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NEWS September 1, 2020

List: The 52 teams selected to Startup Climate Action’s next phase

The Startup Climate Action initiative by Sting and Norrsken, is now continuing to its second phase, “Deep Dive”, with these 52 carefully selected teams.

The 13 Climate Challenges and the 52 selected teams addressing them.

These are the 52 teams that were selected to the Deep Dive:

  • Animaeh
  • Another Closet
  • Blue Tuesday
  • Bluemethane
  • Brine Energy
  • Build up Nepal Engineering AB
  • Cling Systems
  • CommuteSaver
  • Comparency – Know your choices
  • Direct Air Capture
  • Dissolve AB
  • EKEN Forestry Financing
  • Find sustainable fashion
  • Grapheneers
  • GREENer Materials
  • GreenIron
  • Hamsa Recycling
  • Helios Innovations
  • Hooked Seafood
  • Ice power
  • Irrigation robot
  • Leconery
  • Leral Solar Bank
  • LongYields
  • MbeguSolar
  • mooov technology
  • Nordluft – Skarl
  • Parking Buddy
  • Penaka Solar AB
  • Planboo
  • planetglobal.
  • Platypus
  • Positive Energy Ltd
  • Pregtracker
  • Pumped Hydro Storage Sweden AB
  • Redare AB
  • REE from Sweden tailings
  • Refillistic
  • ReShore
  • Retrofit
  • SC- Plastic Roads
  • SDK-Marine OTWENS
  • Skrym
  • Sticky Solar Power
  • Takåsarna
  • Village Data Analytics (VIDA)
  • WoodChain
The 13 Climate Challenges and the 52 selected teams addressing them.

NEWS April 7, 2020

Datia wants to help private individuals invest sustainably

Today, Datia is launched, the app that wants to help private individuals invest sustainably. “Sustainability and returns need not be opposites,” says Juan Manuel Serruya, co-founder and CEO of Datia.

Manne Larsson och Juan Manuel Serruya, founders of Datia

A study from the World Nature Fund shows that Swedish equity funds have invested over SEK 37 billion in the 200 companies with the highest carbon dioxide emissions in the world, and 70 percent of the equity funds invest in oil and coal companies.

– Most small-scale savers have no idea what kind of company their money is being invested in. Many make an effort to change to a more sustainable lifestyle, but savings are often forgotten. Placing your money in sustainable alternatives is one of the most powerful choices you can make to reduce your climate footprint, says Manne Larsson, co-founder and COO of Datia.

With the help of Datia, individuals can easily see how their shares and funds affect the environment through parameters such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use and waste. Users can also see how their savings affect society through information about, for example, gender equality, working conditions and compliance with human rights.

– 80 percent of all Swedes own funds in addition to their premium pension. Today, it is incredibly complex and difficult to understand how we choose to place our savings money on society and the planet. We want to make it easy for everyone to make financially wise decisions without having to tamper with their values, says Manne Larsson.

Behind the service are Manne Larsson and Juan Manuel Serruya. Manne previously worked as an investor at EQT Ventures and Juan most recently came from Spotify, where he was an engineering manager at the New York office.

– A common misunderstanding is that returns and sustainability are opposites, so it doesn’t have to be. There are several studies that show that companies that outperform in sustainability also perform better financially, says Juan Manuel Serruya, co-founder and CEO of Datia.

About Datia
Datia helps you invest sustainably and in line with your values. With the Datia app you can easily see how equities and funds affect the environment and society through parameters such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use and gender equality. Datia helps you find investment opportunities that have a positive impact on the world.

More about Datia:

NEWS April 2, 2020

These Sting companies can help during social distancing

Startups across Sweden are offering their help in the battle against Covid-19 and ways to help us cope with the new era of social distancing. Here is a list of amazing Sting companies that are offering their services and digital solutions to help you to stay at home and fight the pandemic.

This list will be updated continuously, so stay tuned! 😊

Save Businesses

  • Brainville – Companies that have been forced to lay off, alert or consider dismissing staff are now offered a proven platform to temporarily lend their staff. At the same time, companies that need staff, but do not dare to employ, can advertise for free. Self-employed people are also welcome to search for assignments.


  • Care to translate, the medical translation tool available 24/7 for all types of healthcare professionals, is offering the Care to Translate Clinic app free to use until April 30. You can get a free account as a private individual or an account for the entire clinic.
  • ADHDdoktorn is helping people who temporarily have trouble getting to their regular clinic. If you are already undergoing treatment,they can help with renewal prescription. Book a time here (no introductory call needed).
  • BlueCall, the platform offering companies and their employees anonymous therapy counselling, is now welcoming employees and managers to use the service free of charge for two months.
  • MediCheck, the company offering specialist doctors online, now invites other healthcare providers to use their digital meeting platform without starting costs or licensing costs.
  • Snaptive, the digital counseling service where users can anonymously receive professional counseling and support, invites everyone to use their app for free until April 30. Use the code StayStrong20 when signing up!


  • Skillbreak is changing its creative workshops into live sessions and offers inspiring ways to tackle boredom and loneliness. Also, all 70+ people in Sweden are offered to participate free of charge!
  • edChild, together with Hoppetossa preschools, offers activities with the hope of inspiring new adventures for you and your children. Activities for both younger children (1-3 years) and older children (3-6 years) are available, and you can find the activity description in both English and Swedish on our Facebook page.
  • GroPlay offers a free subscription to their school service Grow Planet until July 31 (only in Swedish so far). Check it our here.
  • Learnster, the SaaS-based platform that helps organizations with onboarding and skills development, lists their tips on how to easily turn a physical event into a virtual event and include it in a training program. Find out more here.
  • Prion, the pre-school app, has listed different activities for parents to implement at home that are based on the national curriculum in Sweden.
  • Ugglo, the digital library for pre-schools and schools launches their popular audiobook service for consumers in order to help kids to read and learn while staying at home. As a Sting friend, you can now register by using the discount code: sting20


  • Eaesy is a mobile app that lets people pre-order food from different restaurants for pickup. It helps both people to minimize social contacts and restaurants by offering a way to continue their sales.
  • Karma, the food waste app, is now offering saved food deliveries from restaurants and grocery stores directly to your door. The company also offers a month’s subscription to Karma boxes.


  • Challengize, the team health challenge where all forms of sports activities count, has launched new digital training solutions for companies and their employees across the world. Stay healthy and active, while staying at home with Challengize.
  • Horsetech company Ridely has launched a new video feature that allows riders to share trainings directly with their riding coaches. The new video feature helps riders to continue riding practices despite social distancing.

Working from home

  • Beleco, the sustainable streaming company for furniture, is helping people working from home to rent an ergonomic and well-functioning home office without a fixed contract time and with free delivery to their door.
  • PushAppy, the digital platform that helps companies create positive behavioral changes that lead to increased motivation and higher results for employees, is offering several real-time challenges for people to stay motivated and engaged with their colleagues.
  • Hubbster Group, the SaaS-based platform that offers digital tools for activating strategies, has launched a 3-minute test, which is followed by a free analysis with recommendations on how you can succeed with your employee-driven work remotely. Find the test here (in Swedish only) and get your company’s recommendations.

Other services

  • Laundrop offers a door-to-door laundry service and under April, elderly people, people who are sick and healthcare workers are offered to use their medium package laundry for free.
  • Ciao Ciao Carsharing is recommending people to stay home and avoid any transports. Although, for those who do need wheels, Ciao Ciao’s app-based carsharing service helps you get a car without any human interaction.
  • Newsvoice, the free crowd-sourced news app with the aim to fix the news and filter bubbles, has released a special Corona news site. With Newsvoice, you can see the latest news of the pandemic worldwide here.
  • Vagon – Most CAD and 3D designers have no longer access to their workstations due to the lockdown. And there are multiple communities that have started campaigns for collaboration to create designs that can help during Covid-19. We offer those 3D designers free usage of vagon to join that collective effort.
NEWS March 25, 2020

Here’s how to tackle the effects of Corona

Corona’s impact on the economy has not escaped anyone. But how can you as a startup contractor make you come out of the crisis stronger? Here Sting provides several hands-on advice and tips.

Sting has coached 300+ startups and has gone through several crises since we started in 2002. Here are advice and tips from Stings coaches Ivar Strömberg, Hannah Meiton and Magnus Rehn who share the most important steps you need to take now to save your business.

This is a summary of a Sting webinar, Corona Business Damage Control, held on March 18 mars. A presentation with extended information was given at a webinar on March 25, that presentation can be found here and a video recording here.

Review your business model

Some companies are losers and others are winners.

If you have a mixed digital and analog business model (for example, an edtech company that offers both digital and off-line courses), you can move your business towards digital products.

If your delivery changes from analog to digital, analyze your current customer base. Which customers should you spend more or less time on? For example, if you have a customer who is fully ready to become digital, spend more time on her or him and less time with those who are not there yet.

Look for additional revenue streams with a focus on short-term opportunities. Now is not the time to venture into strategic long-term projects.

Customer care is the key

In connection to the discussion on the transition to digital business above; this is actually a good time and an opportunity to make long-term efficiency gains through digital processes. The companies that come out of this steel bath come out stronger.

Remember, it is possible that several of your potential customers are considering a deal with you. To help them make a decision – give them an opportunity to “opt out” to feel comfortable with signing contracts.

Some natural customer contact points, such as trade shows and events, will be canceled. So what options do you now have to stay relevant?

Make sure you still have high customer satisfaction in these new times.

Now is probably not the time to expand, but a time to make the company more efficient and ensure that existing customers are satisfied.

Cost savings – look around every corner

If you are forced to cut back on the organization, do it all at the beginning. Why? Well, because when it comes to reducing the number of employees, several small cuts create uncertainty and lengthens the time before the organization can return to functioning reasonably normally again. It is better to release ten employees at the same time rather than 2, 2, 2, 2 and 2. Pull off the bandaid in one quick move.

Push costs forward as much as possible. Think about whether the cost is really necessary in the short term and refrain from any costs that can be eliminated. Also minimize the costs you have to incur. For example, negotiate rent payments for an extended lease term.

For many companies, labor is one of the biggest costs. See if you can delay or reduce your salary payments. If possible, replace parts of the salary with shares in the company.

If you have planned a new recruitment – postpone this if possible. The Swedish government has passed a law on short-term permits. More information can be found on the Government’s website and Tillväxtverket.

Liquidity – money coming in

New loans are difficult to obtain. Yes, the central bank has given banks loans with zero interest rates, but everything points to the fact that this money will not be used to take greater risks than usual. So a better option for you is to seek an extension of your current credit line. Get in touch with your contact person at Almi to apply for additional loans.

If you are currently raising capital and are in a financing round, the situation depends on the industry you are in and how affected it is. Therefore, if there is a term sheet on the table, now is not the right time to negotiate the terms offered – accept these, as you need the money now. Tomorrow, the conditions and the world may look completely different. Again.

Other ways to extend your liquidity are:

– prepayments from customers against cash rebates
– monitor payments and send reminders immediately (even before due date)
– use factoring for immediate payments against a sometimes 15% commission
– tighten the payment terms, ie shorter time, for the customers
– try to sell stock, even at a discount
– sell and lease your machines if you have

Liquidity – money that goes out

Now more than ever, cash is king.

If you can divide payments into monthly payments, do so. Your supplier is keen to have you as its customer, so it is a win-win situation.

Negotiate longer payment terms with your suppliers, for example 60-90 days.

If you have an Almi loan, contact them to stop the loan repayment plan (amortization) and/or try to negotiate the interest payments.

Try to delay or reduce salary payments.

Consider pausing the entire business for a while.

Do you have other questions you want to ask us?

Keep your eyes open for our Open Coaching. Here, as a startup entrepreneur, you can schedule an individual 15-20 minute meeting with us to discuss your plans and challenges.

NEWS January 15, 2020

Reve is acquired by Tipser, a specialist in distributed e-commerce, just like Reve

Från vänster: Axel Wolrath, medgrundare och säljchef på Tipser, Marcus Jacobsson, medgrundare och vd på Tipser och Josep Nolla, medgrundare, vd och storägare på Reve. 

Tipser is a Swedish growth business that enables new revenue streams for publishers through e-commerce on their websites. The acquisition of Reve and the Reach platform complements Tipser’s product portfolio and strengthens the relationship to global brands who want to own their online sales channels.

Tipser is active in the Nordic countries, Germany as well as France with customers including Bonnier, Dagens Nyheter, Cosmopolitan, Bauer, Hubert Burda Media, Pricerunner, among others.

Today they announce the acquisition of Reve, which makes it easy to perform e-commerce transactions in channels such as Instagram, Google, price comparison sites, online marketplaces, voice assistants, digital ads, and others. Reve’s customer base includes some of the world’s largest retail groups, Pricerunner, Hemset, Ridebrain, Speqta, and Widespace.

The acquisition of Reve and the Reach platform greatly complements Tipser’s product portfolio by increasing the number of purchasable products to over 100 million and expands Tipser’s geographical spread to include the USA, the UK and Spain.

Reve’s customers use the Reach platform to enable e-commerce transactions in channels outside their own webshops. These channels include for instance the Instagram Marketplace in the USA, other social media channels and voice assistants like Google Assistant.

– Reve has had a fantastic growth journey for many years. We started with consumer focus with our own marketplace, and then changed the focus to B2B model by offering our unique technology to other online retailers. Combining our experience and technology with Tipser’s network and solid platform means that together we can grow much faster in the future. Brands can finally sell their products in multiple channels without complicated integrations. This means the purchase can finally take place wherever the consumer’s interest arises. We are really excited to have access to this opportunity with the Tipser’s team, says Josep Nolla, co-founder of Reve.

Reve has had backing from investors such as Optimizer Invest, Almi Invest, Wellstreet, Paul Fischbein (former CEO Qliro Group) and author Jens Lapidus among others. The investor group now sells its entire holding.

– With the acquisition of Reve, we gain access to a technical platform that fits very well into Tipser’s broad offering of embedded e-commerce for publishers and traffic platforms. Reve has not only built integrations for both Instagram and Google, but also has major global customers that complement Tipser’s network of publishers and platforms well. We really look forward to continuing our work with Reve’s founders and talented developers with unique expertise in distributed commerce. It will be an exciting and fun journey together, says Marcus Jacobsson, CEO and co-founder of Tipser.

Reve’s two founders Josep Nolla and Andreas Wålm continue to run the business actively.

> More about the acquisition on Tipser’s website

NEWS November 18, 2019

Elk releases open-source version of award-winning Audio Operating System and Development Kit for Raspberry Pi

Elk Audio OS is the award-winning Audio Operating System from Elk (formerly known as MIND Music Labs). It allows you to run existing VST and other plugin formats on hardware instruments and audio devices in real-time with ultra-low latency. And this using only general-purpose ARM and x86 CPUs, opening up for a new generation of digital instruments and remote 5G network experiences.

In the upcoming weeks a beta version of the Elk Audio Operating System will be made available under a Dual licensing model (open-source & commercial), but already today, the Elk Audio OS SDK & documentation is available and is free for anyone to start using. Available on is also an Elk Audio OS Development Kit for Raspberry Pi that includes a custom Elk Pi Audio Hat.

The Elk Pi Hat alone is one of the most advanced pro-Audio Hats in the markets with down to 1 ms latency, multichannel and support for Raspberry 4 coming up in the very near future.

– The idea behind the Elk Audio OS is to make a whole new generation of connected musical instruments possible. Instruments that can connect people around the world and spur new kinds of musical creativity. We believe there are so many potential instrument makers out there who could create fantastic things if they just had the right tools, and it is for them we have created Elk. So today I’m very happy to announce that we have reached a major milestone in our company when we can make Elk available to everyone through the open-source release, says Michele Beninicaso CEO at Elk.

Elk Audio OS is officially endorsed by Steinberg, owners of the VST format, is supported in the VST3 SDK and is fully compatible with plugins written in JUCE, making Elk the perfect solution for companies and makers alike interested in developing new digital hardware instruments. With VST being the defacto standard for software instruments and effects there is already a vast library of existing world-class plugins out there waiting for a new life as hardware. An example of this is the
Retrologue desktop prototype synth built on the VST synth with the same name debuted earlier this year at SuperBooth in Berlin.

– When working with Elk Audio OS on the Retrologue we immediately recognized something that could be a game-changer. Running the same VST plugin on hardware as you do on desktop opens up for new possibilities and new ways of working. Getting Elk Audio OS available under open source is really exciting and I believe that this could make Elk a standard for digital hardware instruments, says Florian Haack at Steinberg.

ADC (Audio Developer Conference)
If you are one of the lucky ones to have grabbed a spot at the Elk workshop at this year’s ADC this news should be even more exciting. Not only will you get a hands-on workshop from the core team of developers behind the Elk Audio OS, but you are also the first ones out to get access to the full Elk Audio OS Development Kit, including the Elk Pi Audio Hat. For those of you who have not secured a spot, make sure not to miss the planned talk on Elk Audio OS!

> More on Elk


NEWS November 13, 2019

Here are Sting’s four new companies

Sting has accepted four new, exciting startups to the Incubate program. The companies have business ideas spanning a wide range of innovations, from a premium platform for quality articles and components for lasers with new wavelengths, to leadership training and bag collection in tight environments.

The companies that are admitted to Sting represent less than 10 percent of all applicants. The selected companies have the opportunity to receive an investment of SEK 400,000 from Propel Capital, Sting’s investment company and Sweden’s most active private seed investors. In addition to the investment itself, the companies also have direct access to the 40 business angels behind Propel Capital, and also their networks, to further receive support to accelerate development.

– The best thing about Sting is all the professional and experienced sounding boards you get access to, and in addition, I think it is the top of the investor network that Sting has. At first I thought I didn’t need coaching, but a friend who was a member of Sting really recommended Ivar as a coach and said I should apply, and now I look forward to getting help developing my business a little faster, says Anna Holmquist, founder and CEO of Gazzine, a new platform for articles that gives journalists control over their content.

The support from Sting also includes individual coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and access to a wide international network of industrial contacts and investors. The companies also get free office space for five months at A house, which provides for a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

– We see Sting as a powerful “mission friend” who smarter and faster can support V3VO’s ambition to influence 1 billion people to develop self-leadership and vitality in 2025, says Johan Landgren, co-founder of V3VO, who digitally scales and makes executive leadership training available to everyone.

– We are incredibly proud and excited about the opportunity to develop our company together with Sting. The Incubate program gives us the best conditions to manage the company’s potential. We look forward to a successful 2020, where we will initially conquer the Swedish market and then quickly expand to the Nordic and other Europe, says Mikael Gustafsson, founder and CEO of Freightbag, which enables the use of contruction bags indoors at construction sites.

Since 2002, Sting has coached over 270 startups, including Yubico, Barnebys, Bioservo, Karma, Sellpy, Midsummer and Volumental. In 2018, Sting’s alumni had a combined revenue of SEK 2.6 billion and created over 800 new jobs. Together, the Sting companies have over 2,600 employees.

These four new companies now join Sting Incubate:

Freightbag works with efficient waste management within the construction bag segment FIBC. They specialize in the handling of construction waste bags indoors and in environments where traditional handling is not possible. With their own patented tools and new technology, their goal is to provide the existing market with new efficient and sustainable working methods.

Gazzine is a platform that allows journalistic material to find its readers in a whole new way. Gazzine’s vision is to become the superior platform for premium articles so that professional journalists can take control of the distribution and earnings of their texts, while readers can find all the content they need in one place. The goal is to disrupt the global market for articles.

Tailored Photons is a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology and supplies highly efficient frequency conversion units (FCUs) based on engineered nonlinear optical crystals, tailored for new and traditional laser markets. They offer unique products, that have no counterparts in the market, with customers both in industry and academia.

V3VO, Vertical Evolution, is a new sector-disrupting venture and digital scaleup for human and organisational growth, within life’s different contexts, directly growing individuals, teams and families. This world initiative makes executive leadership training available for everyone, balancing the success of the individual with the holistic greater good. In early 2020, they will release the first personalized version, which is expected to be part of each and everyone’s everyday life 2025.

NEWS November 6, 2019

Increased investment from Propel Capital in new Sting companies

Propel Capital, the business angel company linked to Sting, closed a new round of capital earlier this fall. The sum of SEK 25 million was the largest so far, which results in the companies being accepted to Sting in 2020 being able to get a larger investment from Propel Capital when the investment sum now is increased from SEK 300,000 to SEK 400,000.

– The interest in investing in Propel Capital V has been by far the biggest we have experienced so far, and this means that we can now increase the investment from SEK 300,000 to SEK 400,000 and give the new Sting companies an opportunity to accelerate even faster this spring, says Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital.

It was 42 experienced business angels who earlier this year invested SEK 13.8 million and Saminvest with 11.2 million in Propel. In addition, Saminvest has allocated SEK 45 million to match selected business angels’ direct investments in the portfolio companies.

Propel Capital invests in all companies that are accepted to the Sting Accelerate program and in a selection of the companies in Sting Incubate. Companies such as Karma, Sellpy, Woshapp, Airmee and Bluecall are examples of companies that are part of or have been part of the Propel Capital portfolio.

> More on Propel Capital

NEWS October 18, 2019

10th anniversary of Sting Day brings record number of investors

For many, Sting Day has grown into a must-attend event that offers positive and high energy and very efficient networking. This year’s anniversary edition, held yesterday, gathered over 200 of Europe’s leading investors who came to meet Stockholm and Sweden’s most promising tech startups. The goal of the event is to enable high-quality meetings that can lead to long-term and valuable relationships for both startups and investors.

Over the years, the event has introduced on stage entrepreneurs and startups who have become real success stories. Spotify, Yubico, Tobii and Midsummer are examples of companies that were small when they presented themselves on Sting Day and have since achieved great international success.

Yesterday, a total of 420 exclusively invited people were on site at Hotel Birger Jarl for this year’s edition. 51 tech companies were featured in an exhibition spanning industries such as SaaS, deeptech, edtech, health, fintech, media and games. Another thirty startups participated in “speed meetings”, intensive 10-minute meetings, with investors. In total, over 200 investors from 14 countries and 150 selected entrepreneurs participated.

– The proportion of investors to startups is larger than ever before, which we believe shows that Sting Day has established itself as one of the most important meeting places for the international venture capital to meet new exciting tech companies, Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.

After an eye-catching and balloon-filled entrance by Pär Hedberg, the stage program offered a panel discussion led by Kina Zeidler, author of The Swedish Tech Tycoons, where entrepreneurs Magnus Nilsson from iZettle, Elsa Bernadotte from Karma, and Oscar Höglund from Epidemic Sound shared how they built teams in their growing companies.

In parallel with startups pitching investors in speed meetings, four “sunshine stories” were presented on the big stage. The audience got to listen to the founders of the sustainability companies Midsummer, Worldfavor, Surfcleaner and Sellpy and how they overcame challenges during their corporate journeys.

During the third part of the program on stage, a renowned investor panel consisting of Marie-Helene Ametsreiter at Speedinvest, Seth Pierrepont at Accel, Louise Samet at Blossom Capital and Pär-Jörgen Pärson at Northzone shared lessons learned in evaluating teams. The panel was moderated by Staffan Helgesson, general partner at Creandum, and concluded with five investor pitches from companies that are in the process of raising capital.

The final part of the program consisted of an informal conversation between Stings Pär Hedberg and Pär-Jörgen Pärson. Pär-Jörgen attended the first Sting Day event 10 years ago when he interviewed Spotify founder Daniel Ek. Together with Pär he summarized the development of the past decade on the Swedish startup scene.

The winners of the pitch competition were also announced and it was Gigapay who took home the jury vote, and Mindmore was chosen as the winner by the public.

NEWS September 23, 2019

Strong investors back the equestrian app Ridesum

The horsetech company Ridesum is preparing for expansion and is now raising 5,3 MSEK from strong investors and industry profiles. The round is led by the Zenith Group and is supplemented by a number of business angels. The company also collaborates with the Olympic rider and horse contractor Lisen Bratt Fredricson.

– Since the launch at the beginning of the year, we see a great deal of interest both in Sweden and internationally. The new share issue enables us to increase the speed and seriously strengthen our market position and develop our product, says Jenny Stråhle, CEO and founder.

Ridesum is a digital training arena and collaboration platform for riders, trainers and equestrian experts. Launched in January, the app includes a searchable trainer and expert bank, booking function and distance training via streaming or feedback on taped sessions.

The investment round is led by Zenith Group, which has previously invested in, among other things, the communication app Truecaller, the e-sports app Strafe and the AI ​​company Leeroy. Other investors include Fredric Gunnarsson, former CEO of game developer Star Stable, and Sting’s venture capital company Propel Capital.

– We are very happy that Zenith comes in with its impressive track record and large network. It enables us to accelerate the development of the platform and our community, says Jenny Stråhle.

– Ridesum has a scalable product that both makes training available to more people and reduces the environmental impact. Equestrian sport has so far been an unexplored field, but we see that the timing is absolutely right now, says Caroline Nylund, Investment Manager at Zenith Group.

– We strongly believe in the team behind Ridesum. Equestrian sports have always interested me and we look forward to taking the company to the next level, says Tommy Jacobson, Chairman of Zenith Group.