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NEWS May 28, 2020

Digital curator service Snaptive starts collaboration with Curira

Snaptive, the mobile app that provides curators via chat to young people, now provides qualified counseling to care businesses and begins a collaboration with Curira, the fourth largest healthcare and care group in Sweden.

The need for counseling in support and care homes, family homes, on-call homes, HVB homes and outpatient care is often very high as many of the children and young people have experienced difficulties.

Now the young people in Curira Individual & Family have access to digital curators through Snaptive as an outpatient intervention. With the help of professional counseling, motivational calls and community guidance directly on the mobile, Snaptive can effectively help a vulnerable group feel better mentally.

– We are proud and happy to be able to enter into a collaboration with Snaptive. We are a business that always strives for quality and results and we are very confident that Snaptive will maintain the high standard that is in line with our work at Curira. In today’s Sweden, mental illness is common among our children, adolescents and adults, where tools to deal with this are largely inaccessible to people who are in great need of it. This is why we find that Snaptive will take us a step forward, says Sitapha Ndure, Head of Unit at Curira Individual & Family.

According to the National Board of Health, mental illness in children aged 10-17 has increased by over 100 percent in 10 years. Snaptive wants to slow down this development by lowering the threshold for young people with mental health problems to get the help and support they need.

– We must make it possible for children and young people to get support and assistance, both in the home environment and in placements. With Curira on board, we are now taking an important step towards improving how young people experience the quality of support and care in their everyday lives. Our collaboration means increased digital availability of support for young people around the country, and we are proud of that. Especially in these times when more people need help, says Roza Azimi, vice president of Snaptive.

Communication via Snaptive takes place in a way that is adapted to how young people communicate with each other today, digitally. All users are guaranteed complete anonymity and response within 30 minutes. Snaptive has previously been available for primary and secondary schools and care businesses that have already joined the service.

Snaptive is a digital curator service that since 2018 offers available curators for children and young people. They believe that more people should be given the right tools to feel good and thus be able to take responsibility for their mental health. Snaptive offer available curators who provide support, advice and motivation in everyday life. Young people can chat anonymously and get quick, easy and smooth support.

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