Linda Wellgrant

Linda works as the Event and Office Manager at Sting. She plans the content, concepts, logistics and manages events such as  Sting Demo Day, seminars, investor events, speed meeting sessions, and the annual startup event Sting Day. She is also responsible for Stings head office at A House.

Linda-Wellgrant_LOWFrom 2010-2015, Linda lived in Sydney, Australia, where she graduated with a BBA specializing in Event Management from Macquarie University (2012). She has previously worked as an Event and Recruitment Assistant, Project Administrator, Event Coordinator and Assistant Bar Manager at Sydney Festival. She has also helped to organize/produce TEDxStockholm events.

10 Quick Ones

Workout: salsa, has been dancing for 15 years
Listens to: filmmusic, soul, R&B
Watches: dramas, documentaries
Has: snorkled on the Great Barrier Reef
Learns: how to cook like a Masterchef
Wants to: learn Tango
Loves: the beaches in Australia
Is considering: to take a roadtrip throughout the States