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NEWS April 28, 2021

Co-living startup Allihoop aims globally, raises SEK 7.5 million and opens 300 homes in 2021

Co-living startup Allihoop has closed an investment round of SEK 7.5 million. Among the investors are serial entrepreneur Houman Ashrafzadeh, private investor Simon Josefsson, and the newly started VC PropTech Farm as lead investor. Startup generator Antler is also increasing its current investment in the company.

Allihoop’s four co-founders: Milad Barosen, Carolina Mistander, Samuel Gielis & Johan Outinen. Photo: Johanna Hanno

Allihoop offers co-living as a service to ex-pats and young talent in Stockholm. Co-living is a community-based form of housing, where members have their own studio and access to common areas that are shared with others. The service is all-inclusive and includes furniture, cleaning and wifi. In the spring, Allihoop will release its community app, which acts as a combined network engine and onboarding platform for members.

– We want to solve part of a large, complex problem. Hundreds of thousands are looking for a nice place to live in Stockholm. It is a big barrier for recruiters who want to attract international talent. At the same time, properties are unused and not being developed to meet the new needs. We turn them into space-efficient homes with shared areas where people meet. It is a win-win-win for property owners, tenants and the city.

Milad Barosen, CEO and Co-founder of Allihoop, with a background as an architect and city planner

Gothenburg-based PropTech Farm started in March 2021 and already has five holdings in its portfolio. Behind the investment company are Fredrik Bergman, founder of Diakrit, and Linus Björk, former Sales Director at Collector. Investors include the founder of Aros Bostad, Samir Taha, and Mikael Wintzell from Wellstreet.

– Allihoop’s business model, its strong management team and technical platform paint us at PropTech Farm a very positive picture of how Allihoop will develop and succeed. Through our network, in both Europe and Southeast Asia, we can accelerate technology development and contribute to faster global expansion.

Fredrik Bergman, CEO of PropTech Farm

Allihoop was founded in 2020 and has been fully booked since the start. Today, there are two active co-living homes in Stockholm, one in Midsommarkransen and one on Lidingö. In August, 68 homes will be opened in Spånga, and additional homes will be launched in Stockholm in the autumn of 2021. Continued product development as well as expansion is the focus of the investment.

– Allihoop is in an exciting growth phase! With PropTech Farm behind us, we can create an even better customer experience and tenfold our capacity this year. In 2021, we welcome 300 new tenants in Stockholm, and then the goal is to expand both in Sweden and internationally. We want to open another 500 homes in the Nordic region in 2022. Urbanization is a global challenge that requires new flexible forms of housing. We are proud to be able to participate in and drive that development.

Milad Barosen, CEO and Co-founder of Allihoop