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NEWS December 16, 2020

Children’s book app Boksnok backed by well-known tech names, raises SEK 3 million

Boksnok, winner of Framtidens Entreprenör 2020, has completed a first round of financing. Investors include key figures behind Kry, iZettle and Yubico. Now the company will increase the pace of both product development and expansion.

The team behind Boksnok

Boksnok is a subscription service for interactive children’s books that lets children, among other things, read and listen to the books at the same time. The company currently has over 1000 book titles and agreements with the majority of children’s book publishers in Sweden.

The company is now raising close to SEK 3 million in a first financing round in order to be able to further increase the pace of both product development and expansion. Among the investors are iZettle’s first employees Johan Bendz and Peder Stahle and Kry’s co-founders Joachim Hedenius, who themselves use Boksnok.

– When children increasingly consume screen time, it becomes important that screen time is positive and developing. Listening to and flipping through a digital children’s book stimulates both the imagination and develops reading skills. That my children directly liked and wanted to continue using Boksnok’s app gave me proof that the concept works well in practice as well. Digital children’s books have enormous potential and I look forward to following how Boksnok will give many children great reading experiences in the future.

Joachim Hedenius, investor and former co-founder of Kry

In the Boksnok app, you will find more than 1000 quality children’s books from established publishers. Boksnok has had thousands of downloads and grown about 30 percent per month in recent months.

– We have carefully chosen investors to bring in the right combination of skills to be able to support our journey forward and we are convinced that these partners will be able to do so. Our focus now is to continue to develop the service and five times the number of users.

Monica Fagraeus Lundström, co-founder and CEO of Boksnok

Behind Boksnok are four friends from KTH who, after leading positions in the business world, chose to invest wholeheartedly in the children’s book app Boksnok at the beginning of 2020. Just recently, Boksnok won the Future Entrepreneur 2020 award, arranged by Carnegie and Svenska Dagbladet.

Boksnok’s subscription service offers a secure service free from advertising, developed through the latest technology and experts in children’s reading and learning.

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