Case: Unomaly revolutionizing IT monitoring





 Stockholm och Bryssel








 € 350 000 (2013)




 Johan Gustafsson, Göran Sandahl samt en anonym finansiär



Sprung out of an extensive as well as expensive problem, STING ICT startup Unomaly has created a smart and automatic monitoring of IT systems. The journey from startup to international business was made in high speed – all thanks to a successful funding and a passionate team.

IT monitoring in a new way
IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and massive. The complexity turns them into black holes, making it hard to detect errors, understand causes of disturbance and make corrections. But if you know the system’s normal activity, you can easily identify when incidents and security problems occurs. With this as starting point Unomaly has developed a unique solution for performing real-time diagnosis and behavioral monitoring of critical IT systems.

The idea behind Unomaly’s monitoring system has its origin in the founders, Johan Gustafsson and Göran Sandahl, own experiences of problems in the IT industry. Their vision is to contribute to drastically lowering the global impact of the unknown by making it visible – and the market potential is great. Today the turnover of the total market for IT monitoring, IT security and Big Data is about $ 25 billion annually.

International expansion in high speed
Since the launch of their first product in 2012, Unomaly has expanded their business throughout the Nordic countries and is now growing further in Europe. Their clients include government agencies, companies within finance and e-commerce as well as Sweden’s largest nuclear power plant. The customers in the Nordic countries have given Unomaly a strong reference base, which lowers the barrier when entering new markets.

– New customers are and always have been the most important thing we have. This is where we find the answers to what we are doing right and what we can do even better – both in terms of positioning and technique, says Johan Gustafsson, CEO of Unomaly.

A successful financing round in September 2013 was central for Unomaly and its development. The funding enabled a rapid expansion of the company’s team, from three to more than ten passionate and experienced professionals. With a strong team as well as sales representatives in other parts of Europe, Unomaly could accelerate the international expansion even more.

– In the funding process, STING has been of immense help, and they are big part of our success. STING has also shared their network with us, and our business coach at STING has meant a lot to us, says Johan Gustafsson.