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NEWS May 17, 2021

Sting Status Report 2020 – Strong results despite a tough year

While 2020 was a tough year in many ways and the pandemic affected some of our alumni companies heavily, we’re happy to say that fewer than expected faced severe problems and are proud to share their great results.

Spring has sprung and with it comes new results from the Sting companies that we’d like to share with you. Some highlights include:

  • Revenue: Up more than 20% to a combined revenue of 344 MEUR
  • Employees: Up more than 20% to a total of 3327
  • Financing: All-time high – 155 MEUR in 2020 adding to a total accumulated value of 759 MEUR
  • Gender balance: 18 of the 33 accepted companies had at least one female co-founder, which exceeds our 50 percent target.
  • Deep Tech: Together with KTH, we strengthened our offer to deep tech startups and accepted three new companies with complex technologies addressing critical challenges.
  • Climate Action: The Spring 2020 campaign to find startups addressing climate change resulted in seven promising climate action startups joining our Climate Accelerator program in 2021.
  • Friends of Sting: We launched a Venture Philanthropy platform called Friends of Sting through which we hope to attract more resources from private actors to Sting. The goal is to enable us to increase our support of companies in the areas of climate and health.
  • Propel Capital: Propel Capital I made its final exit and has now closed with a stable return to its investors.

For more results and other exciting content, download our latest annual report in full.

NEWS May 11, 2021

Experienced serial entrepreneur joins Sting

Sting strengthens its team and recruits Krim Talia, a successful serial entrepreneur and experienced investor. He is the co-founder of several successful companies in multiple industries, including Nanologica AB (publ. listed), Exeger AB, Depalma Work Wear and Zibetto Espresso Bars Inc. in NYC.

In addition to the list of tech companies, Krim is the founder and sole owner of 3TInvest, one of Sweden’s most active seed round Investors with a portfolio of almost 30 companies. By also being an investor, he has valuable insights and perspectives from both sides of the startup world.

– I invest in companies with a massive transformative purpose, excellent teams, and global potential, mainly in the health and deep tech areas. I am looking for companies with a positive social impact – that is important to me; it drives my decision-making and motivates me to work hard.

Krim Talia

Krim’s original connection to Sting goes back to 2004. As founder of nanotechnology startup Nanologica, he won one of the company’s first capital injections – 100 000 SEK – in an innovation competition organized by Sting. Since then, Krim and Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting, have stayed in touch.  

− Sting runs a great business, with an important mission. I have been part of the startup scene for a long time and am happy about the opportunity to give back and contribute to new companies’ growth and development. The startup world is very exciting and I can hopefully share some valuable experiences from my time in it.

Krim, a big fan of martial arts and the 2020 European champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has expertise in startup financing, negotiations and sales.

– I have a decent eye for spotting talent and business potential, and a black belt in dreaming big. I learned a lot about the challenges involved in building a research-based materials company as the CEO of Nanologica for seven years. Navigating uncertainty and exploring a large and undefined space of potential application areas in several sectors, Nanologica later gave birth to spinouts in different industries, such as pharmaceutical development, solar cells and MedTech.

Meet Krim on May 20th

Want to discuss your startup, test your pitch, or get input on a challenge you’re facing? Book a free meeting on May 20th with one of our coaches to discuss your questions and challenges.

Krim has also served as Vice President Health and Life Science at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, and he has completed the Impact Investing Program at Oxford University.

− With Krim’s extensive experience, both as an entrepreneur and investor, we will be able to intensify our support to accelerate the Sting companies’ development. He brings expertise in both the deeptech and life science areas as well as in how to transform research into a successful startup, which many of our startups can benefit from.

Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting

Krim holds a PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics. After finishing his PhD, he held the position of Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics at Harvard University.

Sting has coached more than 330 startups since 2002, of which 70 percent continue to develop and grow today. Together, all Sting companies have sales of more than SEK 3.6 billion and they have created over 3300 jobs.

NEWS April 28, 2021

Co-living startup Allihoop aims globally, raises SEK 7.5 million and opens 300 homes in 2021

Co-living startup Allihoop has closed an investment round of SEK 7.5 million. Among the investors are serial entrepreneur Houman Ashrafzadeh, private investor Simon Josefsson, and the newly started VC PropTech Farm as lead investor. Startup generator Antler is also increasing its current investment in the company.

Allihoop’s four co-founders: Milad Barosen, Carolina Mistander, Samuel Gielis & Johan Outinen. Photo: Johanna Hanno

Allihoop offers co-living as a service to ex-pats and young talent in Stockholm. Co-living is a community-based form of housing, where members have their own studio and access to common areas that are shared with others. The service is all-inclusive and includes furniture, cleaning and wifi. In the spring, Allihoop will release its community app, which acts as a combined network engine and onboarding platform for members.

– We want to solve part of a large, complex problem. Hundreds of thousands are looking for a nice place to live in Stockholm. It is a big barrier for recruiters who want to attract international talent. At the same time, properties are unused and not being developed to meet the new needs. We turn them into space-efficient homes with shared areas where people meet. It is a win-win-win for property owners, tenants and the city.

Milad Barosen, CEO and Co-founder of Allihoop, with a background as an architect and city planner

Gothenburg-based PropTech Farm started in March 2021 and already has five holdings in its portfolio. Behind the investment company are Fredrik Bergman, founder of Diakrit, and Linus Björk, former Sales Director at Collector. Investors include the founder of Aros Bostad, Samir Taha, and Mikael Wintzell from Wellstreet.

– Allihoop’s business model, its strong management team and technical platform paint us at PropTech Farm a very positive picture of how Allihoop will develop and succeed. Through our network, in both Europe and Southeast Asia, we can accelerate technology development and contribute to faster global expansion.

Fredrik Bergman, CEO of PropTech Farm

Allihoop was founded in 2020 and has been fully booked since the start. Today, there are two active co-living homes in Stockholm, one in Midsommarkransen and one on Lidingö. In August, 68 homes will be opened in Spånga, and additional homes will be launched in Stockholm in the autumn of 2021. Continued product development as well as expansion is the focus of the investment.

– Allihoop is in an exciting growth phase! With PropTech Farm behind us, we can create an even better customer experience and tenfold our capacity this year. In 2021, we welcome 300 new tenants in Stockholm, and then the goal is to expand both in Sweden and internationally. We want to open another 500 homes in the Nordic region in 2022. Urbanization is a global challenge that requires new flexible forms of housing. We are proud to be able to participate in and drive that development.

Milad Barosen, CEO and Co-founder of Allihoop
NEWS April 20, 2021

Three new, exciting companies join Sting

Implement AI models in an afternoon, create memorable webinar experiences and reduce costs for work-related health issues. These are the offers of the three new companies that have been accepted to Sting’s award-winning Incubate program. Now they kick off a one-year acceleration journey together with Sting’s experienced coaches and 20+ other Sting companies.

– Demand is starting to pile up and we are entering a growth phase now. We think Sting can be of huge value in powering this journey with an extensive network and tons of experience, says Jonathan Rintala, co-founder of Univid.

The companies that are admitted to Sting represent less than 10 percent of all applicants. The selected startups can receive an investment of SEK 500,000 from Propel Capital, Sting’s investment company and Sweden’s most active private seed investors.

In addition to the investment itself, the companies also have direct access to the 40 business angels behind Propel Capital, as well as their networks.

– When you run as fast as we do, it’s easy to leave some aspects of company building behind. We hope that the wide range of coaches at Sting will help us pick up steam in some of those areas and accelerate us on our mission to facilitate companies to adopt AI rapidly. We are honoured to join Sting at this stage of our journey! The possibilities presented by their offering seem endless, says Viktor Alm, co-founder and CEO at Labelf AI.

The support from Sting also includes individual coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and access to a wide international network of both business contacts and investors. The companies also get free office space for five months at A house, which provides for a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

– We have a great product in the making and now look forward to a lot of help to turn it into a growing and successful company! The crew at Sting has done this successfully many times before. We are impressed with all the accumulated expertise and really look forward to our time with the Sting team, says Henrik Schwerdt, co-founder and CEO of Wergonic.

Since 2002, Sting has coached more than 330 startups, including Yubico, Karma, Sellpy, Airmee, Dreams, Midsummer and Volumental.

These three companies now join Sting Incubate:

Labelf Automation and insights made simple with AI

At Labelf, we have created an amazing platform for organisations to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence. Organisations that utilize AI stand to gain massively as they can work faster and make more sense of their data. However, too many organisations struggle with implementing AI as they often lack the know-how or resources to get started. At Labelf, we break these barriers so that anyone can implement AI models in an afternoon.

Univid – Host live experiences easily with unmatched interaction

Univid is an event platform that makes virtual events, meetings and webinars over 15 people more interactive, visually beautiful and easy-to-use. In less than 60 seconds, you can customize your own event and get started with breakouts, gamification and polls. We enable the creation of memorable experiences. Univid is fun and easy. Univid was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Wergonic For a healthier workplace

In Europe, 60% of workers suffer from work-related health issues, such as shoulder or back pain. Wergonic provides digital ergonomics tools to improve employee health and reduce costs for companies. We offer a portfolio of sensor-enabled workwear and a subscription-based ergonomics app that tracks and analyzes movements at work. Wergonic was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

NEWS April 19, 2021

Univid delivers Almedalsveckan Play 2021

The latest challenger on the digital event scene, Univid, will deliver the digital platform where all events are presented during this year’s Almedalen Week – one of the world’s largest democratic meeting places.

During the pandemic, the need for digital event platforms has increased at a record pace. A rapidly rising star is Univid, a startup founded at KTH. The company has grown quickly during the Corona crisis, and now it is announced that they have been selected to deliver the platform for Almedalsveckan Play 2021, which this year will be conducted in a digital format for four days, 4-7 July.

The challenge will be to show the breadth of societal issues created by all organizers and show Almedalen Week’s unique role as one of the world’s largest democratic meeting places.

– We agreed with the assessment that Univid was the supplier that lived up to the requirements we set for accessibility, simplicity and flexibility. We see that this year’s Almedalen Week will be an accessible and democratic event where everyone with an interest in democracy and social issues can participate. This was important when we were procuring a supplier for our play service, that the service is easy for everyone to use.

Elin Nysten, sub-project manager at Almedalen Week

The initial idea with Univid was to make teaching more interactive, but when the world changed and went digital, they realized that their solution had greater potential. Since then, they have worked with some of the world’s largest companies.

 – Our strength is to create interactive and personal events. The Univid platform should be simple, intuitive and it should feel fun to explore new events. We are really looking forward to creating a fantastic Almedalen Week in digital together with Region Gotland.

Jonathan Rintala, Co-founder of Univid

During Almedalen Week, in addition to the Play service, Univid will offer the opportunity for the organizers to stream or hold webinars directly via Univid’s platform and take part in all Univid’s functions.

About Univid
Since 2018, Univid AB has been developing an interactive platform for live-streamed meetings, webinars and events. With features such as quizzes, breakout rooms and gamification, Univid brings life to digital events – at events with 200 participants, Univid has had over 3,300 reactions.

NEWS September 7, 2020

List: Meet the 15 new startups accepted to Sting

The accelerator Sting has carefully chosen 15 innovative tech startups to join its programs. Today, the entrepreneurs met for the first time and kicked off an intense fall where they will be challenged and pushed to reach results. The companies offer solutions ranging from rechargeable zinc-ion batteries and sustainable laundry products to cashflow management and subscription to interactive children’s books.

Sting provides entrepreneurs who are solving pressing problems with financing support, coaching and the networks they need to faster and smarter reach their goals. The 15 new companies were selected from a total of 170 applications.

– We are thrilled to see such a great group of startups joining Sting. Several of the companies are tech-heavy and many have a clear focus on sustainability. I am really looking forward to working with these impressive founders who have deep industry knowledge from their respective business fields, says Fredrik Rosengren, business coach at Sting.

One of the new companies is Brilea, a circular fashion innovation company. Their goal is to launch bio-RESTORE, a revolutionary laundry product for home consumers that restores used garments to their original state.

– With Sting’s collective knowledge and expertise, we aim to build a strong foundation for continued growth and bring bio-RESTORE to consumers around the world to help fight unnecessary fashion waste, says Wajahat Hussain, cofounder and CEO at Brilea.

Propel Capital, the investment company connected to Sting, invests SEK 400,000 in all startups accepted to Accelerate. The startups in Incubate can also receive the investment after a period of evaluation. In addition to the investment itself, the entrepreneurs gain direct access to the 40 business angels backing Propel Capital, as well as their networks.

Furthermore, the teams receive tailored coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and gain access to Sting’s extensive international network of investors and partners. They also get free office space at A house, which helps to build a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

Another new company is Acty Technologies, which helps investors influence companies in a sustainable direction.

– We have the ambition to grow really fast while at Sting, with the goal of doubling both sales and the number of sustainable initiatives every month. We applied to get support, capital and guidance at the beginning of Acty’s journey. We believe that the coaches will be key partners who help us identify new ways to grow and contribute with a wide network of investors and potential customers, says Frida Femling, co-founder of Acty.

The following startups were selected for Sting Incubate:

Brilea is a circular fashion innovation company. Their first market-ready product is bio-RESTORE, a revolutionary laundry product for home consumers that restores used garments to their original state, and aims to reduce unnecessary fashion waste. The company is founded by a team of experts within sustainability, design, material science, material engineering, digitization and product commercialization to market.

EdAI Technologies builds the future of education. Their solution edAider is the next generation AI-based learning platform. It unlocks the value of data and analytics and provides adaptive learning and teaching possibilities. EdAI’s solution is a first of its kind hybrid analytics platform and it is uniquely tailored to support learning and teaching in traditional physical classrooms as well as in distance education.

Enerpoly Sustainable batteries to enable 100% renewable energy. Enerpoly will revolutionize stationary energy storage solutions by innovating in critical battery components. Their ground-breaking rechargeable zinc-ion batteries makes 100% renewables possible on a global scale. It is the cleanest, safest, most sustainable and most affordable energy storage solution on the planet.

Evolar increases solar panels’ power yield by 25 percent. The company will develop and commercialize a manufacturing technology for solar panel manufacturers – the next generation of solar panels with the highest efficiency at a low cost. Their technology consists of a perovskite solar cell coated on the front glass of a conventional solar panel.

iPercept Plug & play automation of machine diagnostics. IPercept Technology empowers manufacturing companies to accelerate the sustainable growth of equipment utilization on an unprecedented scale. Downtime and scrap-rate is significantly reduced through the introduction of plug & play automation of diagnostics and condition monitoring. IPercept’s solution provides powerful insights with utilizing high-end inertial sensor technology, a patent-pending test procedure and advanced industrial analytics algorithms.

Kollin helps university students nail their exams. They offer a learning platform that gathers and organizes university course material to give students a manageable and stimulating digital learning experience.

Paradiset 2.0 builds the food market of the future. At, you as a member will be able to buy healthy and sustainable food at Sweden’s best prices. They buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries so you can shop at great discounts! They only select the best products from manufacturers they know so that you can always be confident with your choices. Backend, frontend & hosting in a single line of code. Stackend is hosted web functionality that you embed in your project. It is domain agnostic and integrates seamlessly into your existing solution or works as a stand-alone. It is not an iframe, it acts as your code, it feels like magic and we call it Code Streaming™.

The following startups were selected for Sting Accelerate:

Acty helps investors to influence companies to take a sustainable direction. Acty’s engagement management platform helps investors stay focused on the mission to drive sustainable change. The platform provides easier access to data, automated statistics and a network of investors that facilitate collaboration.

Allihoop Flexible urban co-living – where people can belong. Allihoop is a co-living brand that shapes and provides new ways of living in cities for young professionals.

Atlas streamlines property management through an open and scalable platform. Through built-in integrations, data digitalization and automatic data handling, real estate companies can, in a powerful way, oversee and manage their assets. With a REST API, Atlas makes sure that the platform is open and that the customer always can access their own data, perhaps to make own integrations with other systems.

bizzcoo The tech hub for the gig economy. bizzcoo provides a seamless consulting business system. They make consultancy companies faster and more efficient and provide the business tools you need as a freelancer. bizzcoo enables consultancy companies to accelerate their businesses and get in control by providing a system that includes all the functionality they need. All based on the latest technology, user friendly and easy to integrate.

Boksnok is a subscription service for interactive children’s books. It offers over 1000 qualitative and well-known children’s books from established publishers. The goal is to make reading more accessible to children in a new and fun way by taking advantage of the new technical possibilities.

Obvious Company cash management on easy mode. Obvious helps founders manage their cash and better understand their businesses. We answer mission-critical questions like “What is my burn?”, “What do we pay for?”, “Who is accountable?” and “How do I maximize growth?”. By using bank APIs, users can connect their data sources and be fully onboarded within minutes.

yayloh is a next-generation post-purchase and returns management SaaS platform for online retailers. yayloh was founded with the aim of fixing the biggest pain of the online shopping journey, both for customers and retailers: returns. With yayloh, the entire return journey is digital. The result is streamlined processes, empowered customer service agents, exceeded customer expectations and reduced returns.

NEWS September 1, 2020

52 startup ideas selected to the next stage of Startup Climate Action

Startup Climate Action, the new challenge-driven initiative by Sting and Norrsken, is now continuing to its second phase with 52 carefully selected startup ideas from 20 countries that are creating solutions to 13 different climate challenges.

A new desalination method that cleans saltwater using industrial waste heat, a platform helping retailers to become more sustainable, AI solutions for the cleaner planet, and eco-friendly materials and solutions making the transport industry greener are among the selected ideas that will continue to the next phase of Startup Climate Action.

See the list with the 52 selected ideas

The first phase of Startup Climate Action, Ideation, attracted more than 1000 registered users from 72 countries. Together, they formed close to 200 new startup teams from which 52 got selected to join the next phase. Of them, 80 % are mixed gender teams.

– We are very proud of the amazing results. It has been incredible to see that so many talented people want to take climate action and join a climate startup. We are really impressed by the high quality of the ideas and teams and it has been a difficult task selecting the 52 teams for the next phase, says Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO at Sting and initiator of Startup Climate Action.

Now the 52 selected teams will continue to the next phase, Deep Dive, where they will be provided extended business coaching and mentoring, and an invitation to an exclusive one-day digital bootcamp consisting of workshops and inspirational sessions by high-profile climate experts and Swedish Climate Action startups.

After the Deep Dive phase, 13 qualified teams will be selected to Test Drive Climate Action, a pre-accelerator program by Sting and Norrsken focusing on validation of the business ideas.

The final step, the Climate Action Accelerator program run by Sting, will be launched in 2021.

The initiative, which focuses on UN Sustainability Goal #13 – Climate Action, was launched in June 2020 when 13 heavy-weight Swedish Climate Champions presented their 13 Climate Challenges.

The goal is to create more fast-growing Swedish companies that contribute innovative, scalable solutions to combat climate change. The initiative will also help put Sweden on the world map and make Sweden the “mecca” of the world for climate action startups.

– Our aim is to mobilize people with bright ideas and brilliant minds to team up to find solutions, and to create a movement of climate solvers that create and build the climate action startups of tomorrow, says Henna Keränen, Sting’s Head of Partnerships and Startup Climate Action Project Lead.

Startup Climate Action initiative receives funding from Vinnova and among the supporting partners are Stockholm Resilience Center, KTH Innovation, WWF, Almi Invest, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL, RISE, Ignite Sweden, Dalarna Science Park, Lead, We Don’t Have Time and the 13 Climate Champions.

See the list with the 52 selected ideas

NEWS September 1, 2020

List: The 52 teams selected to Startup Climate Action’s next phase

The Startup Climate Action initiative by Sting and Norrsken, is now continuing to its second phase, “Deep Dive”, with these 52 carefully selected teams.

The 13 Climate Challenges and the 52 selected teams addressing them.

These are the 52 teams that were selected to the Deep Dive:

  • Animaeh
  • Another Closet
  • Blue Tuesday
  • Bluemethane
  • Brine Energy
  • Build up Nepal Engineering AB
  • Cling Systems
  • CommuteSaver
  • Comparency – Know your choices
  • Direct Air Capture
  • Dissolve AB
  • EKEN Forestry Financing
  • Find sustainable fashion
  • Grapheneers
  • GREENer Materials
  • GreenIron
  • Hamsa Recycling
  • Helios Innovations
  • Hooked Seafood
  • Ice power
  • Irrigation robot
  • Leconery
  • Leral Solar Bank
  • LongYields
  • MbeguSolar
  • mooov technology
  • Nordluft – Skarl
  • Parking Buddy
  • Penaka Solar AB
  • Planboo
  • planetglobal.
  • Platypus
  • Positive Energy Ltd
  • Pregtracker
  • Pumped Hydro Storage Sweden AB
  • Redare AB
  • REE from Sweden tailings
  • Refillistic
  • ReShore
  • Retrofit
  • SC- Plastic Roads
  • SDK-Marine OTWENS
  • Skrym
  • Sticky Solar Power
  • Takåsarna
  • Village Data Analytics (VIDA)
  • WoodChain
The 13 Climate Challenges and the 52 selected teams addressing them.

NEWS April 7, 2020

Datia wants to help private individuals invest sustainably

Today, Datia is launched, the app that wants to help private individuals invest sustainably. “Sustainability and returns need not be opposites,” says Juan Manuel Serruya, co-founder and CEO of Datia.

Manne Larsson och Juan Manuel Serruya, founders of Datia

A study from the World Nature Fund shows that Swedish equity funds have invested over SEK 37 billion in the 200 companies with the highest carbon dioxide emissions in the world, and 70 percent of the equity funds invest in oil and coal companies.

– Most small-scale savers have no idea what kind of company their money is being invested in. Many make an effort to change to a more sustainable lifestyle, but savings are often forgotten. Placing your money in sustainable alternatives is one of the most powerful choices you can make to reduce your climate footprint, says Manne Larsson, co-founder and COO of Datia.

With the help of Datia, individuals can easily see how their shares and funds affect the environment through parameters such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use and waste. Users can also see how their savings affect society through information about, for example, gender equality, working conditions and compliance with human rights.

– 80 percent of all Swedes own funds in addition to their premium pension. Today, it is incredibly complex and difficult to understand how we choose to place our savings money on society and the planet. We want to make it easy for everyone to make financially wise decisions without having to tamper with their values, says Manne Larsson.

Behind the service are Manne Larsson and Juan Manuel Serruya. Manne previously worked as an investor at EQT Ventures and Juan most recently came from Spotify, where he was an engineering manager at the New York office.

– A common misunderstanding is that returns and sustainability are opposites, so it doesn’t have to be. There are several studies that show that companies that outperform in sustainability also perform better financially, says Juan Manuel Serruya, co-founder and CEO of Datia.

About Datia
Datia helps you invest sustainably and in line with your values. With the Datia app you can easily see how equities and funds affect the environment and society through parameters such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use and gender equality. Datia helps you find investment opportunities that have a positive impact on the world.

More about Datia:

NEWS April 2, 2020

These Sting companies can help during social distancing

Startups across Sweden are offering their help in the battle against Covid-19 and ways to help us cope with the new era of social distancing. Here is a list of amazing Sting companies that are offering their services and digital solutions to help you to stay at home and fight the pandemic.

This list will be updated continuously, so stay tuned! 😊

Save Businesses

  • Brainville – Companies that have been forced to lay off, alert or consider dismissing staff are now offered a proven platform to temporarily lend their staff. At the same time, companies that need staff, but do not dare to employ, can advertise for free. Self-employed people are also welcome to search for assignments.


  • Care to translate, the medical translation tool available 24/7 for all types of healthcare professionals, is offering the Care to Translate Clinic app free to use until April 30. You can get a free account as a private individual or an account for the entire clinic.
  • ADHDdoktorn is helping people who temporarily have trouble getting to their regular clinic. If you are already undergoing treatment,they can help with renewal prescription. Book a time here (no introductory call needed).
  • BlueCall, the platform offering companies and their employees anonymous therapy counselling, is now welcoming employees and managers to use the service free of charge for two months.
  • MediCheck, the company offering specialist doctors online, now invites other healthcare providers to use their digital meeting platform without starting costs or licensing costs.
  • Snaptive, the digital counseling service where users can anonymously receive professional counseling and support, invites everyone to use their app for free until April 30. Use the code StayStrong20 when signing up!


  • Skillbreak is changing its creative workshops into live sessions and offers inspiring ways to tackle boredom and loneliness. Also, all 70+ people in Sweden are offered to participate free of charge!
  • edChild, together with Hoppetossa preschools, offers activities with the hope of inspiring new adventures for you and your children. Activities for both younger children (1-3 years) and older children (3-6 years) are available, and you can find the activity description in both English and Swedish on our Facebook page.
  • GroPlay offers a free subscription to their school service Grow Planet until July 31 (only in Swedish so far). Check it our here.
  • Learnster, the SaaS-based platform that helps organizations with onboarding and skills development, lists their tips on how to easily turn a physical event into a virtual event and include it in a training program. Find out more here.
  • Prion, the pre-school app, has listed different activities for parents to implement at home that are based on the national curriculum in Sweden.
  • Ugglo, the digital library for pre-schools and schools launches their popular audiobook service for consumers in order to help kids to read and learn while staying at home. As a Sting friend, you can now register by using the discount code: sting20


  • Eaesy is a mobile app that lets people pre-order food from different restaurants for pickup. It helps both people to minimize social contacts and restaurants by offering a way to continue their sales.
  • Karma, the food waste app, is now offering saved food deliveries from restaurants and grocery stores directly to your door. The company also offers a month’s subscription to Karma boxes.


  • Challengize, the team health challenge where all forms of sports activities count, has launched new digital training solutions for companies and their employees across the world. Stay healthy and active, while staying at home with Challengize.
  • Horsetech company Ridely has launched a new video feature that allows riders to share trainings directly with their riding coaches. The new video feature helps riders to continue riding practices despite social distancing.

Working from home

  • Beleco, the sustainable streaming company for furniture, is helping people working from home to rent an ergonomic and well-functioning home office without a fixed contract time and with free delivery to their door.
  • PushAppy, the digital platform that helps companies create positive behavioral changes that lead to increased motivation and higher results for employees, is offering several real-time challenges for people to stay motivated and engaged with their colleagues.
  • Hubbster Group, the SaaS-based platform that offers digital tools for activating strategies, has launched a 3-minute test, which is followed by a free analysis with recommendations on how you can succeed with your employee-driven work remotely. Find the test here (in Swedish only) and get your company’s recommendations.

Other services

  • Laundrop offers a door-to-door laundry service and under April, elderly people, people who are sick and healthcare workers are offered to use their medium package laundry for free.
  • Ciao Ciao Carsharing is recommending people to stay home and avoid any transports. Although, for those who do need wheels, Ciao Ciao’s app-based carsharing service helps you get a car without any human interaction.
  • Newsvoice, the free crowd-sourced news app with the aim to fix the news and filter bubbles, has released a special Corona news site. With Newsvoice, you can see the latest news of the pandemic worldwide here.
  • Vagon – Most CAD and 3D designers have no longer access to their workstations due to the lockdown. And there are multiple communities that have started campaigns for collaboration to create designs that can help during Covid-19. We offer those 3D designers free usage of vagon to join that collective effort.