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We are interested in startups with ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and new materials, and solutions within energy, water, biotechnology, and more.

We are interested in companies that are based on substantial scientific advances and new disruptive technologies that help bring solutions to some of our time’s biggest challenges. Game-changing companies within areas such as AI and machine learning, biotech, robotics, life science, new materials, cleantech and more. startups with ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, new materials, Deeptech promises solutions to the biggest problems the world faces today.

What you get

In addition to the tailored coaching, financing and recruitment support, we can offer you up to 24 months’ of support in our specialized deeptech program. This includes support in financing, 10 hours with deeptech mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves, and access to industrial contacts. We also have close relationships with deeptech investors such as Industrifonden, Voima Ventures and, just to name a few.

What others say about us

    The deeptech coaches have both strong technical and business backgrounds that have been invaluable for us to precisely draw our business strategy.

    Iman Vakili, Sencept

    Sting helped us grow significantly faster. Over the past six months, we’ve expanded our team, secured funding and have more than ten prospective customers.

    Fredrika Kringberg, Relox Robotics

    The coaches guide and help you find the way forward, they don’t tell you what to do. In the end, I’m the one who makes the decisions.

    Christina Lundbäck, Surfcleaner

Meet your deeptech coaches

These are the coaches you’ll probably spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment and close support from our whole team.

Raoul Stubbe

Raoul coaches deeptech companies.
070-655 27 74

Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas coaches gaming and deeptech companies.
070-350 49 69

Karin Ruiz

Karin coaches sustaintech and deeptech startups.
070-645 78 04

Magnus Rehn

Magnus coaches sustaintech startups.
070-512 05 48