moment: becoming the first non-Swedish speaking STING team member