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Healthtech May 31, 2023

VR technology to help people stop smoking – startup Mother raises 3 million SEK on World No Tobacco Day

The healthtech startup Mother wants to help people quit smoking with innovative VR technology. Today, on World No Tobacco Day, they announced closing their first funding round totaling SEK 3 million to launch their first product “Sick of Smoking”. Among the investors are both experienced tech- and healthtech investors.

Tobacco is the biggest lifestyle related cause of death in the world. Tobacco causes more than 8 million deaths yearly, putting an enormous burden on global health care systems. In addition to the harmful impact on human health, tobacco also has a major negative impact on the climate. 7% of the world’s agricultural land is used for tobacco cultivation, of which a large part is cleared rainforest. May 31 is the annual “World No Tobacco Day” when the World Health Organization WHO draws attention to the fight against tobacco.

Study show positive results

Unlike other methods, Mother‘s innovative digital smoking cessation program uses VR technology to create an aversion to the taste of cigarettes. The results from a first pilot study show that a third of the participants remained smoke free six months after treatment.

Mother has recently completed Sting’s incubator program and despite an overall challenging investment climate, the company managed to surpass expectations.

– We are grateful that so many support our mission to tackle the single largest preventable health problem in the world, says Ingrid Salomonsson, co-founder of Mother.

Tech investors impressed by the startup’s journey

Experienced tech investors as well as senior entrepreneurs from the healthcare sector are among the investors, as well as the well-established angel network Propel Capital.

– I am impressed by the promising start of Mother’s journey. Digital health care will play a decisive role in the ongoing shift from treatment to preventive efforts in modern healthcare, says Mattias Bodin, who is part of the medtech investor network Lifescience invest and former CEO of Migränhjälpen.

Press contact

Ingrid Salomonsson, co-founder and CCO of Mother
+46-70 872 99 24

About Mother

Mother is a Swedish healthtech company developing easily accessible, scalable, digital tools with effects comparable to pharmaceuticals but without side effects. Currently focused on virtual reality (VR) due to its powerful psychological effects, Mother anticipates a future of transformative VR/AR experiences to relieve health care. With deep expertise in tech and applied neuroscience, Mother is a part of the digitization of healthcare. 

About Sick of Smoking

Sick of Smoking is a safe, effective and innovative VR solution based on taste aversion and coaching that ends tobacco addiction. The process to become smoke free is done in a week, with 5 min exercises that you do daily in VR. Follow Sick of Smoking on Tiktok.

NEWS May 30, 2023

European start-up ecosystem builders join forces with Rise Europe

In the new initiative “Rise Europe”, leading universities and startup hubs from 14 European countries collaborate to strengthen the conditions for the next generation of startups. Climate crisis and lack of resources require joint European efforts to contribute to stronger support systems for startups – and help them develop into global market leaders. Startup incubator Sting and KTH Innovation are the Swedish representatives.

Last week (May 2023), 14 of Europe’s leading universities and top startup hubs, met in the Bavarian Alps to participate in the world’s first Rise Europe Summit. The purpose was to discuss how the conditions for Europe’s startups could be improved. The meeting has resulted in a powerful alliance of international actors who share a common vision of how innovations “made in Europe” should succeed on the global market. The initiator of the meeting was Germany’s leading center for innovation and entrepreneurship, UnternehmerTUM.

Crises require European collaboration

– Crisis like the climate crisis require more European cooperation. The current geopolitical and economic uncertainty also reinforces the need for an alliance that backs tomorrow’s European innovation companies. These companies are the one solving major societal challenges, secures jobs and ensures continued prosperity, says Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Europe’s startup ecosystem, as it will combine the individual local ecosystems into one – in order to contribute to faster and better solutions to major societal challenges. The group is now joining forces to firstly improve the environment for entrepreneurs in Europe Together with industry, family offices, policy makers and investors Rise Europe will fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and nurturing the next generation of innovative companies.

Network for a more sustainable entrepreneurship

Rise Europe agreed on publishing an annual list of Europe’s most meaningful startups and on accelerating those promising European teams with all their individual networks and support mechanisms for quicker scaling. Additionally, Rise Europe plans to arrange matchmaking events between start-ups, corporates and investors on a European level and a format specifically to increase female entrepreneurship by matching female co-founders across countries.

– With Rise Europe we got a new force that can contribute to solving global challenges and shape a European understanding of the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship. I am very happy and proud that Sting is part of this very strong European alliance, says Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting.

About Rise Europe

  • Rise Europe was founded in May 2023 and is an alliance of leading universities and startup hubs in Europe.
  • The alliance consists of: Aalto University, Agoranov, Beta-i, Campus Founders, DLD, DTU Skylab, École Polytechnique, ETH AI CENTER, ETH Zurich, HighTechXL, IE University, Imperial College London, INiTS, KTH Innovation, EnSpire Oxford at Oxford University, Sting, TalTech, Tangent at Trinity College Dublin, UnternehmerTUM and Vento.
  • Members are from: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Great Britain.
  • Next Rise Europe Summit: April 2024 in Madrid.
NEWS May 24, 2023

UTI-lizer secures 7 MSEK – to commercialize its first product

The company is aiming to support rapid and accurate urinary tract infection diagnosis, and combat antibiotic resistance.

Stockholm, 17 May 2023: 

UTIlizer AB (UTI-lizer), a Swedish HealthTech company in point-of-need diagnostics, has raised just over 7 million SEK to commercialize its unique urinary tract infection (UTI) product for decentralizing UTI testing! The investors include ALMI Invest, together with life science angel investors and the Propel Capital. 

UTIs are painful, affect 150 million people globally1 and are the 2nd most common prescription for antibiotics. Today’s UTI tests need experienced users and costly equipment and therefore take a long time to result. Therefore, clinicians often start treatment without test results because the patient is in pain. As a result, antibiotic treatment is inappropriate which leads to the development of antibiotic resistance (one of the biggest threats to human health according to WHO2).

“Thanks to the support of our investors, UTI-lizer can commercialize an innovative and rapid point-of-need test for urinary tract infections, thus meeting the needs of both patients and the healthcare system. The company’s expertise in life sciences, combined with a wide network and entrepreneurial spirit, will be invaluable to advancing the solution. Our first product is a game-changer in managing UTIs and the first one in a series of other applications.” says Sofia Bertling, CEO at UTI-lizer.

The funding will finance a scaled production process, support a multicenter clinical study for IVDR/CE certification and accelerate marketing efforts. To accomplish these objectives, the team will expand by hiring a production manager and a marketing professional

“UTI-lizer’s products have the potential to provide a significantly faster, cheaper and more accurate diagnosis of suspected bacterial infections, e.g. urinary tract infections, by enabling the miniaturized culture of bacteria at healthcare centers, and eventually at home. The need for this is large and global, and the product is scalable, so we see enormous potential in the company”, says Gustav Notander, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

For more information, please contact:
Sofia Bertling, CEO
Phone: +46 (0)708 977577

About UTI-lizer

UTIlizer AB is a Swedish Healthech company in point-of-need diagnostics, founded in 2021 as a spin-off from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. UTI-lizer has miniaturized culture-based bacterial detection in a dipstick format. Their first product is a test for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTIs) detecting and quantifying bacteria in urine at the clinically relevant range. This can be done without costly laboratory instruments and the result can be read using a mobile phone camera. The major advantage of this diagnostic test is that it enables an untrained operator to detect urinary tract infections at the point of need. Using the same technology, UTI-lizer is also developing antibiotic susceptibility tests (AST) focused on markets with a high prevalence of antibiotic resistance.

NEWS May 23, 2023

How SurfCleaner manage to remove oil from water – with the help from human heartbeats

Is there a way to separate oil from water in order to befriend nature? Yes, thanks to an invention based on the pumping principles of the human heart. Read this interview with Christina Lundbäck, founder of the prize winning tech-startup SurfCleaner who manufactures the world’s first skimmer separator hybrids.

How did she develop the startup? And what was her biggest failure during the journey?

How was your business idea born?

– SurfCleaner was invented in 1994 by my father and medicine doctor Stig Lundbäck. Its innovative technology is based on his discovery – DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump) – which takes the front and central stage, mimicking the pumping principles of the human heart. From this discovery he made artificial hearts and pumps. With the environment in focus, he wanted to find a way to separate oil from the water surface using his discovery – and the SurfCleaner was born, says Christina Lundbäck, Founder, Chief Sustainability Officer and Corporate Relations at SurfCleaner.

What problem are you solving for the user?

– SurfCleaner can remove and separate floating surface pollution, such as different types of oil, diesel, petrol and more, in an efficient and fast way. This means that the customers can get immediate results and improve their processes to be more sustainable. This can be achieved for example by concentrating their waste and reducing the number of disposal transports. Or by improving the water quality by reducing the percentage of hydrocarbons in the water – making it easier to comply with environmental regulations.

SurfCleaner’s product is tested at Preem refinery in Sweden.

Why did you apply to Sting?

– Me and my father worked together during 2016-2017. New patents and solutions were created to treat wastewater from refineries, oil harbors, mines and process industries. We knew that we needed help to address new markets, creating a business plan, and so on. So, we decided to join Sting’s Incubate program. Sadly, my father passed away in 2017, so I was alone in the company. I did get extended time on the program and restarted the SurfCleaner journey in 2018 with tremendous support from the Sting team.

Your biggest failure during the startup process?

– We were an innovative company with a new solution, and we got a bit lost, so we developed what we THOUGHT the customer wanted. Instead, we should have done more work to really UNDERSTAND the customers’ needs from the beginning. So, the advice is to really have a sales focus early on – find out what problems your customers have and focus on how you can solve them.

Part of the team behind of SurfCleaner.

What is your key to success?

– The business idea is of course very important. Do you solve a real problem? And is your solution sustainable? Then you need a team. Always try to hire people that are better than you and share your vision. It’s never too early to build a network around you for experience and knowledge sharing.

SurfCleaner’s Success Story

  • Won the Nordic Cleantech Open in 2019.
  • Finalist in Techarenan Challenge 2022.
  • Growth factor has increased by 4 times in the latest year.
  • Expanded sales with more than 100 machines worldwide.
  •
NEWS May 17, 2023

Sting Appoints Krim Talia as New CEO

Stockholm Innovation and Growth (Sting), the leading incubator and accelerator for tech startups in the Nordics, has announced the appointment of Krim Talia as its new CEO, effective from June 1, 2023. Talia will replace Pär Hedberg, who has been the CEO since Sting’s founding in 2002.

Talia brings a wealth of experience to the role, having started several successful tech companies and worked as a private investor and research commercialization expert. For the past few years, he has also served as a business coach at Sting and as interim CEO for Mindler. Talia’s journey with Sting began in 2004 when his first startup, Nanologica, received its first external funding from Sting and its CEO at the time, Pär Hedberg.

“I am thrilled to be taking over as the CEO of Sting,” says Talia. “Sting has been instrumental in supporting the growth of Stockholm-based startups for over 20 years, and I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much. It comes as no surprise to me that Sting was named the Best Accelerator in the World in 2021.”

Sting has a significant impact on the local economy, turning out 30+ new growth companies every year and raising €128 million in private capital in 2022 alone. Its 270 active companies had €495 million in revenue and employed 3,200 people in the same year. Sting also operates Propel Capital, the largest private pre-seed investor in the Nordics, backed by experienced business angels. Some of the successful companies backed by Sting include Yubico, Sellpy, Airmee, Surfcleaner, Midsummer, Mendi, and Volumental.

“I am immensely proud of the work we have done at Sting,” says Staffan Ingvarsson, Chairman of Sting and CEO of Stockholm Business Region. Krim Talia is the perfect fit for this role, and I look forward to working with him to continue supporting the growth of startups in Stockholm and the Nordics.”

In his new role, Talia will build on Sting’s success and focus on supporting the growth of startups in Stockholm and the Nordics. “Sting has actively developed several key components of the startup ecosystem in Stockholm and Sweden, and I am excited to continue this work with the brilliant team at Sting,” he says.

Overall, Sting’s impact on the startup community in Stockholm and the Nordics is significant, and Talia’s appointment as CEO signals a new chapter in its ongoing success story.

About Sting: 

Sting is a nonprofit organization and an independent ecosystem for tech startups, serving as the leading incubator and accelerator in the Nordics. The Electrum Foundation, a public-private foundation, owns 91% of Sting, with the remaining 9% held by KTH Holding. As a founder-centric player, Sting always prioritizes what’s best for startups. Since 2002, Sting has supported over 400 promising startups based in Stockholm, actively contributing to the development of the local and Swedish startup ecosystem for more than 20 years. Sting has been recognized as the Best Accelerator in the world by the Global Startup Awards, and it is the go-to place for startups in Stockholm seeking to grow and succeed. To learn more about Sting, visit

NEWS March 20, 2023

Klimato Raises € 4.2 million

Continues Rapid Expansion on the Mission to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Global Food Industry

Klimato, a leading carbon management software company for the food industry, has raised €4.2 million to continue its international expansion, helping the global food industry decrease their CO2 emissions. Klimato enables food service providers, restaurants, and food producers, such as Sodexo, Hilton, and Violife, to measure, report, and reduce carbon emissions from food. Klimato’s proprietary cloud-based platform is used by over 500 food businesses in 12 countries and has helped them decrease their CO2 emissions by an average of 23% in 2022. The financing round was led by Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) with participation from existing investor Almi Invest GreenTech.

Klimato has developed a proprietary cloud-based software platform that helps food service providers, restaurants, and food producers measure, report, and reduce their carbon footprint. Using research-based data, the software automates the carbon accounting process, making it faster, easier, and more accurate. It also provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to track their emissions and identify actions to reduce them. Klimato has grown rapidly since launching in 2018, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of some of the world’s largest food service providers such as Sodexo and Levy (part of Compass Group), hotels like Hilton and Marriott, restaurants as KFC and Bastard Burgers, and food producers like Unilever’s subsidiary Violife, the largest plant-based food company in the world. Today, Klimato is used by 500 food businesses in 12 countries on three continents.

CO2 emissions from food constitute about one third of global emissions. Klimato’s solution makes these emissions transparent to chefs, purchasing managers, and consumers – through user-friendly tools that are used in recipe creation and procurement, and Klimato’s climate label with the carbon footprint per dish. Through inspiring chefs and nudging guests in the restaurants, the average emission per dish on Klimato’s platform decreased by 23% in 2022, from 1.1 kg CO2e to 0.8 kg CO2e. 57% of all the dishes that Klimato’s customers served in 2022 were climate friendly (0.5 kg CO2e or below), compared to the global average of 1.7 kg CO2e.

The investment of € 4.2 million will accelerate Klimato’s growth – both with existing customers and into new markets, such as Germany, France, and the US – aiming to become the worldwide market leader for sustainability services in the food sector. Klimato will also expand its product offering with more sustainability indicators. The financing round was led by Global Cleantech Capital (GCC), a Netherlands-based investor in growth-stage companies focused on sustainability and clean technology, with continued participation from Almi Invest Greentech and other existing shareholders.

“We are impressed by Klimato’s strong growth, the successful start of the international expansion, and their commitment to sustainability,” said Emil Mahjoub, Investment Manager at GCC. “Klimato helps the food industry make data-driven decisions about carbon emissions, and is already a business-critical partner to leading organizations such as Sodexo, Compass Group, and Violife across the Nordics, the UK, and beyond. We are excited to collaborate with the management team and existing investors to help realize Klimato’s ambitious global growth plans.”

“Klimato has the potential to drive the food sector in a sustainable direction at a large scale. Since our first investment in Klimato in 2021, we have been impressed by the yearly impact we have seen for Klimato’s customers, last year an average decrease in CO2 emissions per dish by 23 percent. We are thrilled that our investment will allow Klimato to expand further and help the food industry with a faster transition,” said Karin Edström, Investment Manager, Almi Invest GreenTech.

“We are delighted to welcome GCC as a new investor and the for the continued support from Almi Invest Greentech,” said Anton Unger, CEO and co-founder of Klimato. “Their support will enable us to further develop our technology and accelerate our growth. This investment will help us strengthen our market position and achieve our mission of reducing the climate impact of food. We will expand globally with our existing and new customers, while continuing to develop our product to become the worldwide market leader for sustainability services in the food sector”

About Klimato
Klimato provides a user-friendly tool that helps food professionals and consumers access and understand sustainability data. Among the customers there are food service providers like Sodexo and Levy (part of Compass Group), hotels like Hilton and Marriott, restaurants like Bastard Burgers and KFC and food producers like Violife. Klimato is used by around 500 food businesses in 12 countries.

For more information, please visit and follow us on Linkedin Instagram and Facebook.

About Global Cleantech Capital
Global Cleantech Capital is a growth equity firm based in Amsterdam, investing to scale exceptional companies into new market leaders in the clean energy, mobility, smart cities, and fintech sectors in Europe and North America. Investing over USD 900 million, the GCC team has a track record of delivering attractive returns paired with ESG impact. GCC is domiciled in the Netherlands and registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

For more information, please visit our website at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Almi Invest
Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active investor in startups. We make investments throughout the country via 8 regional venture capital companies and one national venture capital company within GreenTech. Almi Invest manages approximately SEK 3.5 billion and has invested in approximately 660 startups since its inception. Our best holdings have been acquired by, among others, Google, Microsoft, Qlik and Apple or listed on various stock exchanges. Almi Invest is a venture capital company within the Almi Group and part-financed by the EU structural funds.

For more information, please visit our website at and follow us on LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter.

NEWS March 16, 2023

Sting gathers 20 years of experience in a free online course for future entrepreneurs

Sting’s latest initiative to nurture future entrepreneurs and attract talent to Stockholm is now being launched: Sting Startup Academy.

Sting’s latest initiative to nurture future entrepreneurs and attract talent to Stockholm is now being launched: Sting Startup Academy.

“The idea behind Sting has always been to contribute to the development of Stockholm as a leading startup hub and create a world-class community for tech companies wanting to grow and make a difference. With Sting Startup Academy, we continue to do just that, by helping entrepreneurs in the making get started with their ideas,” says Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting.

Sting Startup Academy, a collaboration between learning platform and Sting alumni company Learnster, is aimed at individuals who are curious about the startup scene, perhaps have an idea and entrepreneurial dream, or are interested in working for a tech startup. 

The fundamental value of the course is Sting’s combined experience from having helped over 400 startups develop into sustainable growth companies while highlighting the Nordic way of building a business.

“In the Nordics and in Sweden, we have a slightly different approach to building companies than in many other parts of the world. That is something we want to highlight in Startup Academy and take advantage of as a strong brand in a tech nation whilst sharing our collective experience. We also see this as an opportunity to reach a broader spectrum nationally and internationally,” proceeds Pär Hedberg.

In the Sting Startup Academy, the user is guided by the Sting coaches and well-known profiles such as Jessica Schultz, Partner at Northzone and co-founder of Hello Fresh, Magnus Nilsson, Investor and co-founder of iZettle, and Lisa Ericsson, head of KTH Innovation. 

In 5 hours, you get a thorough overview of topics such as ‘how to test your business idea’, ‘how to get your first customer’, ‘how to build a winning team’, ‘how to succeed in sales’, and ‘how to finance its startup’.

“We are immensely proud that Sting chose Learnster’s learning platform to deliver such a unique project of value. At Learnster we are passionate about sharing knowledge and entrepreneurship. As our own startup journey began at Sting, we can relate to Startup Academy’s target group. Sting’s support for young companies is immeasurable. Therefore, it feels especially good to now get to give back. To come full circle, so to speak,” says Mikael Larsson, CEO at Learnster.

About Learnster 

The vision of Learnster is a world where everyone can learn something new every day. Their contribution to creating that world is by finding new ways to transform information into knowledge. Learnster develops tomorrow’s LMS (learning platform) for growing organizations aspiring to achieve maximum development in minimum time. With the help of Learnster’s innovative technology, new opportunities for communication and information sharing are created for the entire organization.

Learnster has been named Top 20 LMS in the World 2023, Platinum Pick 2021 (FindAnLMS), and nominated for Swedish SaaS Company of the Year 2020 (Breakite). With an NPS of 76, today Learnster has thousands of users in 30 different countries and is available in 13 different languages.

About Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) 

Named the world’s best incubator/accelerator in 2021, Sting helps entrepreneurs go from business ideas into successful international growth companies with world-class business development support, recruitment, funding, and networking. Sting has helped over 400 startups since 2002, 70 percent of which continue to develop and grow today.

Altogether, Sting companies have a turnover of more than SEK 3.8 billion and they have created over 3,400 jobs. The Sting companies have together attracted more than SEK 9.9 billion in private capital.

Furthermore, Sting is an active developer of the ecosystem in Sweden and co-founder of initiatives such as SUP46, THINGS, Ignite Sweden, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, Luminar Ventures and Propel Capital.

Sting alumni include Yubico, Sellpy, Airmee, Surfcleaner, Midsummer, Worldfavor, Skrym and Karma, among others.

NEWS February 21, 2023

Oil eating fungi – in Mycomine’s plant at Ytterby gruva

A world first, unique treatment plant has recently been established in Ytterby mine, Sweden. It is the first of its kind where fungi break down and recycle oil-based pollutants. The company MycoMine has found a sustainable solution to an unsustainable problem – a problem that requires immediate action.

Ytterby mine, just outside Waxholm in the Stockholm archipelago, was used during the Cold War as a fuel depot by the Swedish military. Most of the mine shaft was filled with propellant, like a giant oil tank. When the political tensions subsided, the mine was decommissioned as a military gas station and instead became the subject of environmental cleanup. Still today, Ytterby mine is in need of cleanup.

The reason is that oil-based environmental toxins are almost impossible to get rid of in a sustainable way. Today’s methods either involve burning the oils, which leads to increased carbon dioxide emissions – something we definitely want to avoid with today’s rampant climate situation. Or, they are put in landfill while waiting for new methods to be developed – leading to unnecessary costs and disruption of sensitive ecosystems and human health.

At MycoMine, which develops biological methods for handling environmental toxins, they decided to find a solution to the problem.

“We wanted to develop a method where oils are broken down in a sustainable way and can be returned to the natural cycles – back to the carbon cycle. We wanted to avoid the oils being converted and released as greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at all costs. That’s why we took inspiration from nature’s finest decomposers, namely fungi, and developed a green technology where the environmentally hazardous oils are turned into environmentally friendly biomass,” said CEO and one of the founders, Magnus Ivarsson.

In MycoMine’s newly established treatment plant MycoCube out in Ytterby, the fungi do the work. They break down the oils and convert them into biomass – a completely natural end product that can be recycled in a sustainable way, back to nature. No additional additives are necessary, only the fungi’s own abilities are optimized in the system.

“The Swedish Fortifications Agency, which owns and manages the Ytterby mine, hopes that this method will become an important complement to other remediation methods.For many years, we have worked with traditional remediation in Ytterby mine. For us, it is interesting and valuable to support and follow this sustainable project, which is now moving from basic research to application. The method speeds up the natural processes, and we hope for positive results that can be of great benefit both in Ytterby mine, elsewhere in our property portfolio, and for society at large,” said Gunnar Edlund, specialist at the Swedish Fortifications Agency.

The need is great in industry, municipalities and administration. Hundreds of millions of tons of oil-based pollution are in landfills waiting to be processed. And every year the volumes increase at an alarming rate. Magnus Ivarsson summarizes:

“The countries of the world have jointly decided that by 2050 our planet will be fossil-free, which means an end to the use of fossil fuels. We at MycoMine believe that the environmental debt built up by man through the use of fossil fuels in the last 150 years should, by then, also be paid. Therefore, we are now looking for new partners in the form of both customers and investors so that we have the opportunity to scale up our business and grow as a company.”

For further information:


tel: 070-2428687

NEWS January 28, 2023

Launching the Swedish Climate Startup Map – are you on the list?

A curated collection of innovative, Swedish startups and scaleups creating solutions for the green transition.

This is a proud moment for Sting as the Swedish Climate Startup Map, a project initiated by Sting in 2020, is updated and re-launched together with Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP.

Entrepreneurs play an important part in accelerating our transformation into a more sustainable society. The Swedish Climate Startup Map comes at a time when Sting is doubling down on its efforts with the Climate Action initiative, where 100 new Climate Startups will be accelerated.

The map aims to give Swedish Climate startups a launchpad and recognition needed to raise capital and find strategic partnerships that enable them to grow. The first version features 108 companies within the energy sector. Stay tuned for the full version, planned to be released in March 2023 and include seven more categories.

Sting companies featured on this first version of the map include: Cling Systems, DTR-1, Enerpoly, Evolar, Expectra, Gordian, Mantex, Midsummer, Rebase Energy, RenBloc and Waybler.

Please find the complete map and nominate your startup at: .

This joint project is led by Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP and Sting. It is part of Omställningslyftet, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Tillväxtverket and Vinnova, and the Sustainable Energy Action, funded by Swedish Energy Agency.

NEWS January 13, 2023

Sting will accelerate 100 new Swedish climate startups

Sting has been trusted with significant financing from ERDF (the European Regional Development Fund) to support Swedish startups that bring innovative solutions to fight climate change.

Over the next four years, Sting has committed to accelerating 100 new Swedish climate startups. This is Sting’s most ambitious Climate Action effort to date to help turn Sweden’s most impactful climate innovations into future growth companies.

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most vibrant startup cities, and Sweden a front-runner in climate tech with thousands of climate startups and unicorns such as Northvolt and Polarium. Sting has been a key driving force in building Stockholm’s world-class startup eco-system, and climate tech and deeptech have been strategic focus areas for Sting for many years.

Thanks to the funding from ERDF, Sting will be able to take its Climate Action ambitions to the next level. In Sting’s new Climate Action initiative, 100 Swedish climate startups will over the coming four years, get the best imaginable support to help turn their innovations into scalable businesses and accelerate their climate impact.

Already being the accelerator in Sweden working with the largest number of climate startups, Sting will now double its capacity to 25 companies per year. Sting has recently brought on board two new business coaches specialized in energy, carbon capture, and mobility and has a highly experienced team of five dedicated climate tech business coaches ready to support new startup teams.

“Sting is one of the accelerators in the world with the longest experience from incubating and accelerating climate tech and deeptech startups. We started in 2002, and over the years we have supported hundreds of climate startups such as Midsummer, Sellpy, Karma, Ignitia, Surfcleaner, Airmee and Worldfavor,” said Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO and Climate Action Lead at Sting.

“At Sting we strongly believe in the power of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to bring solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. We are thankful for the ERUF funding and support from our strategic partners that will enable us to accelerate many more Swedish climate startups,” concluded Karin.

Sting’s Climate Action initiative is well aligned with the Climate Route Map 2050 of the Stockholm region, reinforcing Stockholm’s position as the Impact Capital of the World and supporting the region’s green transition. As part of the Climate Action initiative, Sting will take the lead in mobilizing the resources of Stockholm’s startup ecosystem to offer the most extensive and qualified support for climate entrepreneurs and innovators to commercialize their innovations. Strategic partners supporting Sting include KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, RISE, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the City of Stockholm, and Region Stockholm.

Climate areas that Sting is particularly interested in are renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy systems and storage, carbon capture and its usage and storage, mobility and green transports, sustainable cities and buildings, circular economy and resource efficiency, sustainable food and agriculture, new materials and reduced waste.

For questions or to engage with Sting’s Climate Action initiative contact:

Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting,, +46-70-8550318

Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO of Sting and Climate Action Lead,, +46-70-6457804

Linda Krondahl, Project Manager for Sting’s Climate Action project,, +46-70-7949280

About Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth)

Announced The World’s Best Incubator/Accelerator in 2021, Sting helps entrepreneurs develop their business ideas into successful international growth companies with world-class business development support, recruitment, funding and networking. Sting has helped over 370 startups since 2002, 70 percent of which still continue to develop and grow.

Together, all Sting companies have a turnover of more than SEK 3.8 billion and they have combined created well over 3,400 jobs. The Sting companies have received more than SEK 9.9 billion in private capital.

Sting is also an active developer of the ecosystem in Sweden and co-founder of initiatives such as SUP46, THINGS, Ignite Sweden, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, Luminar Ventures and Propel Capital.

Sting alumni include: Yubico, Sellpy, Airmee, Surfcleaner, Midsummer, Worldfavor, Skrym and Karma, among others.