Jana Palm

Jana works with Sting’s game incubator and game hub. Previously she led the Sting Test Drive Game program together with Jonas Lindqvist. She also runs the games accelerator Stugan. In her spare time, she often judges games competitions across the world.

Jana has a big passion for games and a wide knowledge of different aspects of the games industry and a strong international network.

10 Quick Ones

Hobbies: Playing video games and board games, working out, cooking, hiking
Training: Weightlifting and occasional running
Listens to: Spotify, happy songs
Watches: House of Cards, Friends, old movies
Reads: Detective novels and fantasy books
Travels to: Anywhere if I get the opportunity, love California and south of France
Interest: Games that can help people (e.g. education and health care)
Likes: Languages and cleanliness
Dislikes: Olives and sun-dried tomatoes, and people not appreciating other people’s time
Wants to: Pick up horseback riding again, get better at playing the piano

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