Henna Keränen

Henna is responsible for Sting’s digital marketing and helps build the Sting brand in social media channels. She is also in charge of building and strengthening the Sting community by planning events and activities, both online and offline. Additionally, she’s the editor of Sting’s newsletter.

Henna comes from Helsinki, Finland. Her last position was at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, where she worked as a specialist of New Working Life and Sustainable Economy. Her focus areas included themes considering the future of work, digitalization, impact investing and social media marketing.

She also has experience from organizing and hosting events, as well as giving public presentations. In addition, she has worked with startups and challenge competitions.

Henna holds an MA in Political Science from University of Tampere (2014).

10 quick questions

Works out: gym, bikram yoga, jogging, body combat
Listens to: electro pop and podcasts
Watches: Mad Men, House of Cards, New Girl and political debates
Reads: Sapiens
Other job I’ve had: gym instructor
Has: a hunting license
Learns: more and more Swedish
Loves: summer, Italy, being near the sea
Wants to: learn Italian
Thinks about: getting a green card in golf
Latest accomplishment: running Midnattsloppet

Contact Henna

070-233 37 53