Opportunities for investors interested in Sting companies

Some of the Propel Capital investors.

Would you like to invest in or know more about Stockholm’s new innovative companies? Sting works actively to build relationships with investors in Sweden and abroad is happy to get in touch with business angels and venture capitalists interested in our activities. 

Propel Capital

Propel Capital was founded in 2014 by Sting and is today Sweden’s most active private seed investor. Propel Capital takes advantage of Sting’s deal flow and selection process and the portfolio companies gain access to business development support and finance coaching, recruitment, networks and other resources of Sting.

Propel Capital gathers experienced business angels in an exclusive network that provides opportunities for investors to make direct investments in the portfolio companies before other investor groups. Propel Capital is also an attractive platform for finding syndication partners and sharing experiences with other investors in Propel Capital.

State-owned Saminvest has invested in Propel Capital IV and V and also offers experienced investors in Propel Capital the opportunity to get a co-investment agreement with them, where Saminvest matches selected investors’ direct investments in Propel Capital’s portfolio companies with the same amount at favorable terms for the business angel. Propel Capital is one of the first business angel companies in Sweden to obtain a joint investment agreement with Saminvest.

Are you interested in becoming a Propel Capital investor? Please contact Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital, maria.ljungberg@sting.co to learn more.

Opportunities for VC companies

Sting works actively to build relationships with business angels and venture capital investors across the world. If you’re a VC that would like to know Sting and our companies better, please get in touch with Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital and responsible for Investor Relations at Sting maria.ljungberg@sting.co. We are happy to arrange for one-to-one sessions between investors and startups and once a week we welcome a venture capital investor as “Investor of the Week”.

Events where you can meet our startups

> Sting Day, Sweden’s largest networking event for entrepreneurs, investors and industry is held in October each year. 80 Sting startups and other startups exhibit and pitch. Sting Day was held for the first time in 2010 and has since grown to become a must-attend event for both Swedish and international players. You can read more about Sting Day here.

> Sting Demo Day is held twice a year when about 12 Sting companies are getting ready to leave Sting. The companies pitch and present their progress for an audience of venture capitalists and business angels.

Would you like to attend?
Please contact Maria Ljungberg at maria.ljungberg@sting.co.

What’s happening at Sting companies?

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