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• Coaching from top entrepreneurs and ex-VC investors
• 30,000-50,000 EUR investment from Propel Capital
• Support from Sweden’s largest startup recruitment service
• Office space at A house
• Worldwide network of investors and business partners
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Sting Stories - companies we've coached



Sellpy sells the stuff you don’t use anymore.

Sellpy makes it dead simple to get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore. Order a Sellpy bag online and fill it with anything you want. We pick it up at the door, sell the items and share the profit. Whatever we can’t sell we donate to charity. Sellpy gets you both space and money and ensures that your unused items comes to use. Good for you and good for the environment!


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Karma is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste in the cafe and restaurant industry. We’ve created a new way for retailers to minimize their food waste by selling it at the end of the day rather than throwing it away. Our users buy the food as high-quality take-away for a discounted price, all while the food still is in good shape. It’s a win-win-win.

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Unomaly is a real time analysis engine for big data flows, empowering enterprise visibility, situational awareness and problem isolation.

Read more is a search for auctions and auction related information. An easy to use and fast tool for searching objects auctioned by the established auction houses. The company launched in Sweden but will be the obvious home for anyone looking for artifacts from auction houses or auction-related information, both locally and internationally. is a global player that connects auction markets in different countries around the world.

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Volumental was founded in 2012 from a research project at CVAP KTH. Our goal is to make retail more efficient, durable and personalized through 3D scanning and AI. We start with the shoe market. Now we have activities in 35 countries with global companies like New Balance, Bauer, and Adidas, and help thousands of people to find shoes that suit them every day.

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Sustainable business, conscious consumers and stakeholder dialogue has never been easier.

Worldfavor develops a digital solution that helps companies move towards sustainable business practices, reach out with their sustainability efforts and listen to its stakeholders. In the same time, Worldfavor equips individuals with awareness and influence to make conscious choices and impact the future of business and society. A continuously growing database allows for comparison and analysis of sustainability data for multiple stakeholders.

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We have coached 274 of Sweden's most promising tech startups.
457 MEUR private funding, 2639 jobs created, 248 MEUR revenue.

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    Be challenged by some of Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs and former venture capitalists to get business results faster. Learn more

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    You can get 300 000 – 500,000 SEK from Propel Capital and be matched with the right investors for your company. Learn more

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    Recruitment support

    Build your dream team with support from Sweden’s best and most creative recruitment service specialized in startups. Learn more

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    Marketing support

    Get help to generate demand and leads with smart and effective marketing and communication. Learn more

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    Benefit from Sting’s worldwide network of investors and business contacts who can help you grow faster. Learn more

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    Co-working spaces

    Sting is based at newly renovated premises at A house in Stockholm. This is where you sit during your first time at Sting. We also have partnerships with several of Stockholm’s best co-working spaces such as SUP46, THINGS, Norrsken and H2. Learn more

Sting Startup Programs

  • Sting Test Drive

    A hands-on training program for teams with early-stage startups that want to sharpen their business models and scale their businesses.
    • Early-stage startup idea
    • 4 evening workshops
    • All industries
    • Evaluate & develop idea
    • Coaching during workshops
  • Sting Incubate

    For startups with longer development cycles. Learn and implement important methods and tools to scale within product development, sales, marketing and much more.
    • Prototype in 6-12 months
    • 12 months
    • All industries
    • Develop, iterate and scale
    • Personal coach up to 4 hrs/week
    • 50k-30k EUR investment
    • Free office space at A house for 6 mos
    • Cost: 5 % stock option
  • Sting Accelerate

    Same as Sting Incubate, but for startups with shorter development cycles.
    • Proof of concept & prototype
    • 4 months
    • Internet/mobile/digital
    • Iterate & scale
    • 2 coaches, 1 hr/week
    • 30k EUR investment
    • Free office space at A house
    • Cost: 2 % stock option