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NEWS October 4, 2021

Flox acquires FlyPulse’s drone fleet software

New Sting company Flox Robotics has acquired a new drone fleet software stack to help them successfully manage human-wildlife conflict.

Flox Robotics, a startup that provides artificial intelligence equipped autonomous drones that help protect cultivated fields from wildlife, has reached another critical technology milestone with the acquisition of Fly CC 3.0 – a drone fleet software stack previously belonging to FlyPulse AB. This puts Flox firmly on track to launch its autonomous drone solution on the market this autumn.

“This acquisition allows Flox to cut down our software development time significantly, building on top of the work that FlyPulse started in 2017. This enables us to tick the box on important legal prerequisites needed to scale up,” said Sara Nozkova, CEO of Flox.

“Upon reaching the final stage of development, Flox will be able to operate multiple, automated and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone fleets simultaneously at different farms and fields, empowering us to ramp up our capability and meet the increasing demands from our expanding customer base,” she adds.

For the past three years Fly CC 3.0 was part of FlyPulse AB, one of the first drone fleet companies in the world. The company was declared bankrupt earlier in 2021. Fly CC 3.0 has been applied in a diverse set of use cases such as airport surveillance and flying defibrillators, both in Sweden and Africa. Through the addition of this software, Flox will benefit from added security to safely monitor drones remotely, which provides a legal advantage when gaining BVLOS flight permissions in Europe and the US.

Founded in Stockholm in December 2020, Flox – which is a spinout from KTH Royal Institute of Technology) – is the first in the world to successfully test its autonomous drone solution for wildlife management at six fields, and is now readying itself for official market introduction this Autumn with chosen early adopters (farmers and landowners) in Sweden and the US.

The agriculture industry has taken a keen interest in drone solutions for precision farming and crop protection from wildlife, with some analysts predicting the agriculture drone market to grow 30% annually until 2026, expanding its share to 15% of the booming GBP 30 billion global drone market in 2026. Flox’s solution is currently being tested by the Swedish and Norwegian rail companies in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to prevent collisions between trians and wildlife.

About Flox AB

Flox AB is a Stockholm-based startup with a vision to reimagine coexistence with wildlife. The company was founded in December 2020 with the aim to offer affordable tailor-made services provided by autonomous drones to protect crops from wildlife-related damages while also protecting wildlife from adverse collateral damages from the agricultural industry.

For inquiries, please contact Sara Nozkova (CEO & Co-founder) at or visit our website at

NEWS September 24, 2021

Citationsy raises seed round from ex-Spotify & ex-Truecaller angels

From Stockholm to the world – meet the referencing app making the lives of students around the globe easier.

Johann Gross and Cenk Özbakır, founders of Citationsy.

Sting Accelerate 2021 company Citationsy has raised SEK 1.3 million (GBP 110.000) to continue its international expansion. Citationsy’s mission is to make perfect references possible for all students and to help them become more productive at every stage of their academic work – from research to bibliography generation. The two leading investors behind the deal are Ted Nelson and Juan Manuel Serruya.

Ted Nelson, previously the Chief Commercial Officer at Truecaller, has now invested and helped over fifteen startups take their next steps building their businesses. 

Juan Manuel Serruya, previously Head of Engineering at Spotify, exited after the company went public. He then went on to start his own company Datia and a private investment company that actively invests in early stage startups in the nordics.

“Citationsy is already seeing great organic growth and solving a real problem. I’m looking forward to working with these strong founders in taking the next steps to growing and monetizing Citationsy”, says Ted Nelson

“The Citationsy team managed to build a delightful product that hundreds of thousands love, I am honoured to join their journey and excited to see Johann and Cenk scale up their company”, says Juan Manuel Serruya

While reaching ramen-profitability in May this year, with the investment round the founders aim to double-down on consolidating their tool across desktop and mobile devices as well as web browsers. They have released new Android and iOS apps with the aim to reach a total addressable market of over one billion students who mainly use mobile devices.

What first started as a side project has turned into a tool that today over 340,000 people around the globe use.

“It’s crazy to think that the app I started from my bedroom in Stockholm has helped this many people simplify the most annoying part of academic writing. The next step for Citationsy is to use our position in academia to offer a new solution for personal knowledge organisation for everyone”, says Cenk Özbakır, Citationsy’s Founder

Citationsy started with the simple idea of creating a tool that brings joy to people doing academic work, a tool that they could use with privacy and ease. Moving forward the founders aim to increase their paying customer base and expand their product offering to also bring Citationsy to more customers outside of academia.

About Citationsy

Citationsy is an online referencing tool for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed. It automates the citation, reference list, and bibliography process in over 9,200 referencing styles including APA, Chicago, DIN, MLA, and Harvard. 

Over 350,000 students, researchers, and scholars from 195 countries use Citationsy to conduct research and generate citations. Citationsy’s mobile apps include a barcode scanner for on-the-go book referencing, and the Citationsy browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) enables one-click website citations. 

Citationsy  is the world’s leading, most accurate citation generator and management tool that allows users to cite any source with a click via web platform, mobile app, or browser extension.

Press Contact: 

Johann Gross

NEWS September 15, 2021

Enerpoly raises pre-seed funding to address global battery needs

Enerpoly just raised EUR 410,000 in a new investment round. Now, the startup aims to make battery storage affordable enough to be in every home.

Enerpoly’s founding team (from left to right: Samer Nameer, Mylad Chamoun and Eloisa de Castro.)

This summer, Sting company Enerpoly closed its pre-seed round of EUR 410,000 with select angel investors that have experience building and managing global manufacturing companies and successfully doing business in the battery industry. Sting Holding also participated in the round. The company now has EUR 2.5 million in financing to tackle the lack of sustainable and affordable battery energy storage solutions.

“Since 2019 we’ve been a proud backer of Enerpoly and are very excited about their innovative solution for stationary energy storage. This battery technology will contribute to solving the climate challenge and we feel confident that the great team behind Enerpoly will succeed in this important mission,” says Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.

Enerpoly is pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology made with abundant and inexpensive materials. Renewable power generation is expected to dominate the electricity grid by 2030, and stationary battery storage is needed to ensure the reliability of intermittent solar and wind power. As the high cost of energy storage is the primary barrier to clean energy, Enerpoly’s affordable batteries can drive a transition to the electric grid of the future — one powered by resilient and renewable energy sources.

“Sustainability-focused homeowners have been installing solar panels on their rooftops for decades, but the majority of the energy they produce is sold back to the utility and not used for their home’s energy needs. To solve this problem, many of these savvy homeowners have evaluated installing batteries to store the energy for when it’s needed, but in most cases, the batteries are far too expensive to justify the investment. Enerpoly’s cost-effective technology answers this need. Our batteries can also support the local economy – everything in the technology can be sourced and manufactured in Sweden,” says Eloisa de Castro, CEO.

With the world focused on reducing emissions and waste, Enerpoly is well-positioned to respond t oglobal trends with its sustainable battery innovation. Globally accessible materials reduce supply chain risks and carbon emissions related to transportation. The established recycling infrastructure for alkaline batteries benefits Enerpoly’s technology due to the similar materials used. After recycling, these materials can also be reused in production, contributing to a circular economy.

“Another important feature for homeowners when choosing a battery is safety. Some of the batteries today pose risks if designed or used improperly. In our hunt to solve this problem, we looked at the well-known alkaline battery chemistry. These batteries are safe and have been used in household items, including children’s toys, for over 60 years. However, they are non-rechargeable. Our breakthrough in making this battery chemistry rechargeable has resulted in an energy storage solution that resolves the safety needs of homeowners,” says Dr. Samer Nameer, co-founder and CINO of Enerpoly.

This round of funding will propel Enerpoly to the next stage of development and prepare the technology for residential-scale batteries pilots and other behind-the-meter applications, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

About Enerpoly

Founded in 2018, Enerpoly is a next-generation energy storage technology company pioneering rechargeable zinc-ion battery chemistry. With their groundbreaking zinc-ion batteries, Enerpoly will drive a transition to the electric grid of the future – one powered by resilient and renewable energy that has the flexibility and reliability to support the growth of electric vehicles and offer empowered consumers the chance to support clean energy sources. By designing our batteries with safe and affordable materials that can be sustainably scaled, Enerpoly is building a world where everyone has access to clean energy.

Contact information
Sahitya Yarlagadda,
More about Enerpoly at

NEWS September 14, 2021

Johannas Stadsodlingar secures capital to create scalable circular food solution

Foodtech company Johannas has raised SEK 5 million to design the world’s first living food factory.

Photo: Fredrik Andersson/Wonderwork

Foodtech company Johannas grows and sells locally produced fish, salads and other leafy greens in a circular food production system called aquaponics. The vegetables are grown without pesticides in a mini-ecosystem, where the nutrients come from the fish and naturally occurring bacterial processes.

Johannas also designs and integrates industrially scalable nutrient processes for future data-driven systems that have substantially lower environmental impact and water usage compared to today’s vegetable and fish farms.

Johannas has taken in SEK 5 million SEK in capital to design the first “living food factory” and create a scalable, replicable solution. Well-known entrepreneurs have joined the investment round, such as MatHem’s founders the Kull family, logistics expert and business angel Lars-Göran Ahlberger, and Propel Capital, Sting’s investment vehicle.

“After many visits from head chefs and celebrity cooks, we know that not only do our vegetables taste better, they also stay fresh for longer than other products,” says Anke Johanna van Lenteren, Co-Founder and grower at Johannas.

“As founders of MatHem we are passionate about putting good food on the table. Food production represents 20–30% of global emissions – something which has to change. Johannas grows premium products in a circular food production system, which means minimum resources are used in the full supply chain. We believe this to be the future,” says the Kull family.

“This scalable production facility unlocks great opportunities, particularly when it comes to lowering the environmental impact of transport in an unbroken refrigeration chain” says Lars-Göran Ahlberger.

You can currently find vegetables from Johannas at Stockholm-based restaurants such as Vaxholms Kastell and Steningevik. You can also find Johannas products at local food stores or purchase them directly from Johannas at Rekoringar in Stockholm and Uppsala.

For more information, contact Thomas Bjelkeman on +4670-438 63 55 or visit

NEWS September 1, 2021

Startup veteran Julia Hallin new Head of Marketing and Communication at Sting

Sting strengthens its team with the recruitment of Julia Hallin, who has 15 years’ experience marketing startups and scaleups from Sweden to Silicon Valley.

Julia has 15 years’ experience developing brands globally, including in Sweden and Silicon Valley. Her main focus has been driving growth for startups and scaleups through digital marketing.

Julia takes over as Head of Marketing & Communications at Sting at a time when the spotlight shines strong on Stockholm as a world-leading innovation hub and the quality of startups is higher than ever before. This presents both opportunities and challenges for Sting and Stockholm.

“Sting is one of Sweden’s strongest brands in the startup space and I’m deeply impressed by how the accelerator has helped small, innovative companies create long-term, sustainable growth over the last 20 years. It will be extremely fun to be a part of this ecosystem, and contribute to its development, ”says Julia Hallin.

With experience in both startups and scaleups, Julia brings a wide range of competencies to the table, particularly when it comes to scaling and streamlining communication and reaching a wider audience through digital channels.

Among other things, she helped take Uppsala company Hansoft (now Perforce) on a growth journey to become the leading tool for agile project management in the computer game industry based in Silicon Valley. Julia’s most recent role of Head of Marketing for the SaaS service EazyStock on Syncron.

Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting, says: “Since the start in 2002, Sting has been developing ecosystems for startups and investors in Stockholm, which has been an incredibly exciting journey. Today, Sweden and Stockholm play an obvious international role and with Julia in the team, we will be able to continue to be one step ahead with a strong digital presence. We look forward to continuing to building the companies of the future together with Stockholm as an important player on the global tech scene. ”

NEWS July 8, 2021

Imsure closes pre-seed round on journey to shake up insurance

Sting company Imsure has raised 3 MSEK in a recent investment round. Now the startup aims to change the way we buy insurance.

Just before the summer, Sting startup Imsure closed a pre-seed round of three million kronor with a selection of Swedish angel investors. Among others, Soläng Invest, Saminvest and Trond Riiber Knudsen joined the company.

“Imsure is renewing an industry with an outdated business model. It will be exciting to follow the company closely as they raise the standard for customer experience in insurance,” says Anders Göransson, one of Sweden’s largest private investors, via Soläng Invest.

Imsure is a shopping service that enables customers to add mini-insurances for the products and services they buy online.

“At check-out, you have the opportunity to choose insurance just as you can choose a payment and delivery solution. I’d say Imsure is like Klarna for insurance, in the sense that it has the same potential to shake up an entire industry and change the way we buy and consume insurance,” says Roy R Jungestål CEO and founder of Imsure.

Through Imsure’s plugin, all digital platforms and processes, for example through apps and webshops, can offer their customers a chance to buy insurance in connection with purchases or orders.

“Today, unfortunately only the largest retailers offer insurance as an option to their customers. Through Imsure, which allows people to easily add small insurances for products and services with one quick click, all digital platforms can offer customers this service,” says Roy R Jungestål.

What makes Imsure unique compared to other small digital insurance concepts is the simplicity of the interface that makes it easy for both Imsure’s customers and the end customer.

“Because we offer our customers a context-adapted product that’s simple, relevant and doesn’t disrupt the purchase flow for their target groups, they can make difficult and complicated insurance products incredibly easy to use. With several large distribution partners being implemented right now and several on the way in, we believe that we have an attractive and unique way of selling supplementary insurance,” says Roy R Jungestål, CEO and founder of Imsure.

The end customer can also easily keep track of their insurance through the Imsure app.

The company was started in 2020 by Roy R Jungestål, Thomas Ekström and insurance veteran Steinar Kleven who wanted to help all sellers easily offer extra insurance to their customers. Together, the team has extensive experience in the insurance industry and building successful services/products for consumers.

Today, the team consists of 6 people with employees in both Oslo and Stockholm. The head office is in Stockholm. Imsure plans to launch in several countries in 2022.

Contact information:
Roy R Jungestål, 0737880088,
More about Imsure at

NEWS July 6, 2021

Bumbee Labs raises 21 MSEK and appoints Eirik Lunde as Chair

Sting company and footfall analytics leader Bumbee Labs has raised SEK 21 million in new capital and appointed Eirik Lunde as chair of the board.

Sting company and footfall analytics leader Bumbee Labs has raised SEK 21 million in new capital and appointed Eirik Lunde as chair of the board. The Sweden-based company will now focus on expanding further into international markets following this latest round raise.

Bumbee Labs is set for strong international growth due to its partnerships, compelling intellectual property assets and competitive advantage when it comes to creating value from footfall analytics. The majority of the investment comes from strategic investors in Norway, underlining the international appeal of Bumbee Labs’ offering.

The company has partnerships with major players such as Telia Company, which provides mobile connectivity to millions of people in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Eirik Lunde has been appointed as Executive Chair of the Board and will support the leadership team in securing partnership agreements across the US, Europe and Asia. Lunde has vast experience in the telecommunications sector and currently also serves as a board member at both BITPRO AS and NextGenTel. His former CEO positions include tenures at NextGenTel Holding ASA, Telio and Ventelo. Eirik has a background in finance and marketing, and completed management programs from both Insead and the London Business School.

Lunde outlines his focus for the future: “The last year has taught us much about the nature of uncertainty and volatility. Bumbee Labs continues to create value with footfall data in order to equip its partners to plan ahead with greater knowledge and certainty.” Lunde aims to increase the pace of innovation and seize opportunities within a dynamic market.

Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs, says, “We are very pleased to welcome Eirik Lunde with his deep experience and leadership in high-technology businesses. Together as a leadership team, we will push hard to continue the growth of Bumbee Labs.”

Mats Lindoff has also been appointed to the Board of Directors for Bumbee Labs. Lindoff served as former Head of Technology at Sony Ericsson Mobile. He has an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. Lindoff is a member of the Board of Directors for Precise Biometrics, Combain Mobile and ENEA. As an experienced technology executive, Lindoff also invests in telecom companies.

“Mats Lindoff was one of the first people that worked with cellular phone technology in the 1980s. After over 25 years of managing innovative technology companies, he brings rich and relevant experience, as well as plenty of business experience, to the Bumbee Labs board,” says Samuelsson.

The pandemic has accelerated the pace of industry digitalization – leading to an ever-increasing demand for data and analytics. Demand for footfall analytics as a pivotal business intelligence tool continues to grow from retailers, cities, shopping malls, transport hubs, offices and many others.

Bumbee Labs measures visitor flows by capturing anonymous Wi-Fi signals in smart mobile phones and can collect data in both outdoor and indoor environments. The visitor flows are measured completely anonymously, and the measurement method is unique in its kind, having been approved by the IMY (formerly the Swedish Data Inspection Authority) taken GDPR into account. By using this method, Bumbee Labs can produce reliable statistics on how many people visit a specific area during different time intervals, how long visitors stay in the area and what the most common walking paths are.

For any further questions, please contact Karl Samuelsson, Bumbee Labs CEO:

+46 707 588971

NEWS June 21, 2021

Five Sting companies awarded second innovative startups grant from Vinnova

Sting alumni companies Gazzine, Datia, iPercept, Skyrm and Pliance have been awarded SEK 900,000 each in step two of Vinnova’s Innovative Startups program.

Photo: Anna Holmquist, CEO and Founder, Gazzine, and Daniel Sundman, CTO, Gazzine.

Sting alumni companies Gazzine, Datia, iPercept, Skrym and Pliance have been awarded SEK 900,000 each in step two of Vinnova’s Innovative Startups program.

The Innovative Startups step 2 grant is given to Swedish companies with strong potential to drive sustainable growth in a global market by offering an innovative product or service.

With the second round of funding – which is only available for companies who’ve completed projects in step one – these startups will ramp up their operations and business development to attract more financiers, customers and partners.

Gazzine, a platform that connects readers with high-quality journalism in a whole new way, will use this second round of funding to adapt the platform for an international launch.

Anna Holmquist, CEO and Founder, Gazzine, says: “An important part of Gazzine’s vision is to launch the site in other markets and this grant makes it possible to do that sooner.”

Recent Sting alumni Skrym, who eliminate unnecessary air in e-commerce packaging will also use the grant to help them reach their business goals. 

Jakob Nordfeldt, part of the founding team at Skrym, says: “Having the continued support of Vinnova is a big win for our whole team. In an increasingly crowded startup landscape where everyone talks about ‘revolutionizing’ and ‘transforming’, it’s a seal of quality and a sign of approval that we’re actually doing something that is new and good for the planet. Knowing that any grant from Vinnova is essentially taxpayer-funded, our team is really invested in making sure we deliver on our goals.”

Vinnova hired experts with relevant expertise to assess the applications for funding. These companies were considered to have the greatest potential, and were in need of further financing to help them continue the business development that took place during step one.

“”Receiving this grant from Vinnova shows the importance of the work we are doing to help combat financial crime. With this funding, we can speed up our plans to add AML transaction monitoring to our suite of anti-money laundering products”, says Siam Choudhury, Co-Founder and CEO of Pliance, which helps companies automate their anti-money laundering processes.

IPercept Technology, which enables plug and play automation for machine diagnostics, were also among those awarded.

Károly Szipka, Founder and CEO, IPercept, says: “The grant is coming at exactly the right time and will help us accelerate growth by building our team. This will enable us to say yes to more customer projects and take the next steps toward new customer segments on an international scale. We are proud and grateful to receive this support from Vinnova and Swedish taxpayers.”

Datia Founders Juan Manuel Serruya (left) and Manne Larsson (right).

Juan Manuel Serruya, Co-Founder and CEO of Datia – a platform that helps people find investment opportunities that have a positive impact on the planet – says the company will use the funding to help asset managers satisfy the growing demands from both regulators and customers.

“We are very grateful for Vinnova’s continued support, and this grant validates our work in the sustainable finance space. We’ll use the funding to accelerate our development of data collection, reporting and analytics for asset managers across Europe,” added Juan.

Vinnova is a government agency that helps build Sweden’s innovation capacity and stimulate sustainable growth and enabling companies that make a difference. Their work is based on the global sustainability development goals of the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations.

NEWS June 18, 2021

ihopa takes in capital to scale up neighborhood boxes

Sharing economy champion ihopa has received SEK 4 million in funding to rollout an additional 250 neighborhood boxes – giving more residents access to premium household products for a fraction of the price. Among the angel investors is Google profile Magnus Sandberg and Mathias Wilkne, who are both connected to Sting.

Johannes Dahlberg, Marina Kaleva and Alexander Engl, CEO, are the founders of Ihopa.

Sting company ihopa has developed a new service – the ihopa neighbor box – which gives local residents easy access to premium household, leisure and garden products that are safely stored in a box near their home. This subscription-based solution is both good for the wallet and for the planet, and gives people access to better products than they’d normally purchase themselves.

The service has received a lot of attention from interested neighborhoods, with 10 neighbor boxes currently deployed across Stockholm and 250 more on the way.

“This is an incredibly good example of how a sharing economy works in practice. Instead of everyone buying their own lawnmower or drill that will only be used a few times a year, ihopa gives people easy access to a full set of high-quality tools that are shared with their neighbors. This creates great savings, both for the environment and one’s own finances.”

– says Mathias Wilkne, Angel Investor.

The company was involved in Sting’s climate action accelerator program during the spring, which gave their business a boost.

“We’ve struggled for a few years with a lot of sweat and stubbornness. It’s wonderful to see how we’ve managed to carve out a service that the market really wants, and at the same time bring in relevant owners who fulfill a function that’s more than just contributing money. Now we can, and should continue to accelerate.”

– says Johannes Dahlberg, co-founder of

One of those investing in the round is Kjartan Slette, part of the founding team of Tidal and Unacast. Kjartan sat on the jury when Johannes presented ihopa’s original concept at Oslo Innovation Week just over a year ago, winning in their category. At the time, Kjartan’s spontaneous reaction was:

“Someone will build a unicorn with this thinking – no doubt about it. It might be you.”

– Kjartan Slette

Ihopa’s business is now being scaled up, initially around Stockholm. The company already has 250 voluntary homeowners who are happy to lend land for the box and BRFs, landlords and property owners are also fighting for box allocations. Every box that has been placed so far has had a high subscription rate and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The products in the box are customized for each neighborhood, making the service relevant for any community or location. For homeowners, there is a focus on gardening, and Husqvarna and Gardena assist with products. For apartment-style communities, the boxes will include more hobby-based, kitchen and leisure products.

“The cool thing about this model is that the boxes are a tailor-made living product range, and our goal is to create the highest value. By engaging each neighborhood and letting them influence what’s in the box, and combining this with insights from existing boxes, we can be very accurate when it comes to product selection and also follow the seasons. In the end, it’s only our imaginations holding us back!”

– concludes Johannes Dahlberg

About ihopa

ihopa is a Swedish startup that reduces the inefficient consumption of products that are only used from time to time. The four co-founders come from three countries (Sweden, Italy, Romania).

NEWS May 17, 2021

Sting Status Report 2020 – Strong results despite a tough year

While 2020 was a tough year in many ways and the pandemic affected some of our alumni companies heavily, we’re happy to say that fewer than expected faced severe problems and are proud to share their great results.

Spring has sprung and with it comes new results from the Sting companies that we’d like to share with you. Some highlights include:

  • Revenue: Up more than 20% to a combined revenue of 344 MEUR
  • Employees: Up more than 20% to a total of 3327
  • Financing: All-time high – 155 MEUR in 2020 adding to a total accumulated value of 759 MEUR
  • Gender balance: 18 of the 33 accepted companies had at least one female co-founder, which exceeds our 50 percent target.
  • Deep Tech: Together with KTH, we strengthened our offer to deep tech startups and accepted three new companies with complex technologies addressing critical challenges.
  • Climate Action: The Spring 2020 campaign to find startups addressing climate change resulted in seven promising climate action startups joining our Climate Accelerator program in 2021.
  • Friends of Sting: We launched a Venture Philanthropy platform called Friends of Sting through which we hope to attract more resources from private actors to Sting. The goal is to enable us to increase our support of companies in the areas of climate and health.
  • Propel Capital: Propel Capital I made its final exit and has now closed with a stable return to its investors.

For more results and other exciting content, download our latest annual report in full.