Growth & Internationalisation

The Structural Fund Partnership Stockholm County has in the spring of 2016 granted STING and collaboration partner Stockholm Science City Foundation, EU funds for the development project Growth & Internationalisation, which aims to support internationalization and export in the region’s growth companies.

Stockholm has a number of strength areas, academic excellence and a knowledge-intensive industry spanning various industries. At the same time, there is a potential to help more innovative companies in growth stages to grow in global markets, where conditions differ between sectors. The project Growth & Internationalisation, will with a budget of over 40 million over three years, half of which is EU funds from the Regional Fund Stockholm, development the following:

  • Cooperation between small and large companies in the region.
  • New financing platforms for growth that will increase the availability of venture capital.
  • Matchmaking activities between emerging growth companies and people who want to start working in such companies.
  • Industry-specific efforts to develop interaction between emerging growth companies, academia and new communities in areas such as health care, games and the music industry.
  • Soft landing opportunities in other countries that can facilitate for Swedish companies to establish operations in new markets.
  • Cooperation between relevant actors in the region working with growth and internationalisation consulting.