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Edtech April 20, 2021

EdTech company Citationsy hits 1 million saved references

From Stockholm to the world – meet the tool revolutionizing academic referencing. Citationsy has just crossed 1 million saved references.

Johann Gross and Cenk Özbakır, founders of Citationsy

EdTech company Citationsy launched in 2018, when founder Cenk Özbakır decided to build his own reference manager after not being happy with the tools available.

– I started Citationsy with the simple idea of creating a tool that brings joy to people doing academic work, a tool that they could use with privacy and ease, says Cenk Özbakır.

Two years later, co-founder Johann Gross joined to grow the company and to find ways to monetize a tool that was in use not only by students and academics but also doctors, lawyers, and consultants.

Today, Citationsy is in use by almost 300 000 people in 192 countries. Citationsy supports the people that are changing the world through research and investigation by simplifying the process of finding and collecting sources. COVID-19 has affected learners, operators, and researchers everywhere and Citationsy has enabled them to continue this work from home.

Citationsy founder Cenk said about hitting one million saved references:

– It’s crazy to think that my little app that I started from my bedroom in Stockholm has helped this many people simplify the most annoying part of academic writing. The next step for Citationsy is to use our position in academia to usher in a new paradigm for personal knowledge organisation for everyone, says Cenk Özbakır.

Citationsy is an online referencing tool for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed. It automaties the citation, reference list, and bibliography process in over 9,200 referencing styles including APA, Chicago, DIN, MLA, and Harvard. 

Over 295,000 students, researchers, and scholars from 192 countries use Citationsy to conduct research and generate citations. Citationsy’s mobile apps include a barcode scanner for on-the-go book referencing, and its browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) enables one-click website citations. 

Citationsy is the world’s leading, most accurate citation generator and management tool that allows users to cite any source with a click via web platform, mobile app, or browser extension.

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