Ivar Strömberg

Ivar Strömberg coaches companies in ICT and internet/media. He was co-founder and CEO of Tele1/Song Networks and has a background in corporate and product management, sales and marketing. He has worked in different types of organisations and roles, from startups to being CEO of a company with billions in turnover and more than 1000 employees in four countries. 

Key skills

Ivar has great experience from driving business development directly connected to concrete value for clients. He has a passionate interest in sales and great knowledge on the various models which can be used to bring products and services to market.

Driving forces

”What makes me get really excited is when you systematically, structured and profitably deliver something to the end client which solves real problems in a big market. Focus and simplicity in communications and dialogues with clients get me going!”


Wireless maingate AB, Element AB, Delta Project AB, Mobilimeet AB

10 quick ones

Hobby: meditation, yoga, skiing
Training: at SATS, eveything from Transformer to DanceStep
Listens most to: house, techno and R&B
Travels to: country house in Lisö, Africa and India
Knows how to: dance
Doesn’t know how to: do jigsaw puzzles, build Lego
Likes: positive people
Does not like: meanness and arrogance
Needs: to be positive
Refuses: to not see opportunities

Contact Ivar

070-181 10 11