Maria Ljungberg

Maria is CEO of Propel Capital and Director of Investor Relations at Sting. Maria has extensive experience from work with startups, primarily in the finance, recruitment and communication areas, and was part of the Sting team during the years 2008-2015.

Maria joined Sting from the Swedish Venture Capital Association where she was responsible for business angels for two years. From 2000 to 2005 she worked with external communication at Industri Kapital (today IK Investment Partners). Maria holds a Masters in Economics from Uppsala University.

10 quick ones

Hobby: skiing and all outdoor activities
Training: running, cross-country skiing
Likes to travel to: The Alps and Umbria
Dream startup to have been in: Google
Other job you’ve had: post-production of printed material
Knows: how to enjoy life
Has: done the Swedish classic set of sports events
Likes: entrepreneurs and great visions
Does not like: small-minded people
Wants to: contribute to the birth of more fantastic companies

Contact Maria

070-836 22 31