Magnus Rehn

Magnus coaches companies in Cleantech and Sustainability. He has been CEO for TagMaster AB, a global company working with RFID technology in access and security systems and in connection with transport. He has worked in roles as Head of marketing and sales and as CEO, and has worked in the USA and Germany in banking technology, telecommunications and software. He also has experience from doing business in Europe, North America and Asia, specifically China, India and Japan.

Key skills

Magnus can initiate and carry out business development based on new concepts and generate international business to create growth. He has considerable experience from doing business in the USA, China and India in the B2B segment.

Driving forces

”As a business coach it is very stimulating to share my experiences and through active coaching make it possible for both individuals and businesses to take off. My driving force is, starting from ideas, to create commitment and execute on the ideas and to finally see so much more than initially thought through a platform of hard work.”


Impact Investment Scandinavia AB, Arsizio AB, Ignitia AB, et al.

10 quick questions

Hobbies: slalom skiing, diving, archipelago
Training: running, strength training, tennis
Listens to: Laleh
Reads: biographies, detective novels, management books
Travels to: new countries, my daughters, ski slopes, diving spots
Other job you’ve had: car transporter
Knows: nothing is impossible
Does not know: see above (however, a full cycle of blood circulation under 50 minutes is impossible)
Likes: working, cooking, meeting new people, having an audience
Wants: to have the time for everything