Andreas Wennberg

Andreas is a talent manager at Sting. He helps our companies to grow their teams. Since 2014, he has been starting and developing startups. He is also running a startup that helps newcomers in Sweden to find a job.

Key skills

”In my role as talent manager my competence is that I have operational experience of the most common roles in a startup: developer, sales, marketer/growth hacker, and CEO”.

Driving forces

”Entrepreneurship is the most efficient way to change and improve the world. An entrepreneur is someone that sees a prolem, create a solution and sell it. I am motivated to help our startups speed up that journey from problem to selling the solution.”

10 Quick ones

Hobby: learn new things, meet friends and family.
Train: weight lifting, running and tennis.
Listens to: A16z podcast, Hans Zimmer, and Håkan Hellström.
Reads: HBR’s 10 Must Reads series, Homo Deus and The Art of Strategy.
Watches: Silicon Valley, Mr Robot and Talks at Google.
Travel to: any place where there is good food and company.
Have: run a marathon.
Learning now: React Native and Machine Learning.
Likes: challenges.
Loves: Aha-moments.

Contact Andreas

073 – 811 81 71