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NEWS June 25, 2020

The Fit revolutionizes e-commerce with new body scanner technology − Stylein first out

Industry leaders have said the size system will disappear within 10 years and be replaced by body scanning, a reality that is already here. The Fit, together with fashion company Stylein, is first out with the mobile technology.

As e-commerce has grown in the last decade, the number of returns has also increased. Size and fit are the main reasons why almost every third garment is sent back today. This is pushing e-retailers’ already small profit margins and contributing to increased carbon dioxide emissions and wastage in the fashion industry.

The Fit’s recommendation service will reduce returns and make e-commerce less stressful for the climate.

− There is no standard, uniform size scale for clothing. Size guides are often generic and do not reflect the dimensions of the actual garments. Nor do they explain how fabrics fit on the body when different materials may require different sizes, says Lisa Lindvall, founder and CEO of The Fit.

The Fit has developed an app for mobile body scanning. With only two images, users create a personal and digital “body ID” containing their body measurements. This ID can then be used by all affiliated e-retailers to provide personalized size recommendations. The need for this is clear since bodies often look very different and everyone has different preferences regarding fit.

− With the help of our app, new data is also made available that gives fashion brands valuable insights on what their customers actually look. This data can be used for product development and product range planning. Correct data is a prerequisite for product adaptations and reduced overproduction, says Lisa Lindvall.

The innovative Swedish fashion brand Stylein, which has invested heavily in digitalization and e-commerce in recent years, is first to integrate the app in its e-commerce for mobile users.

− We have long been missing and looking for a partner who can realize this particular function and in this way bring our customer closer and create a better experience of shopping at It will be so exciting to be able to join and launch this project now and personally I really believe in this new way to digitally test your size, says Elin Alemdar, founder and designer at Stylein.

With The Fit, Lisa Lindvall also wants to democratize body data. She wants clothes to be adapted to our unique bodies, not the other way around.

− We are still in beta and have a lot of work left to do. Our focus is to help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions and make them feel that with us they can be confident that their personal data will remain personal. Therefore, we have a modern AI policy where consumers own their data. No images are saved and only anonymized statistics are shared with our affiliated e-retailers. There is a lack of personal service for digital consumers, where we see that we can take the role of a virtual shopping assistant and offer data driven guidance for the right purchase, says Lisa Lindvall.

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NEWS June 22, 2020

Startup revolutionizes the future of travel, raises 3 MSEK from well-known investors

The new train booking service All Aboard closes a funding round and will now make trains the obvious choice for travel within Europe. With them on the journey are, among others, Google veteran Magnus Sandberg and former NHL star Mattias Weinhandl.

All Aboard is a digital travel agency that makes it easy to plan and buy tickets for train journeys across Europe. The idea was born in 2017 when Anton Trollbäck travelled by train from Sweden to Iran and realized how complicated it was to understand where the trains left from, how long he needed to change trains and then to book all tickets on separate web pages.

− Many booking services lack any type of support for the planning itself as well as information about which cities are interesting to visit. That is why we have built a flexible service where you can easily plan longer train trips and with the help of different data sources, we recommend different routes to create to the perfect trip. This way you can save a huge amount of time and unnecessary stress, says Anton Trollbäck, CEO and co-founder of All Aboard.

In a short time, the team has managed to raise more capital than they expected. The funding will go to further develop the algorithm that underpins the service and refine the service so that the company can start selling tickets in the German and French markets already next year.

− I like to travel by train, and I like new technology that makes it easier. With its well-balanced mix of user-friendly design, smart algorithms and curated content, All Aboard provides the perfect support when booking your longer train journey, says Magnus Sandberg, business angel and former Google engineer, who participates in the round.

Interest in international rail travel has increased steadily since 2013 and is expected to increase even more in the future. According to the European Investment Bank’s Climate Survey, three out of four say they are ready to switch from aircraft partly because of increased awareness of the climate impact, and partly because of Corona who has taught us to appreciate a calmer life. This makes All Aboard look brightly at the future.

− New rules and proposals from the EU will make it easier to move across borders by train. Our vision is to continue to develop and broaden the service to make train travel the obvious choice for travel within Europe, says Anton Trollbäck.

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NEWS June 16, 2020

New digital health platform is financed with health bond from Region Stockholm

Region Stockholm has made a decision on a new, long-term health care initiative to prevent chronic public health diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Fredrik Söder, Founder and CEO of Health Integrator

Through a digital health platform from Health Integrator, users gain access to a large number of health services and providers in areas such as physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management. The Region Stockholm finances the long-term prevention initiative with a unique health bond, a Health Impact Bond. (Read news text from the Stockholm region,

− We are very pleased to launch our digital health platform today. With Health Integrator, we want to give individuals the right conditions to succeed in changing their living habits in a sustainable way. With the support of coaching from a health educator, health test and a tailor-made solution based on the individual’s conditions and needs, the chances of success increase, says Fredrik Söder, founder and CEO of Health Integrator, a startup company in preventive health.

Unique financing solution with a health bond
The Stockholm Region finances its long-term investment with a health bond, a Health Impact Bond. Repayment and interest are linked to how successful the preventive effort is. This financial bond model is the first known of its kind, also internationally.

The health initiative is the result of a collaboration between Region Stockholm, Health Integrator, Skandia as financier and SEB, which has developed the financial model.

Health Integrator raises SEK 7.5 million in capital
In connection with the contract with Region Stockholm, Health Integrator raises SEK 7.5 million in new capital to develop new customers and markets. The investors are Luminar Venture, Leksell Social Venture, Add Health Media, Sting, Doberman Forward and angel investors with backgrounds in companies like Spotify.

− The need for preventive health is enormous and we are only at the beginning of the development of that market. Health Integrator is an exciting company that takes a whole new approach and shows that it is possible to create a sustainable business, says Daniel Karsberg, Investment Manager, Luminar Venture.

Tested in clinical study in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet
Health Integrator’s health solution has been tested in a clinical study by Karolinska Institutet. The study was led by Ylva Trolle Lagerros, chief physician at the Overweight Center in the Stockholm region and a researcher at Karolinska Institutet.

Few apps have been scientifically evaluated, but the Health Integrator app has been tested in a randomized controlled trial* of just over 200 people. Already after three months, the researchers saw statistically significant differences in health variables such as waist size and blood pressure between the group that used the Health Integrator app and the group that did not receive the app.

− Creating lasting lifestyle habits is a challenge. With digital solutions such as Health Integrator’s app and platform, there is now the possibility of tailor-made support in everyday life, to make the changes in living habits that one has thought about for a long time, says Fredrik Söder, founder and CEO of Health Integrator.

A number of partners, financiers and service providers are included in the initiative. Part of the development and testing has been carried out with funding from EIT Health (European Institute for Innovation & Technology), and under the leadership of RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) where Karolinska Institutet and GIH (Gymnastics and Sports University), among others, have been involved.

Health Integrator has developed the Health Platform in collaboration with health providers such as Friskis & Svettis, Midnight Race, Apoteket and ICA Klassikern.

* Bonn et al. BMC Public Health (2019) 19: 273

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NEWS June 11, 2020

Sweden’s climate elite is challenging new startups to fight climate change

Sting and Norrsken, two leading startup ecosystems in Sweden, are today launching Startup Climate Action – a challenge-driven initiative to accelerate the creation and growth of startups that bring solutions to fight climate change.

The initiative, which is backed by Sweden’s elite in sustainability, will put Sweden on the world map as a home for Climate Action startups.

− Time is running out and we must act quickly and vigorously. If we are to have a chance of limiting global warming to 1.5° C, we must cut greenhouse gas emissions by half every 10 years. We strongly believe in the power of combining innovation and technology with entrepreneurship to create new solutions to major world problems, Karin Ruiz, business coach at Sting and initiator of Startup Climate Action.

Startup Climate Action has a challenge-driven approach and focuses on UN Sustainability Goal # 13 − Climate Action. The starting point is 13 Climate Challenges, presented by 13 heavy-weight Swedish Climate Champions.

The initiative receives funding from Vinnova and among the supporting partners are Stockholm Resilience Center, KTH Innovation, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL, and the 13 Climate Champions. Among these are Prof. Henrik Österblom from the Stockholm Resilience Center; Prof. Ulrika Edlund from KTH; Maria Wetterstrand, sustainability consultant and community debater and former leader of the Swedish Green Party; Marie Fossum Strannegård, CEO of the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and Anders Wijkman, opinion leader and former politician.

The goal is to create more fast-growing Swedish companies that contribute innovative, scalable solutions to combat climate change. The initiative will also help put Sweden on the world map and make Sweden the “mecca” of the world for climate action startups.

− Sweden has a unique position. We are an innovation country, the country of “tech unicorns” and world-renowned climate activists and leaders. In addition, we are a country with world-leading climate scientists, fantastic startup ecosystems and strong entrepreneurs. Sweden can lead the way and become a world leader in developing new innovative “climate action startups”, says Shampa Bari, Lead Accelerator, Norrsken Foundation.

Startup Climate Action consists of three parts. The first, to be launched today, is an Open Innovation Challenge focusing on inspiration, ideation and team creation. Deadline to participate with an idea and team is August 2nd. The ideas that qualify go on to part two, Test Drive Climate Action, a workshop series by Sting and Norrsken focusing on validation of the business ideas. The final step, the Climate Action Accelerator, an accelerator program run by Sting, will be launched in 2021.

The vision is for Sweden to become a world leader in creating the future of “climate action startups”, which the initiators believe will play an important role in solving the climate challenges.

− We want to mobilize people with bright ideas and brilliant minds to team up to find solutions. We want to create a movement of climate solvers”, says Karin Ruiz.

> More information:

The 13 Climate Challenges and Climate Champions are:

#1 – Green & Clean Transports
Maria Wetterstrand, Former leader of the Swedish Green Party, CEO, Millton Europe

#2 – AI for the Planet
Dr. Victor Galaz, Deputy Director and Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Center

#3 – Sustainable Materials
Prof. Ulrica Edlund, Professor in Polymer Technology, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

#4 – Energy Efficiency
Gunilla Elsässer, Head of Food, Climate and Energy, WWF

#5 – Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy
Anders Wijkman, Opinion Leader, Chairman, Climate-KIC

#6 – Recycling & Reduced Waste
Marie Fossum Strannegård, CEO, IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute

#7 – Reduced Carbon Emission
Markus Hökfelt, Fund Manager Almi Invest Greentech

#8 – Energy Storage & Integrated Energy Systems
Prof. Viktoria Martin, Professor in Energy Technology, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

#9 – Carbon Capture & Storage
Jane Walerud, Business Angel & Investor, Walerud Ventures

#10 – The Human Ocean
Prof. Henrik Österblom, Professor and Science Director at Stockholm Resilience Center

#11 – Renewable & Clean Energy
Dr. Frauke Urban, Associate Professor in the Management of Sustainable Energy Systems, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

#12 – Green Buildings & Sustainable Cities
Stefan Henningsson, Climate Expert, Nordea

#13 – The Future of Food – Healthy Food, Sustainable Planet
Dr. Line Gordon, Director at Stockholm Resilience Center

NEWS June 11, 2020

Skincity is first with Skinfo for transparency around product content

Today, a partnership is launched between Skincity and Skinfo − a service that provides science-based facts for more than 30,000 ingredients in cosmetic products.

Skincity, the leading online skincare clinic in the Nordic region, is first out with the service via a widget that automatically generates information on the product pages.

In addition to increasing transparency, the idea of ​​the partnership is to extend Skincity’s service offering by facilitating customers in their choice of products with more easily understood ingredient lists. Skinfo’s data is based on information from independent bodies and authorities, which include the European Commission, among others.

− Transparency within our industry is an incredibly important factor both for us as a company and for our customers. We see that many customers read up on ingredients in products and here we feel that together with Skinfo as a partner − and as the first player in the industry − we can take the next step. We always look for innovative solutions to add value to our customers and we are happy to take the lead in what we believe in. By teaming up with Skinfo, we can now even better guide our customers and try to make what’s complex a little easier to understand, says Stefan Fragner, CEO of Skincity.

Skinfo’s founder and CEO Lena Skiba comments on the collaboration:

− I am incredibly proud to be the first in Sweden, together with Skincity, to provide transparency around product content using fact-based data. We want to grow with players leading the industry forward and Skincity is in full line with that, not least as the winner of Digital Retailer 2020.

Skinfo is the first scalable solution for e-retailers to automatically generate scientific, objective information for over 30,000 skin care and cosmetics ingredients. The company was founded by Lena Skiba and Viktor Morin with the goal of making the industry more transparent for both companies and consumers.

> More about Skinfo:

NEWS June 9, 2020

Sting Online Demo Day draws an audience of 150+ investors

Yesterday, 12 of Sweden’s hottest startups pitched at the first-ever digital Sting Demo Day. The event constitutes the finale of the startup programs Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate and gives an opportunity to build relationships with future investors.

Did you miss Sting Demo Day? Watch the event and pitches here.

Due to the Corona pandemic, Sting’s business moved online this spring, as did Sting Demo Day, which yesterday was carried out digitally for the first time.

− Much has changed with Corona and our startup companies are facing exceptional challenges but also opportunities. To come out stronger from the crisis, they all need continued support from our startup community and it was therefore very gratifying to see more than 150 investors and representatives from established companies participate digitally at our final event, says Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.

The 12 startup companies that are now leaving Sting offer solutions in a wide range of industries from health and fintech to music creation and cloud computing.

− Regardless of the format, Sting Demo Day always offers exciting presentations from Sweden’s latest and most promising startups. Despite a tough spring, these 12 companies have shown good results on the financing side, but above all they have achieved results in the form of sales and new customers, improved products and stronger and expanded teams, says Fredrik Rosengren, business coach at Sting and program manager for Sting Accelerate.

The pitch section of Sting Online Demo Day was concluded by Lena Skiba, co-founder and CEO of Skinfo, after a vote by the audience winning the award for “Best pitch”.

− We are incredibly excited about the prize for the best pitch, especially in the company of so many other impressive startups! Gaining access to a whole team of fantastic Sting coaches and experts during the spring in every conceivable area, and borrowing Sting’s resources and networks, has given us a real head start. We are very grateful and well equipped for the time ahead! says Lena Skiba.

After the pitches followed an hour of Q&A with the companies in Zoom meetings and there was also an opportunity for investors to book individual meetings with the teams later this week.

The following companies pitched at Sting Demo Day:

Gestrument − Making music interactive.

Eaesy − lets you order food from all the popular restaurants in one app.

Datia − Make value-based and sustainable investments.

Heap − Peer-to-peer carsharing made easy.

Gazzine − Quality articles from journalists all around the world.

Noteful Ai − Relevant financial information for beginner to expert investors.

Voicemachine − B2B marketplace for professional voice-over.

Laundrop − Laundry pick-up and delivery straight to your door.

All Aboard − Ridiculously easy bookings of longer train trips in Europe.

Vagon − Personal supercomputer in the cloud for creatives.

Skinfo − Science-generated information on ingredients in skincare and cosmetics.

Health Integrator − Strengthens the individual’s conditions for better health.

NEWS May 29, 2020

Ridesum launches in English – smarter training available for everyone

The popular equestrian training app and collaboration platform Ridesum, used by thousands of riders and well-known trainers as Cathrine Dufour, Bo Jenå and Christoph Hess, is now available in English.

The company helps trainers and riders from all over the world can connect and train live remotely only by using a smartphone and the Ridesum app.

Ridesum contains a searchable pool with more than 900 trainers and experts, a booking system, remote live training via video streaming and the possibility to request feedback on a pre-recorded training video. As a result, the app enables training anywhere anytime and accelerates riders’ and trainers’ results.

− We are experiencing a very high demand of our digital training services from the global horse community, which also has been fuelled by the current global situation. We help trainers and experts to become more efficient and grow their business and riders to progress faster, when professional training becomes available for everyone. With Ridesum you can train anywhere, anytime, says Jenny Strahle, CEO and founder of Ridesum.

In Ridesum riders can connect with more than 900 trainers and experts within a wide range of disciplines, skills and levels. The live video training can be used in a variety of situations, such as having a dressage or a jumping lesson or receiving coaching from trainer during warm-up on competitions. Mental coaching is also available, as well as advice in how to feed your horse from an equine nutritionist through a video session.

− The remote video training is here to stay. The Ridesum app is user friendly, and it gives trainers the opportunity to keep in touch with their students much more often than before. A great upside is also the fact that it is a very environmentally friendly solution, as we reduce transports to and from training, says Lisen Bratt Fredricson, Swedish equestrian entrepreneur and showjumper, with an impressive track record – among them two Olympics.

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NEWS May 28, 2020

Digital curator service Snaptive starts collaboration with Curira

Snaptive, the mobile app that provides curators via chat to young people, now provides qualified counseling to care businesses and begins a collaboration with Curira, the fourth largest healthcare and care group in Sweden.

The need for counseling in support and care homes, family homes, on-call homes, HVB homes and outpatient care is often very high as many of the children and young people have experienced difficulties.

Now the young people in Curira Individual & Family have access to digital curators through Snaptive as an outpatient intervention. With the help of professional counseling, motivational calls and community guidance directly on the mobile, Snaptive can effectively help a vulnerable group feel better mentally.

– We are proud and happy to be able to enter into a collaboration with Snaptive. We are a business that always strives for quality and results and we are very confident that Snaptive will maintain the high standard that is in line with our work at Curira. In today’s Sweden, mental illness is common among our children, adolescents and adults, where tools to deal with this are largely inaccessible to people who are in great need of it. This is why we find that Snaptive will take us a step forward, says Sitapha Ndure, Head of Unit at Curira Individual & Family.

According to the National Board of Health, mental illness in children aged 10-17 has increased by over 100 percent in 10 years. Snaptive wants to slow down this development by lowering the threshold for young people with mental health problems to get the help and support they need.

– We must make it possible for children and young people to get support and assistance, both in the home environment and in placements. With Curira on board, we are now taking an important step towards improving how young people experience the quality of support and care in their everyday lives. Our collaboration means increased digital availability of support for young people around the country, and we are proud of that. Especially in these times when more people need help, says Roza Azimi, vice president of Snaptive.

Communication via Snaptive takes place in a way that is adapted to how young people communicate with each other today, digitally. All users are guaranteed complete anonymity and response within 30 minutes. Snaptive has previously been available for primary and secondary schools and care businesses that have already joined the service.

Snaptive is a digital curator service that since 2018 offers available curators for children and young people. They believe that more people should be given the right tools to feel good and thus be able to take responsibility for their mental health. Snaptive offer available curators who provide support, advice and motivation in everyday life. Young people can chat anonymously and get quick, easy and smooth support.

> More about Snaptive (SE)

NEWS April 29, 2020

Laundrop is launching its digital laundry service in Uppsala

Since its launch in Stockholm at the beginning of the year, the company has grown quickly, mainly among families with children who want to spend their time on other things. Now the company is expanding and, starting today, offers its service to individuals and companies in Uppsala.

Laundrop is an environmentally friendly digital laundry service that offers collection and delivery of laundry directly to the door. 

More and more people are paying to get help with cleaning at home and to have their food delivered home. Startup company Laundrop is now taking on a new chore – the laundry – and offers quick, easy and environmentally friendly handling of your laundry, and delivers it directly to your home.

– We see a change in the behavioral pattern of people. More and more people are willing to pay to get “boring” chores done by someone else in order to spend their own time on more fun things, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir, co-founder and CEO of Laundrop.

So far, the company has washed 19 tons of laundry and made over 6,000 deliveries. They have many satisfied repeat customers and the goal is to create a smooth customer experience as possible.

– We sort everything before washing, afterward we fold the laundry, lack the bedding and pair all the socks together. Then we deliver the clean laundry to your door. Everything is included in the price and we usually do it within 24 hours. I understand why our customers get hooked, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir.

Laundrop’s service is also environmentally friendly. Deliveries are made with electric bicycles and electric vehicles and they only wash with environmentally friendly detergents. The laundry is also collected and delivered in reusable laundry bags made from recycled material.

– We are a team of driven creative entrepreneurs who strive to make tomorrow’s laundry industry greener. We offer all types of laundry; everything from everyday laundry and dry cleaning to the type of laundry that everyone thinks is cumbersome – the carpet wash, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir.

The team behind Laundrop looks forward to opening in Uppsala. The city was chosen because of the high pace of student and business life.

Laundrop will pick up and leave laundry in Uppsala on Mondays and Wednesdays between 17:00 and 22:00. A “medium” laundry bag holds about as much as a full laundry basket and costs SEK 399 and includes everything.

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NEWS April 28, 2020

Propel Capital IV is increased by SEK 12 million to take startups through the corona crisis

Propel Capital IV gets a capital injection of SEK 12 million from Saminvest to enable selective follow-on investments in the portfolio companies and maintain high pace in Propel Capital IV’s portfolio of startups.

Peder Hasslev, CEO Saminvest, Pär Hedberg, CEO Sting, and Maria Ljungberg, CEO Propel Capital

Propel Capital IV gets a capital injection of SEK 12 million from Saminvest to enable selective follow-on investments in the portfolio companies and maintain high pace in Propel Capital IV’s portfolio of startups.

The corona pandemic has affected many aspects of society. It has highlighted the need for digitalization and innovation, but at the same time, it has also created uncertainty about the economy and the availability of capital. In this situation, Sting, Saminvest, Propel Capital and its owners are keen to help keep the wheels spinning in Stockholm’s innovation clusters.

− We see that there is a risk that a number of healthy companies will find it difficult to find financing due to short-term lack of capital. We want to counteract this by giving Propel Capital IV additional investment capacity. It is good for both companies and the ecosystem, says Peder Hasslev, CEO of Saminvest, who has made great efforts in recent years to contribute to financing companies in the early stages by matching business angel investments.

Propel Capital IV, whose investors are business angels and state-owned Saminvest, has invested in nearly 60 startups. With Saminvest’s latest investment of SEK 12 million, Propel Capital IV has raised a total of SEK 32 million. The capital injection now enables Propel Capital to be able to make follow-on investments in the portfolio companies, and to participate in financing rounds where other private investors take the leadership role.

− The fact that Propel Capital now has increased investment capacity through Saminvest is a great example of how private and public investors are cooperating in these challenging times. In a year or so, we can hopefully look back at this time and see that Propel Capital in a very concrete way contributed to more companies surviving and growing strong, says Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.

− We have a large portfolio of promising companies and the expansion of Propel Capital gives us a fantastic opportunity to support them in a time of uncertainty and limited capital access, says Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital, which is Sweden’s most active private seed investor in terms of the number of investments.

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