Marknadsföring och sälj

Marketing strategy should go hand-in-hand with product development

3 PR challenges and 3 tips on how to get your startup out there. This is an interview by Elia Mörling taken from Swedish Startup Space. Editor note: Elia caught up with Jill Lindström from STING to chat about product marketing and gave a few tips for startups too! Hi Jill Lindström! Who are you […]


Zoom in and zoom out to connect with reality

Entrepreneurs need zooming abilities to connect their vision with the real life of their customers. Numerous very serious attempts have been made to pinpoint what certain characteristics and habits set apart successful entrepreneurial leaders from their less successful counterparts. What tempted me to humbly add an observation to this plethora of findings is that one […]


The Pivot – so hyped and so underused

My colleague Raoul Stubbe recently wrote an excellent (yeah right, I’m not biased) blog post on ”Why Swedish entrepreneurs need more staying power”. One of the issues Raoul brought up was the PIVOT, in the context of how much harder it is to pivot here in Sweden than in the US due to how investors […]