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Internet startup Volumental is an ongoing success story. Offering a unique 3D scanner service which creates precise models of reality, they have in only one year acquired their first large customer, secured financing and received international attention. Now the world at their feet.

Leading-edge technology of 3D scanning
Volumental has created the world’s first cloud-based 3D scanner. Using only a depth camera and a browser you can easily create precise 3D models of yourself, objects or basically anything. The models can be shared online, downloaded, edited and printed in 3D or used in virtual environments. Everything from video game characters to shoes with a perfect fit can be made, and the potential is huge.

Today Volumental have customers and ongoing pilot projects in mass customization, 3D printing and virtual fitting. They have entered into a partnership with the leading U.S. developer of customized medical products for feet, Soft Kinetic, as well as with hardware developers in the United States and Israel.

International attention
The technology behind Volumental was developed by robot researchers at KTH and the company was started in 2012 as a spinoff from the research project Kinect@Home. From start Volumental manage to create a real buzz and have received great international attention, which paves the way for new and exciting customer projects.

Volumental’s CEO Caroline Walerud came to STING in February 2013 together with her small team. Since then things have moved fast. In addition to entering international collaborations Volumental have built a great team of eleven, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, secured financing and received several awards. In 2013 the company was selected Hottest Web Startup, won the European ICT Startup of the Year and Caroline Walerud received the title Super Talent of the Year.

People are talking about a true success story. The recipe, according to Caroline, is customer-oriented development, a hard-to-copy technology and a great vision for the future.

– But most important is our extremely smart and driven team. Our employees have backgrounds from Tobii, Rebtel, NASA, Google and from top universities abroad, says Caroline.

Volumental has received great support along the way by participating in the STING Excelerate program.

– STING has helped us through coaching and tips, sales training and workshops. Thanks to STING we became part of the startup ecosystem in Sweden. Above that it has been great to share office space with lots of other driven entrepreneurs, says Caroline.