Mini-interview: FastForward startup Competencer


Janna and Tove are two of the founders behind the STING FastForward startup Competencer.

  1. Please tell us a little about Competencer.

Competencer is a new way of offering advisory services online, such as coaching and therapy. Advisors and end-clients can easily connect through our complete solution, reaching from marketplace, via bookings and payments, all the way to the actual meeting provided by new peer2peer video technology and CRM system. We think everybody should have access to great advice, no matter location or work hours.

  1. Why did you apply to the FastForward program?

The FastForward program offered us a springboard and we saw it as a great advantage that it was short and focused, that it gave us access to a lot of resources (in terms of network and know-how) and provided structure, pushing us to become even better. In other words: the perfect mix of carrot and stick!

  1. What expectations did you have ahead of the program?

We had pretty high expectations in terms of hands-on feedback and support before we started, but the program has managed to meet (and surpass) these expectations.

  1. What about financing – have you raised any money yet?

We have been granted Almi Innovation loan and have started talking to some investors, both domestic and international. We are planning for a round post summer.

  1. What have been some of the ups and downs?

As an entrepreneur every day is filled with both ups and downs, that’s what makes it so dynamic. One of the most magical moments so far was when we released our beta and we saw that real advisors started filling in content and liked what they saw. Since then, they are even more impatient than us to launch Competencer. It was a proof of that the concept actually works!

  1. What do you think about the structure of the program?

We really like the structure of this program, it has pushed us to become even better and ensured that we stay on track and focus on what’s most important. We also think that the granted funding of the new batch is great, and will allow the entrepreneurs to focus even more on product development and sales efforts.

  1. What will be the most important take-away’s from these four months?

Test with customers as soon as possible to get real, actionable feedback.

  1. What’s next for Competencer after FastForward?

We are currently running a closed beta, so the next step for us is to launch commercially. We have gotten great response from our segments so we are excited. And find an office as great as SUP46 of course! Our more long term vision is to be the best complete solution for professional advice online, globally.

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