Gisela Sitbon

Gisela coaches companies within Health. She has 25 years of experience as CEO and from leadership roles at research-intensive and international life science companies. She has also started and built up a laboratory company which was later acquired by Capio. Gisela has worked for a long time with small and medium-sized development companies in biotech, diagnostics, medicines and medtech, most often with a focus on business development, quality assurance and financing. She has also worked with seed and venture capital investments in early-stages.  

Key skills

”My expertise comes from a combination of research, business development and operative experiences from the life science industry. I have an ability to make complex situations with many uncertainties more manageable and concrete. In coaching meetings I try to be a good listener with a holistic view and use strategy and empathy as my guiding principles.”

Driving forces

”Meeting knowledgeable, creative, dynamic and genuine people is incredibly inspiring. Meetings between people often impact me greatly and helps me to always increase my knowledge, changing my way of looking at things in a positive and thought-provoking way. I carry these learnings with me into my future endeavours to share with others.”


Beactica AB, Nanologica AB, Encubator AB

10 quick ones

Hobbies: growing orchids, books
Training: spinning and doing nothing
Listens to: Sade, Renaissance music, Radio P1 programmes: Stil, Spanarna and Lundström’s book radio
Looks at: clothes, butterflies and the stars
Travels to: isolated places like the Arctic, Antarctic and deserts
Dream startup to have been in: Medivir
Unusual job you’ve had: museum watchwoman
Knows: how to be the annoying one in the family, bake “rullrån” and dance Boda polska
Likes: getting up before everyone else
Needs: a lot of space around myself