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NEWS February 1, 2018

A competitive Test Drive Digital announces two winners: housing startup Ett tak, två generationer and mindfulness innovators MindfulHu

Sting in collaboration with EIT Digital has run the Test Drive Digital program, aimed at stimulating entrepreneurs to test their ideas. In the end there were two companies that were tied for the honor of Best Pitch, housing startup Ett tak, två generationer and mindfulness innovators MindfulHu.

Ett tak, två generationer aims to connect students looking for housing with empty-nesters who want to rent out a room in their home. The cross-generational team of recent KTH graduate Anna Söderberg and seasoned business professional Ann Edberg met while studing a master course in Design Thinking at Openlab in Stockholm.

“This has given us a proof of concept and shown us that we are on the right track. It has been so inspirational to meet all these other entrepreneurs,” co-founder Anna Söderberg said.

“The Test Drive has gives us a lot of food for thought, and how incredible that you can feel so inspired and invigorated, when we’ve been doing this in the evenings after long days in the office,” CEO Ann Edberg continued. “It feels surreal that we won and it’s been amazing to have done this together with Anna. It has really helped us grow as a team.”

The second winner was mindfulness startup mindfulHU. They are developing a device that can imitate human breath and guide breath meditation for mindfulness beginners.
“The Program has been super helpful and useful, especially at this stage. We develop a device that helps train people in breathing and meditation, and the course and the coachin has given me a lot advice for how to continue developing the startup. I’m excited that we won, it was very unexpected,” said mindfulHU founder Tina Zhu.

The Test Drive included a very diverse group of startups, ranging from carpool services to wedding planning as well as conflict de-escalation for law enforcement personnel. The program has consisted of three four-hour workshops based on the Lean Canvas and combined theory with practical applications and been led by Sting coach Raoul Stubbe.

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