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NEWS February 23, 2022

Flox Robotics to Deliver 1st Ever Fully Autonomous Drone System to Repel Wildlife from Cultivated Lands

Launches test phase in April with a dosen early adopters

The FLOX Team (from left to right): CTO Marco Moletta, CEO Sara Nozkova, Senior Technical Specialist Massimo Girondi, CPO Matteo Tadiello

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Feb. 23, 2022FLOX Robotics (FLOX AB) – a startup that provides artificial intelligence equipped autonomous drones, and part of the Sting Incubate Deeptech – announced Wednesday that it is closing in on its first major milestone: the delivery of the first-ever fully autonomous drone system equipped to repel wildlife from cultivated lands in April 2022 to its first customer. This marks the kickoff of FLOX’s 12-month commercial test phase which will take its solution to over a dozen different customers enabling FLOX to apply and further fine-tune its technology across a multitude of different cultivated fields and young forest lands.

“Since our early adopters are clamoring for any kind of solution for their increasing wildlife predicament, they have been pushing for FLOX to already start rolling out our solution as soon as we think it should be able to work, fully understanding that we have yet to fully test our solution in critical areas such as durability, ruggedness and some of the technical real-world applications,” said FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova. “We are over the moon to already be able to sell our systems in the coming 12 months while test-driving the technology, monitor how the hardware holds up over extensive periods of usage, and provide our AI systems the ability to gain huge amounts of experience across a wide variety of different lands.”

The FLOX’s Mission – Coexistence with Wildlife. Reimagined.

FLOX is turning what was previously a human-wildlife conflict into a new way of protecting natural resources in shared landscapes. FLOX developed an autonomous, AI-equipped drone solution that helps landowners and farmers to successfully repel wildlife in order to maximize agricultural output and protects young forests, in turn preventing agricultural expansion into natural wildlife habitats.

An animation video demonstrating FLOX’s solution can be found here:

FLOX’s technology is currently also being tested in some of the Nordic countries as a possible solution to prevent collisions between trains and wildlife.

FLOX’s Call to Action

FLOX plans to deliver its solution to over a dozen different customers in the 12 months following its first commercial delivery planned in April, 2022, bringing its solution one month at a time to each customer, enabling FLOX to apply its technology across a wide variety of cultivated fields and young forests, collect and learn from all the gathered data, rapidly iterate both the hardware as well as the software, all the while already delivering value to its early adopters.

There are still some slots open for interested farmers or landowners targeted by wildlife, to become part of FLOX’s 12-month commercial test phase – just send us an email to

“We are super-psyched about our upcoming first-ever commercial delivery this April as we finally get to practice what we preach: turning what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of preservation of natural resources in shared landscapes so that we can coexist with local wildlife in a way that has not been possible ever before,” said Nozkova. “FLOX started at the end of 2020, and now over a year later we are closing in on our first commercial delivery – our first opportunity to show the world of landowners and farmers that our system, the first of its kind, can genuinely help them and live up to FLOX’s vision.”

FLOX’s Product Names

The founders of FLOX decided to embrace the company’s Nordic identity and look towards Norse Mythology as inspiration for establishing the names of FLOX’s first set of products. That culminated in the decision to call FLOX’s first fully autonomous drone Hugin, and FLOX’s base station from where Hugin will fly out and return, recharge and depart again, to name Oden. Similar to the mythological story of ravens and gods, we count on Hugin to venture across the world and upload its newfound knowledge to Oden.

Scaling FLOX

As FLOX is readying itself for its commercial phase, the company started to scale its team since the beginning of the year and aims to continue adding to its ranks in the coming months. In January FLOX already made two additions to its team, adding Animal Scientist Simone Vaianella, an expert in wildlife and biodiversity, as well as Chief Marketing Officer Joon Knapen.

“It’s amazing to join the Team at FLOX brimming with talent, energy, and will-power to fulfill our mission: Coexistence with Wildlife. Reimagined,” Knapen said. “I’ve worked at many companies where Purpose was almost an after-thought…It’s incredibly inspiring to join a startup like FLOX where its whole existence is premised on its Purpose.”

More info on Vaianella’s can be found in our Newsroom here and on Knapen’s appointment here.

FLOX’s OH-1 campaign: The Final Countdown!

As of the coming week FLOX will start providing weekly updates as it is counting down to its commercial launch of OH-1 (Oden 1 & Hugin 1) in April 2022 on its most prominent Social Media Channels so please watch that space if you want to stay abreast of the latest developments:

About FLOX

FLOX is a Stockholm-based startup with a vision to reimagine coexistence with wildlife. The company was founded in December 2020 with the aim to offer affordable tailor-made services provided by autonomous drones to protect crops and young plants from wildlife-related damages. Subscribe to FLOX’s newsletter by sending an email with <subscribe> in the subject line to: FLOX started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation

Are you a landowner or farmer plagued by wildlife and have an interest in becoming part of FLOX’s 12-month commercial test phase? Just send us an email with <calltoaction> in the subject line and we will get in touch:

If you have any questions or would like to engage with FLOX CEO Sara Nozkova, please contact FLOX’s press team at

For general or customer inquiries, please contact FLOX at

NEWS February 8, 2022

Here are the 17 new Sting companies – carefully selected in fierce competition

There is a strong focus on high-tech solutions when Sting, nominated the ‘world’s best accelerator’ had a kickoff today for the 17 new startups at A-house in Stockholm.

There is a strong focus on high-tech solutions when Sting, nominated the ‘world’s best accelerator’ had a kickoff today for the 17 new startups at A-house in Stockholm.  

The interest in applications for Sting was stronger than ever and the competition intense. 17 startups made it through the fierce competition and got a place at Sting where they will be coached during spring to launch their innovations and become successful growth companies. A wide range of industries is covered by the new Sting companies including material technology, genetic profiling, AI-based learning, blockchain, web 3.0, VR, and 3D printing solutions. Several of these hich-tech companies are the results of a close collaboration with KTH Innovation.

“The quality of the applicant companies has been higher than ever, and we have placed great emphasis on finding and selecting companies that we believe have great opportunities to make a difference,” said Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO, Sustaintech and Deeptech business coach at Sting. 

One of the companies is Akira science which develops biological materials for 3D-printed implants.  

“We who are behind Akira are three women who all share a passion for chemistry, degradable polymers, and 3D printing. Akira Science develops materials that allow you to 3D-print soft tissue to, for example, recreate a breast after a breast cancer operation. With Sting’s help, we hope to be able to reach out with our innovation to a broader market and in this way also be able to contribute to an increased quality of life,” says Tiziana Fuoco, co-founder, and CTO at Akira.  

Another trend seen in this year’s applications is web 3.0. NfinityMark is one of the companies that participated in the autumn round of “Test Drive Blockchain,” a program that Sting organized together with Advanced Blockchain AG.  

“We are incredibly happy to take the next step on our journey together with Sting. We look forward to their support in helping us grow sustainably in our mission to help creators bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Using chemistry, blockchain, and NFT technologies, Nfinitymark provides artists with an indisputable link between their physical artworks and a digital record. This secures authorship, ownership, and provenance, and opens up a range of opportunities in Metaverse applications. Welcome to the future” says Kirsten Hinder, co-founder of NfinityMark. 

The selected companies can receive a SEK 500,000 investment from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor. But most valuable for the startups could be a structured coaching program, access to expert coaches, recruitment support, business angels, and an international network of industry contacts and investors.  

Since the start in 2002, Sting has coached over 350 startups that together have a company value of SEK 20 billion. Together, they have a turnover of more than SEK 3.6 billion, of which 62 percent comes from international sales. They have raised over SEK 7.5 billion in private capital and created over 3,300 jobs. Sting’s alumni companies include Yubico, Karma, Sellpy, Airmee, and Volumental.  

The following 17 companies have been selected to Sting’s program starting this week:  

Akira Science 

Removes barriers for 3D-printed implants. Akira has developed a new degradable polymer that can be used for 3D printing and tissue engineering applications. Akira Science started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


A data-driven learning app driving careers and organizations with efficiency & curiosity, creating more equitable opportunities for learning by making education more dynamic and accessible. The intelligent platform includes a social network and a marketplace with integrations with training providers and vocational-technical services.


Makes genetic risk profiles available for a healthier life. Today, it is time-consuming and resource-intensive to develop personal genetic profiles. Arkus does this quickly and efficiently with the help of AI and provides users with genetic health updates, all to guide them towards a life of quality and joy.  


Enables the expansion of eSIM-based devices. Atlastica is developing a solution that addresses the activation and distribution needs of devices in the eSIM based cellular market. A market that is expected to grow 7 billion units by 2026.  


An office-sharing service for the modern and digital office. Through Awaio’s app, companies can share free spaces, workplaces, and meeting rooms. Users can easily find a workplace that suits his or her needs for the day.  


The simplest mood board tool for interior design. BONI is a cloud-based interior design tool for creating mood boards, visualizing interior design ideas, and finding products – all in one place. BONI makes it possible to combine different furniture from favorite stores and test different options. All products can easily be purchased via links to retailers.  

Ekbacken Studios 

Challenges the traditional way of luxury and transforms waste products into design objects. Ekbacken Studios is a design studio that creates timeless furniture that is sustainably produced through the reuse of residual materials such as sea plastic. Production takes place locally with the help of LSAM (3D printing), and a portion of the profits goes back to the local organizations that actively work with social and ecological sustainability.  


The collaborative workplace of the future with the help of Multiuser VR. Flowtropolis is a VR platform that simplifies the creation of customized VR applications. Behind the company is a team of creators and developers who together improve operations with innovative VR technology and design.  


Simplifies and makes sales and marketing communication more personalized with the help of AI. Hypertype is a plug-and-play solution that analyzes the content of an email and provides the user with relevant sales data and previous email content and then composes personal superfast responses.  


Scientifically based, digital aids for mental health. Mother develops technologically advanced and scientifically based aids for mental health. The high-tech solutions translate findings from the forefront of neuroscience to readily available digital therapies. Mother uses VR and biofeedback in combination with digitally controlled methods for mental training.  


Ensures the origin of art with the help of chemistry, blockchain and NFT technology. NfinityMark enables artists to create an undeniable link between their physical artwork, blockchain and NFT. NfinityMark contains a unique, chemically engineered serial number which when applied to a work of art, gives the piece a digital identity that protects its origins. It creates security both for creators and collectors and opens new opportunities in metaverse applications.  


Glass foundry on a desk in the form of a 3D-printed glass. Nobula 3D printers allow complex 3D structures to be produced in glass, quickly and easily. Areas of application include medical equipment, optics, solid state batteries, art, and jewelry. Nobula started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.  


A global food market that connects independent chefs and customers. Sizzle supports, promotes, and develops independent entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industries and connects them to customers who want a global kitchen. The shared infrastructure makes it easy for contractors to sell their authentic dishes without advance costs and long lead times. Global culinary creativity available to everyone.  


Precision components for 6G. TeraSi develops precision components for use in 6G, the next generation of wireless communication technology, which uses 100 times higher frequency than today’s 4G components. TeraSi started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.  


Event tickets for Web3. Tixy.nft is a ticket platform and marketplace built on blockchain technology. The platform gives creators and fans access to a more modern, fairer, and safer ticket experience for both physical and virtual events. Tixy.nft started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


Digital platform for vaccinations. Vacci is developing an independent, digital platform that helps users understand what vaccines they need, where they can be taken, book vaccinations and pay directly on the platform. All vaccinations are then saved in the form of a digital vaccination card, which provides a transparent and accessible overview for life.  


A platform for sustainable staffing in healthcare. Vivium is a cloud-based platform that contributes to safer and more cost-effective internal and external staffing in healthcare.  

NEWS January 27, 2022

Swedish translation app raises 2.5 million EUR in investment round to reduce language barriers in healthcare

Sting company Care to Translate is a digital medical translator that enables communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

The Swedish health tech company Care to Translate raised EUR 2.5 million in a round led by the family-owned investment company Provider Investment. Both new and former investors, such as Sophia Bendz, are participating in the round. “The fact that the majority of our previous investors have chosen to enter this round is proof that we are doing something right,” says Linus Kullänger.

Care to Translate is a translation app with medically quality-assured language that healthcare professionals and patients use to communicate with each other when they do not speak the same language.

The tool can translate to and from 40 different languages and in the last year the use of the translation service has doubled. Care to Translate now has close to 500,000 users worldwide and sees a strong increase in demand from countries outside the Nordic region.

“We solve a large, vital, and under-prioritized problem in the healthcare sector. By tearing down language barriers, we contribute to more equal and safe healthcare”, said Linus Kullänger, CEO and co-founder of Care to Translate.

About 1 in 10 patients in high-income countries need language support when seeking care. The problem is much greater in low- and middle-income countries. The lack of qualitative language support can lead to incorrect treatment, extended hospital stays, and increased care costs. Today’s human interpreters are not close enough to solve the scale of the problem and today’s machine translation cannot deliver sufficient quality.

“We verify all our translations both medically, culturally and contextually; but when using traditional machine translation you cannot be sure if the phrases are translated correctly. We ensure the quality of each translation so that our customers and users can feel completely safe when they use our products”, said Annie Backman, co-founder and medical director at Care to Translate.

Last year, the company was able to secure several large Swedish customers, including the Värmland Region, and it has also signed its first international customer in Belgium. The aim is now to grow even more in the Nordic region and internationally.

“Our customers have experienced that language barriers have prevented them from being able to offer patient-safe care with high quality to all their patients before using our services. We are extremely proud of partnering with them to ensure more equal care for all patients – no matter their language”, said Linus Kullänger.

The latest round of financing is led by the family-owned investment company Provider Investment, led by Johan and Emma Hernmarck, the angel investor Eva Engelbert, Petter

von Heidenstam and the financier Claes Dinkelspiel, who already invested in the company in previous rounds.

Other investors who have been backing the company for some years already are KRY’s/LIVI’s co-founder and former CEO Josefin Landgård, Sophia Bendz – partner at Atomico and former marketing director at Spotify and former CEO and founder of Capio Per Båtelson.

“The money will primarily be used for market expansion and product development. Our product is already ready to be scaled up to more than 40 markets. We are now doubling our team and investing in smart tech solutions that will ensure our competitiveness for the future. We are a company that will solve language barriers globally and we have only just started”, said Linus Kullänger.

About Care to Translate

Care to Translate was founded in 2018 by Linus Kullänger (CEO) and Martin Schalling (senior advisor) and the company is today run together with co-founders Maja Magnusson (COO) and Annie Backman (CMedO), and Alexander Gyllensvärd (CTO). The Care to Translate medical translation app has over 500,000 users worldwide and is available in 40 languages. The goal is to create more equal care by enabling communication between patients and care staff, regardless of language. The app is available via the App Store and Google Play on mobile and tablet and via web browser on a computer.


Linus Kullänger, CEO and co founder:


NEWS January 26, 2022

World unique health initiative in Stockholm shows promising results for pre-diabetics already after 6 months

Sting company Health Integrator introduces digital health programs in collaboration with Region Stockholm.

The Stockholm region is the first in the world with a new type of investment that, in the long run, can free up billions for healthcare by preventing ill health. Type 2 diabetes is the first focus area. The initiative offers people in the risk zone for type 2 diabetes support in a digital health program. The first results from the follow-up blood tests are now reported. After six months, 43% of participants are no longer at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Pandemic restrictions increase sedentary lifestyles and new initiatives to improve public health are welcome. 925 people in Stockholm are now offered a unique opportunity to participate in a health program to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. The health program is clinically validated in a study conducted by Karolinska Institutet. In the program, participants get digital meetings with a personal health coach who supports them to make lifestyle changes. Participants also get access to a marketplace where they can choose products and services they can use to achieve their health goals. Friskis & Svetti’s gym card is one of the popular choices among the participants.

The participants who participated for at least six months have now taken their first follow-up blood test to see the effect of the health program. Leif Persson is one of the participants who lowered his blood sugar so much that it is now at healthy levels, and no longer within the range for prediabetes (42-47 mmol / mol).

– When I started the program, I had an HbA1c of 43 mmol / mol and I was determined to improve my health. I met my coach regularly and set up a health plan that suits me. At the last blood test, my value was 37 mmol / mol. I am very happy in every way, says Leif Persson, one of the participants in the program.

After 6 months, 43% are no longer in the risk zone for diabetes type 2 The results of the follow-up blood test after six months show the following:

  • 62% have reduced blood sugar levels
  • 13% have unchanged blood sugar levels
  • 25% have increased blood sugar levels
  • The mean change in HbA1c is -1.13
  • 43% have reduced their long-term blood sugar levels to a value considered to be below the value for prediabetes, i.e. the precursor to type 2 diabetes (HbA1c 42-47 mmol / mol)
  • The average weight loss is almost 4 kilos

In a follow-up survey, participants were asked questions about their experience of the program and 8 out of 10 participants answered that they feel better after six months. The majority of the participants answer that they believe that they will succeed with a sustainable lifestyle change.

As a first step in making the service available to more users, it’s now being launched on Benefy and Wellnet, Söderberg & Partners’ benefit portals, among others. Health Integrator‘s service is also made available to more regions in Sweden, to prevent both type 2 diabetes and other types of diseases. Should the investment be introduced at a national level, there is potential to free up many billions for welfare.

Read more about the health program and apply at

NEWS January 19, 2022

Newcomer Univid set to disrupt digital event segment – secures funding from major investors

Two former students at Sweden’s top engineering university, founded Univid after seeing a gap in the market for an interactive and user-friendly event platform. After a flying start for the company as official supplier for the world’s largest political fair, Almedalen, and with Facebook as its first major customer, the company has now raised EUR 800,000 in funding to continue its expansion.

Univid founders Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala

In 2019, before digital meetings had become part of daily life, SaaS company Univid was founded by the two KTH Royal Institute of Technology students, Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala, with the ambition of digitalizing lectures.

And the idea quickly caught on. When the founders discovered the potential of their product, they exchanged academia for the world of digital events, with Facebook as the company’s first major customer.

“We quickly realized that the market severely lacked good solutions. Today, companies around the Nordic region use our platform to create engaging and beautiful events and webinars in less than a minute. Events that can be tailored by the user directly in the browser,” says Skogetun.

Backing from well-known investors 

In Univid’s first funding round, the company has obtained backing from a number of well-known investors, including venture capital firms Spintop Ventures, JNE Invest, and Quinary, as well as angel investors with solid experience in the industry.

“15 years ago, I was a board member and investor in the company that built what is today the Google Meet platform and that shaped the WebRTC standard,” says Finn Persson, Partner at Spintop Ventures.

“My colleagues and I at Spintop have kept a keen interest in real-time web video communications. We’re excited to invest in a great service built on the WebRTC standard – taking the interactive online meeting experience to the next level, founded by a duo from the new generation of web communications technology entrepreneurs.”

Events that drive engagement

With features such as quizzes, polls, and the ability to collect points based on interaction, Univid offers a completely unique way to create experiences tailored to users’ specific needs.

“People who come to us are tired of complicated and time-consuming event platforms. They need something that’s easy to set up and a platform they find familiar and feel confident about using,” explains Skogetun.

Events hosted on the platform have increased interaction compared to other digital event solutions. The platform has generated several thousand reactions and hundreds of chat messages from just a few hundred participants.

“We want to move away from rigid, formal and outright boring experiences, to instead let hosts themselves create engaging, creative and fun events that participants remember – that’s Univid,” says Rintala.

Funding round set to drive rapid growth

In 2021, Univid was the official supplier for Almedalen Week 2021, which involved more than 700 digital events over four days. As the use of virtual meetings has surged during the pandemic, the company is now experiencing considerable demand in Europe and beyond.

The platform and video technology are in place. The plan for the future is to continue to optimize and expand functionality, including interaction and networking. Today, Univid consists of three people, but with fresh funding, Univid has made it its goal to accelerate its growth journey. 

“We’ve validated the market properly and now it’s time to grow our team with skilled developers and salespeople to meet the high demand,” concludes Rintala. 

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Rintala, co-founder

+46 (0) 73 026 98 87 

About Univid

Univid is a powerful tool for creating engaging and beautiful digital experiences in less than 60 seconds. On our user-friendly platform, users are guided through the entire experience and events can be tailored to users’ wishes. With features such as quizzes, polls, reactions, and gamification, Univid offers completely unique ways to engage audiences. The platform is best suited for events with between 200-300 participants and works for all kinds of events, from real-time digital meetings to webinars and live broadcasts.

NEWS October 8, 2021

Esgaia launches sustainable investment platform backed by Wellstreet fund

Fintech startup Esgaia has launched its platform for sustainable investments and big investors in Sweden, Norway and the UK are jumping on it.

Esgaia’s founders (from left to right) Simon Kristiansson, Anton Ljung and Frida Femling .

Fintech startup Esgaia has launched its platform for sustainable investments and large institutional investors in Sweden, Norway and in the UK are already using it. Wellstreet’s fintech fund is now investing in the company.  

Sustainability is one of the highest priorities for institutional investors. The majority of all financial products will focus on sustainability in 2022, and 8 out of ten investors plan to invest solely in ESG products the same year. ESG stands for environmental, social and governance, and is synonymous with sustainability in many cases. The fastest-growing strategy within ESG is active ownership, which is the use of ownership to influence a portfolio company’s operations and behavior. 

Esgaia has built a platform to help investors consider and mitigate sustainability risks in portfolio companies. Esgaia lowers the barriers for active ownership through automated processes that enable easier collaboration and increased transparency between stakeholders. This allows more capital to drive change in companies that need to be restructured, which is a critical component to achieving global sustainable transformation. 

The company was founded by Anton Ljung, Frida Femling and Simon Kristiansson. Anton has a background in fund management and sustainable investments, Frida possesses expertise in computer engineering and has experience from previous entrepreneurial endeavors, and Simon specializes in IT architecture and web development. 

Esgaia has developed its platform together with some of the largest institutional investors in Sweden. Last year, the platform was in beta under the name “Acty”, and investors with over EUR 235 million in assets under management (AUM) have already signed up to the platform. Clients include Storebrand Asset Management and Länsförsäkringar, among others. 

The platform is now available globally, and to scale up and accelerate Esgaia’s development, the venture capitalist, Wellstreet, has invested. Esgaia will be the first investment in Wellstreet Fintech Fund I. 

“It is inspiring to work with institutional investors who are leading the way in this area. With the right tools and strategies, they have tremendous potential to make a difference. We are delighted to have Wellstreet on board on this journey to become the market-leading active ownership platform,” says Anton Ljung, co-founder and CEO of Esgaia. 

“Like many others, I invest in funds for the short and long term. For me, it’s important that the funds I invest in perform as well as possible without compromising sustainability. Here is where I see Esgaia doing something meaningful, which they have proven by establishing their platform with credible fund companies in a short period. Esgaia is built for the global market and I look forward to launching this platform internationally with the team,” says Armando Coppola, Partner and Fund Manager at Wellstreet. 

For more information, please contact: 

Anton Ljung, founder and CEO of Esgaia, +46 70 998 02 33, 

About Esgaia

Esgaia was founded in September 2020 and is a Swedish software company focused on simplifying the process of active ownership. Our team is passionate about ESG issues and we believe that sustainable investment practices are the key to growth, profitability and a better future. Our vision is to become the global standard for active ownership. 

NEWS September 13, 2021

Sting and Advanced Blockchain launch first blockchain startup program in the Nordics

The new program provides people working with early-stage ideas, projects and startups in the Web 3.0 space the springboard they need to start making real impact. Application deadline is October 1.

In a new collaboration, Sting and Advanced Blockchain AG have launched a pre-accelerator program for people with early-stage blockchain projects and startups in the Nordics and Estonia.  

The program, which is the first of its kind, aims to provide aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs with the knowledge, experience and capital they need to get their ideas off the ground, and accelerate the arrival of Web 3.0.  

“We’re really proud to have established a partnership with Advanced Blockchain AG, which creates more opportunities for blockchain startups in the Nordics. We see a lot of interesting applications for blockchain technology and many of them could create a significant positive impact on society. By working together, we can provide startups in this space with both valuable skills and capital,” says Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting.  

The free program, which begins in early October involves a series of hands-on workshops and training sessions that explore key trends in blockchain and give idea owners and founders the business skills they need to spread their technology to a wider audience.  

Ten successful applicants will also receive a grant of up to 25,000 in USD Coin (USDC) from Advanced Blockchain and the chance to join Sting’s world-leading startup accelerator program.  

The program will be taught by Sting coaches Cecilia Bratt and Fredrik Rosengren and Simon Telian, Group Chief Investment Officer of Advanced Blockchain AG. 

“The goal of the collaboration between Advanced Blockchain and Sting is to identify and nurture strong teams with creative ideas in the Web 3.0 ecosystem at a very early stage. Through this program, we can give them the tools they need to develop their ideas and increase the chances of success,” says Telian. 

Participants will gain new knowledge in business-critical areas such as business modelling, creating a team and building an MVP. The program also includes deep dives into blockchain-specific topics, such as De-Fi, NFTs, intersections with traditional finance, enterprise blockchains and applications and mainstream adoption. 

This marks the beginning of a new partnership between Sting and the German investor and incubator, following Advanced Blockchain’s recent expansion into the Nordics. 

Ready to apply?

Web 3.0 has massive potential to transform how people live and work for the better. And at Sting, we want to support people who are making this happen. If you have an early-stage idea, project or startup in this space apply to the pre-accelerator program now to get the help you need to take the next step. Applications close October 1st, 2021.

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NEWS September 8, 2021

Health Integrator secures SEK 20 million

Sting alumni Health Integrator is set to expand nationwide with this new cash injection.

Fredrik Söder, Founder & CEO of Health Integrator

The growth journey has only just begun for Health Integrator, the healthtech company that reduces the number of patients in the healthcare system by preventing diseases. With this injection of SEK 20 million, the company will embark on a wave of expansion that will make the service available to users throughout Sweden.

Today, chronic diseases are increasing rapidly, despite the fact that 80% of them can be prevented through lifestyle changes. Swedish healthtech company Health Integrator prevents chronic diseases through its digital platform by giving people access to personal health coaching and a variety of wellness services.

The Stockholm Region is the first to use Health Integrator’s digital health platform in a 5-year preventive program to prevent type 2 diabetes. There is great interest in the program – with 25,000 people having signed up so far and over 500 of them being identified as high risk. They’ve now been offered a place in the program to get help to stay healthy.

Fully developed, the Stockholm Region estimates that the savings potential for the program is SEK 1.4 billion per year. If this were to be implemented at national level for prediabetes patients, the healthcare sector could potentially save billions of kronor.

The initiative has received international awards and an increasing number of regions and players are showing interest in Health Integrator’s platform. To make the service available to more users who want proactive help with their health, the company is now raising new capital.

“We are shifting into a new gear and making our digital health solution available in more regions. The pandemic has increased the need for preventive measures to prevent chronic diseases and strengthen public health”, says Fredrik Söder, Founder and CEO of Health Integrator.

In addition to a large number of angel investors, Health Integrator has previously been backed by Luminar Ventures, Leksell Social Ventures and Add Health Media. J12 is leading the new investment of SEK 20 million ahead of the next expansion phase that Health Integrator will now start. The future includes upscaling operations to more regions, more customers and in new disease areas.

Health Integrator’s solution is scalable and can be used to prevent many diseases. As a first step in making the service available to more people, the service is being launched on Benefits and Wellnet, Söderberg & Partners’ benefit portals. Health Integrator is also in talks with Apoteket AB.

Health Integrator’s digital health platform

Science and committed partners are behind the investment

The digital health platform has been developed by Health Integrator in collaboration with, among others, Friskis & Svettis Stockholm, Midnattsloppet, Apoteket, ICA Klassikern, EIT Health, RISE, Sting and GIH (Gymnastik- och Idrottshögskolan). The platform has been tested and validated in a clinical study at Karolinska Institutet.

The wellness initiative in Stockholm is the result of a collaboration between the Stockholm Region, Health Integrator, Skandia in its capacity as financier and SEB. The way the investment is financed is new and is based on a health impact bond. By preventing type 2 diabetes, you can avoid a lot of suffering and also free up large resources that can
be used to provide other types of care.

For further information contact:

Fredrik Söder, CEO, Health Integrator,


Petra Eurenius, Communications Manager


NEWS September 6, 2021

Strong healthtech focus in Sting’s latest batch of startups – here’s the final list

Sting admits 14 carefully selected companies with pioneering solutions ranging from healthtech to sustaintech and deeptech. Six of the startups are solving some of society’s biggest health challenges.

The team behind new Sting company AndningMed, the healthtech startup helping millions of respiratory patients successfully manage their disease.

Today, 14 new startups officially joined Sting’s autumn 2021 program, six of which are healthtech startups. After a careful selection process, the companies met for the first time at Sting’s premises in A house, Stockholm. 

Over the coming months, the companies will embark on an intensive learning journey, where they’ll be challenged to grow faster with support from the largest startup ecosystem in the Nordics. Eight out of the 14 companies will also receive an immediate investment from Propel Capital.  

The new healthtech companies will be coached by Sting’s experienced healthtech trio: Johanna Wollert, Olof Berglund and Krim Talia. 

“We’ve received an incredible number of qualified applications in the healthtech space this year. The digitalisation of healthcare has made great leaps during the pandemic, and today’s patients expect a digital response. It’s really exciting that almost half of the companies we’ve taken in have innovative solutions that help both patients and healthcare professionals in everyday life. I’m also really pleased to see so many female founders, both among the healthtech startups and the other companies, “says Johanna Wollert, coach at Sting. 

Among the startups that have been accepted is AndningMed, which develops products to help patients with chronic lung disease. 
Petra Szeszula, CEO and Co-Founder of AndningMed, says: “A large number of patients who use inhalers daily have an incorrect inhalation technique, which leads to vital medicines not being absorbed as well as they should be. To solve this, we’ve developed a smart watch for COPD patients. It measures inhalation to ensure the optimal dose is delivered into the patient’s lungs, helping millions of people take control of their health. In the coming months, we’ll conduct clinical trials and, together with Sting’s business coaches, establish the best way to reach more chronic lung patients faster.”   

Another company joining Sting is 2HEAL, which is changing the way that healthcare is conducted. 
“Healthcare today has a strong focus on symptom relief through various treatments and medicines. But in the long run, this doesn’t always lead to better health. Our lifestyle, diet, stress and lack of physical activity make us sick, even though we should be healthier than ever. We started 2HEAL because we want to work with holistic methods that combine medical assessments and data analysis to identify the root cause of a person’s symptoms. With Sting’s support, we can scale the business so we can help more people obtain long-term health, both in Sweden and internationally,” says Isis Amer-Wåhlin, doctor, CEO and founder of 2HEAL. 

The selected companies all have the opportunity to receive a SEK 500,000 investment from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor. But perhaps most valuable is the structured coaching program and proximity to expert coaches, business angels and an international network of industry contacts and investors.  

The following companies have been selected for Sting’s program starting in the autumn: 

2HEAL enables long-term health through holistic, people-centered healthcare. 2HEAL tackles ill health by treating the root cause – not just alleviating symptoms. They work with the entire patient’s lifestyle, including diet, exercise, rest and mental health.   


AndningMed is helping millions of respiratory patients successfully manage their disease. Using their medical device, people can ensure they deliver the correct dose of medication into their lungs every time they use an inhaler. Similar to a smartwatch, the device tracks performance and helps improve inhalation technique, giving patients more control over their health. AndningMed was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Attini is an IT company that provides a serverless deployment framework for infrastructure as code (IaC). With this solution, organizations can improve the way they administrate large IT environments in the Cloud. Attini is flexible, secure and designed to automate your infrastructure. is a medical testing portal for labs, authorities and patients. Over 100 clinics are currently using the solution, as well as some of Europe’s largest laboratories. The app streamlines time-consuming processes such as uploading and delivering results – with customers reporting time savings of up to 95%.  

Din Psykolog   

Din Psykolog is a completely digital psychology service that allows people to chat with a psychologist online, anytime. It uses a smart-matching algorithm to match people with a psychologist that fits their unique situation – lowering the threshold for help and making it easier for ordinary people to see a psychologist.  


Dropmed is Sweden’s first independent medical marketplace, where healthcare providers can customize their own platform and purchase products directly from registered medtech vendors.  

Olivia is a digital tool to help women track, understand and minimize menopausal symptoms. Using technology, Olivia creates evidence-based therapeutic interventions that support a healthy lifestyle and decrease menopausal symptoms. 


Using AI and robotics, Flox’s solutions prevent conflict between animals and humans and enable more sustainable agriculture. Flox was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Gårdskapital connects farmers with investors to accelerate the transition to more sustainable agriculture. They provide a complement to bank loans for farm-businesses making responsible investments. Loan purposes focus on, for example, climate adaptation, increased local food production and regenerative farming practices.

Lifelong offers plastic-free products for skin and hair care, such as hand soap, body wash and shampoo. Their innovative ‘powder to liquid’ formula comes in a paper-based, compostable bag that becomes 500 ml of liquid product when mixed with water. By sending powder instead of liquid, they reduce transport emissions by 94%. 

MDP Stockholm 

MDP (Master Data Partners) provides a global platform for the distribution, control and enrichment of product information for brands, distributors and e-retailers. With their platform, the cost and lead time for publishing products online can be reduced by 50% and 95% respectively, while at the same time enabling customers to scale up their range with higher information quality. 


Picapen is a writing platform and app that helps people create books with an AI-writing tool and book templates. Texts are automatically converted into different formats and can be printed and published worldwide with a few clicks. Members are inspired by masterclasses and digital courses, and can invite co-writers and readers to collaborate.


Reselo aims to lead the development and production of sustainable biomaterials that replace fossil-based plastics. Reselo’s first material to launch – Nordic Bio-Rubber – is a new biomaterial made from birch bark, which is a prevalent residual product in the Swedish forestry industry. Reselo was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Sync is the future of experiencing and discovering music. An exclusive social music app, Syncc allows you to discover music from real people instead of algorithms and listen along together. The platform is an effective marketing tool for artists and tastemakers to engage and interact with their audience. 

NEWS August 25, 2021

Sting company EdAider receives significant investment from AcadeMedia EdTech

AcadeMedia EdTech, part of Sweden’s largest education company, has made a substantial investment in recent Sting alumni EdAider in a new strategic partnership.

AcadeMedia EdTech, part of Sweden’s largest education company, has made a substantial investment in recent Sting alumni EdAider in a new strategic partnership.

EdTech startup EdAider is an AI-based learning platform that supports evidence-based adaptive learning and teaching in both physical and virtual classrooms. The platform, which was developed by teachers and researchers, gathers important tools in one place and automates admin to enable more effective teaching.  

The details of the agreement have not been disclosed, but the partnership represents a major milestone for the company and comes with a significant monetary investment.

Jalal Nouri, CEO and Founder of EdAider, says: “The investment from Academedia, which is an important strategic actor, will significantly support us on our mission to strengthen the educational system with a next-generation platform for adaptive data-driven education. We are also very thankful to Sting and SU Holding, who believed in our mission and helped us get to this point. We’re very excited about what lies ahead for us, and are welcoming teachers and schools, as well as new recruits, to join us in further developing a learning platform that brings out the best of people and technology.”

EdAider’s founders will remain majority owners of the company with AcadeMedia EdTech being an active partner. AcadeMedia is northern Europe’s largest education company with operations in Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Anders Haesert, Head of AcadeMedia EdTech, said: “Our ambition is to find innovations that can contribute to the development of the school system. We have strong faith in Jalal and his team at EdAider and are impressed with how far they’ve come, both in terms of the technical platform and its content.”

“Now we also have a strong partner who contributes both resources and knowledge we can continue to build the school of the future with vigor,” adds Jalal.

EdAider was started in 2019 and completed Sting’s incubator program in 2021.

About EdAider

EdAider is an EdTech startup founded by researchers at Stockholm University and supported by SU Innovation, SU Holding, Vinnova and Sting. The company is currently developing AI and analytics technology for educational purposes based on state-of-the-art research. They enable data-driven decision making in schools and universities, providing a powerful platform for adaptive learning. The team’s ultimate goal is to transform current modes of mass education into personalized education.